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I'm showing a cool technique for totally relighting a portrait after the fact in Photoshop to make it look really dramatic. We're live in 10 minutes from now! (it's free, come join us) :)
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Mary M
I missed this and I have a question. Would you mind sending me an email so I can reply with my question, sir?
+Mary M sure He will give you his private e-mail :D After all what He may need more then random people bugging him in his privacy :D

Ask question here or send Him a private message - you can post your question on your profile and share it just with Scott - that way no one else will see you asking Him out a dinner or smth ;))


And yeah, I missed it too. Damnit. ;)
+Mary M I am talking about email not real address - no one is giving his private email addresses to random people met online. Well, at least no one who does not like spam in his email box...

You didnt get a JOKE about a dinner obviously..

Do it your awkward way if you like. You can ask Scott "privately" the way I suggested without wasting his time and making Him send emails twice instead of simply answering.
+Mary M I just find really odd and senseless to ask someone to drop you essentially empty email so you can email back with your question :/ If you apply the same productivity to your project your deadline may be at risk :D I was just trying to point out that you may just ask your question and your good friend Scott (yup, thats joke again) can answer.
Forget about me - concentrate on your project. We are certainly from different planets. Good luck.
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