I've been reading your comments about my post earlier today titled, "What they're not telling you about HDR" and it reminded me of something that happened to me on the golf course.

I was on vacation playing a round with my brother Jeff and my cousin's husband a few years ago. The starter asked if he could have a single join our group to make it a foursome and we said "Absolutely!." My brother and I are casual golfers --- perhaps not the most talented or serious guys out there, but we always have fun and a lot of laughs. The guy who joined us was equally untalented but he was very serious. No joking. No smiles. No fun. We tried to lighten him up a bit. It didn't work.

When we got to the 1st green his putt was about 9-inches short of the cup, and I said. "it's good by me" (the international signal for "it's a gimme" [that's a putt that's so short that you don't make the guy actually putt it, unless of course there's money or drinks on the line, in which case you make him putt if it's 2" away). Anyway, he ignored my gesture and putt'd it in. Next hole, same thing, and again and again and when I saw him address the ball to make a 3" put I finally I said  "Seriously --- you don't have to putt that ---  it's good." He ignored me, but he paused long enough to look up at me and glared, "This is how the game is played." 

I wanted to let him know that for a guy scoring in the high 90s, he sure knew the rules pretty darn well. My point was: this guy is a crappy golfer. So am I.  So we're not out there to win championships. We couldn't win a beer off a guy on crutches. We're hacks. Casual players. We're playing for fun. It's OK to smile. Laugh. Or even take a gimme when its offered. 

Photography is the same thing. We're not all shooting for National Geographic, or doing high-end commercial work, or on assignment for some important client. It's OK to do an HDR shot here and there, just for fun. It's OK to over-process them sometimes. It's OK to look at other folks HDR shots and not get upset or angry or go all "serious" on everybody and it's OK to let them "do their thing" while you do yours.

At the end of the day, it's OK to just have fun with your photography, and we should be able to do it without having the "HDR Police" tell us how they feel about it. You'll find life is a lot easier all the way around if things like how someone post-processes THEIR images doesn't make YOU really angry. Keep that in mind next time you're about to rail someone for their HDR processing, or when you're about to get all serious on a less-than-mediocre golfer from Florida for inviting you to take a gimme. ;-)
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