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Football Season is almost here, and here's one of my favorites from last year

Today I'm working on some football stuff for the upcoming season, and I'm surprised at how many of my favorite shots are detail shots that help tell the story of the game, and not just the action shots from the game (like the one shown here from the Atlanta Falcon's sidelines). Thought I share it here as I'm starting to get football fever!!! The first pre-season game is less than a month away. Whoo Hoo!!!
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Funny, but I saw this image before seeing who shot it and thought, "That looks like a Scott Kelby photo." Beautiful.
Looking forward to the new shots Scott :D
grace for sharing your work with us, successes, we hope these pictures with ease.

Gracia por compartir tu trabajo con nosotros, exitos, esperamos esas fotos con gusto
Love the shot Scott! I'm ready for some football!
I can't wait for the season to begin either. Maybe i'll bump into you somewhere along the sidelines. 
That is a cool picture. The next class I watch on Kelby training is going to be Dave Black's High School Football course. I can't wait. The other 2 I have watched are stellar. 
Just watched the school footy training video with Dave Black. Some great tips there for all sports. Looking forward to the start of the season too...
Scott, with the demise of Southcreek, who are you shooting for this year?
+Scott Kelby, you should come to Canada where the CFL football season has already started. Our Montreal Alouettes won at home on Thursday. A very exciting finish. I bet you would have made outstanding photos.
Does anyone know what are all these names (with years) on the player's arm. Are these all the women he slept with?
Life's in Colors! Shoot it that way! I truly love this shot!
showing as little but as meaningful it can be.
and leaving the whole and stain in his pan... Priceless!

I love this shot.
Could you post the photoshop technique for making the taboos look so authentic? :)
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