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Submit Your Images For Our "Blind Critique" Live on Tomorrow's Episode of "The Grid"

TODAY on "The Grid" our first "Live Blind Photo Critiques" where you post five to seven images here on G+ in an album; then make a post to let me know you want to be considered for the live televised critique (we don't use your name on the air --- that's why they're called "blind critiques." It's designed as a learning experience for everybody). :-)

You can also just point us to an existing album on Facebook or flickr, but we'll only consider five to seven of those images. Start posting comments here to where we can find your images so we can do the critiques live TODAY at 4:00 pm ET. Here's the link to watch live:
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Scott, I would love you to go to and pick any images you'd like to critique. (Yes, I removed my one cat photo. LOL. If you'd like you can ignore the animals tab.) Feel free to choose what you feel you'd like to talk to- good and bad. I'd be honored to have your feedback.
Hey Scott! I would absolutely LOVE for you to take a look at some of my photography. Here's a link to my portfolio on 500px - Feel free to take a look at the 1st 5 on that page. :-) Hope to get chosen!
Hey Scott. I do mostly family photos, and while I am happy with a lot of them, I wouldn't mind fresh eyes. Many of my photos have kids just being themselves, but I can imagine that I can better anticipate things or see something else I normally wouldn't. Any from this area really:

Oh, I realized I have my initials on many of them so let me know if that's a problem or if you block it out.
Hi Scott:

Thank you for taking the time to do a critique on the Grid. I am leaving Friday for a week long photo trip to Death Valley and Big Sur. I have been studying everything I can get my hands on for the last few weeks. I would love to have a critique of some of my recent photos. Below is a link to a photo album on Google plus for your consideration.

Kevin Brown
This would be a great opportunity to have a professional critiques of my work. I have not gotten much feed back on my photos besides family (who can never say it sucks). Thanks for the consideration, look forward to the show. Take your pick of any that might be worthy of the critique.
Very nice thing you're offering to do here. I'd like some idea of how some of my photos are coming across to other people, besides family and friends automatically saying how good they are. My Misc. Album has some photos I kinda like: I especially like the hummingbird in the lower left corner, with dark background. You might find a couple in my Zoo Pics album that you'd rather talk about: Thanks for the opportunity.
I just clicked on them both, and they both worked. Sorry, but I don't know what else to do. Do you have a Facebook page? If not, that may be a reason. I just don't know........ Are the links working for anyone?
I'd love to receive a critique from The Kelby Group. It would be a trip for any new comer like myself to hear what the big boys think of their work. Take a look at these and see if any of them are worth your air time.
I'd like to get a critique from you guys. I'm fairly new to photography and learned pretty much everything from The Grid, D-Town, Photoshop User TV, and Photoshop Killer Tips. I just redid my website on another hosting company. You can choose any photos in my gallery if I'm considered. Love to see how I'm doing in the photo community.
Please look at my Feb. Album. Thanks.
Thank you for the opportunity to submit my work for review. Not only has NAPP helped with my photoshop skills but improved the way I take photographs as well. Photos can be found at Use as many as you like. Thanks again.
I read your books, Mr cellby,greetings...
Hi Scott, editing favorites down to 5-7 is a task to be sure. I grabbed a cross section and hope you will take a look at them. I have only started to believe in my ability with the camera the couple of years, and my confidence and knowledge is in part from reading books by you, Joe McNally, Frank Doorhof and Matt. Thanks for everything you do!
damm too slow looks like you already have more then enough for the show, I really hope you do this again one day as after last weeks eps I am looking into a peer review. - I'm a happy client of Kelby Training and still can't believe how much I've learned from you guys. I tried to find interesting classes in France for so many years without success (too expensive) until I found Kelby Training on the internet. Now I'm addicted to your classes. All the shots in my gallery use techniques from Calvin Hollywood, Rick Sammon, Scott, .... e.g. the knife and hunting gear was shot using the light painting technique. Please feel free to do critiques during the show
Hi scott... if you see some of my work you may find i use a lot of your lighting techniques from you light it shoot it retouch it book :)... you and matt are the reason why i am pursuing photography as a career now.... Would love to get your feed back
Scott / Matt, would great if I could get critique of some of my photos. My photography is purely a hobby for me at the moment but I would like to take the step of trying to earn some pocket money in taking portraits photographs.

I know you'll be overloaded with stuff to review for this episode so it would be great if you could have this as a regular feature :-)
Hey Scott, I am working on becoming a advertising/editorial photographer and I feel a honest, professional critique would really help me grow as a photographer and help with my path. Honesty doesn't offend or hurt me and I am not looking for a "good job" I know there is lots of room for improvement in my work and I need a trained eyes opinion and I would greatly appreciate it. My portfolio is at thank you for all you and your crew does!
+jonathan marical Did you get the written critique I did for you a couple of days ago? I sent it to you as a private message here on G+
Hey Scott. I guess I missed this today because I was out buying a new 5D after work. Bummer. I haven't posted a lot of my photos on G+ yet, but I'd love to see what you think of some of my work. I saw your other episode of the grid. You can be honest with me. I won't cry... much.
Here is one album that I've been updating on G+. I know you are busy so even just a quick work on what you think overall would be awesome.

A big fan.
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