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I've got two FREE tickets to my London, England "Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it" seminar next Saturday (the 28th)

It's the final stop of my year-long tour and I'm psyched that it's in one of my favorite places on the planet. I’ve got a FREE ticket (one ticket for two separate people) for a photographer who really needs to be there that day, but can’t afford it.

Just leave me a comment here and you're entered. I’ll pick two winners this evening. Good luck and hope to see you there! If you don't win, you can still come:
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Finally, us Brits can experience this utterly astonishing phenomenon!
As photography training goes, you've set the bar too high for me to invest in some UK based training courses. Fingers crossed I win :D
Exciting! That's something I would really like to do!

P.S. I know that everybody's probably very nice, but I'm still rooting for me, sorry...
Love to attend Scott.
have nice day over there i wish succes for you
Hmmm... would I want to go ... of course! :P
Oh I'd love to go as the Boss said 'No' (and yes I told her what you said about the flower shop) but she can't complain if it's free right ;-o.
I should let +Helena Martins know about this too.... I leant her my 3 Kelby books, and I think she has now gone and bought her own, because she thinks they are sooooo good ;)
It would be a chance to change how I take photographs. However as I am in the US, I would give the tickets to my son and daughter as they live in England. It would be such an opportunity to allow them to see your seminar, and the fact that they could learn from the best.
Khush N
Wow +Scott Kelby I can't believe that you are being this generous. I would love to be able to have the chance to go. Please consider me for this.
This is quite awesome! +Scott Kelby is there any support for deaf people? For example STTR? Or written support to your seminar?
I've already got a ticket for your tour but I'd love one so my friend Natalia can come with me too :) I hope I can get it :)
Funny thing, the weekend of the 28th will be the first weekend I've had free all month - London - I was born there, though haven't lived there in the last 40 years. I'd love a ticket ;-)
I would love to see your seminar next week. Hope I win.
i love to attend the seminar. is my mail id contact me
I have your training DVD, if I do not win I can always watch them again, and again, and again.....
i'm better than you.
P.S. tnx for tickets ; )
I didn't realise you graced us brits with your teaching... it would be madness to resist an opportunity like this, so I won't... please! ;)
Sure wanna Light it | shoot it | retouch it .... #happydays
I wish very much, but is hard for me to go in England (London), thank you anyway
Very generous Scott. I've just got my train tickets for next Saturday. Can't wait.
It would be amazing if I could come. If I could go to London, I could also meet my childhood buddy who I haven't seen since the last 10 years.
Can't make it unfortunately. Hopefully catch you the next time you're in this part of the world (or even better Ireland!)
can you make one of them to me?
Thanks for the chance to win a ticket, only have to pay for the flights from Spain which gives me an excuse to see my son and grandson.
I would love to be there Scott, would be outstanding to finally meet you in person!
Hi Scott greetings from Gibraltar! I live so far away from you that it is the only opportunity I have to finally meet you. I follow The Grid and I am a Kelby Training subscriber- AWESOME!!
Moved back to the uk after many years in Seattle, would love to be there.
I'd like to come just because I think you'r cute. lol
Kelby in the Big Smoke. What's not to like?! I'd love a ticket
I would absolutely love to be there! I think the couple whose wedding I am supposed to be shooting that day might be a bit put out though...
Pick me for the free ticket please, because I know I could learn so much and still suck at lighting set ups. Thank you
Would love to come along as my lighting is all over the place as the moment
I Would love to get the chance to come along & see the last show of the tour, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, but live it would surely be another level
There is no doubt that I would love be there and learn a bit more all your technics.... I got few of your books and was really surprised to know that you are coming to London.... If I get this ticket to see you it gonna help me a lot as Im just thinking to shoot more in the studio... London has being to cold to shoot outdoor... :-( Thanks Scott, hope to see you there...
Would love to win a ticket Scott and have opportunity to meet you in person and finally attend one of your live seminars. Thanks! Stu.
Gosh I bet I'm too late for this:-(
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