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Breaking News: Adobe's Photoshop World Keynote Presentation to be streamed LIVE this morning!!!

Adobe takes the stage around 9:15 am (45 min from now) and you'll be seeing lots of cool Photoshop CS6 stuff, so you don't want to miss it!!!! It's streaming at

P.S. The iPhone shot above was taken backstage at the keynote. :)

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where is the stream ?? I do not see it..
Photoshop can make Presidential elections turn on a dime! :0
wow, thanks so much. That was interesting
After watching that I will never wear blue jeans during a presentation ! The frequent applause made it feel like an infomercial. Thanks for posting this heads up anyway.
why are they not working with Tablets n Mobiles? Why do they have big boxes n screens?
why don't companies have one giant screen which is in sync with other individual screens but also can be used independently?
Photoshop is awesome, better then windows paint! but nothing can beat drawing on paper! or dreaming....
Photoshop should be innovated to be a big part of mobile or which can be worked at when outside.
You should join hands with Flickr n Google.Imagine all those android phones and Tablets and Flickr community.....
Thanks for sharing. Great presentation!
I missed it. Is there a video to watch of this now that its over?
Im looking for a new monitor what are they using in the photo?
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