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Happy Easter Everyone!

The Easter Bunny has already arrived at our house (it looks like someone tossed a chocolate grenade in our living room), and we're on our way to church now --- then back here to the house for the kids to go swimming, followed by our traditional Easter-egg hunt for the little ones, then an incredible Easter dinner cooked by my favorite chef ever: +Kalebra Kelby. After that it's possible some basketball and/or "The Masters" might be watched on TV (wink), with absolutely no possibility of the World Figure Skating Championships being on that list. ;-) Here's wishing all my friends here on G+ a wonderful, thoughtful, thankful, family-filled Easter. :)
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+William Rainey Ah, if only I had created it. Only the "Text" is mine --- the image is a stock photo from :)
beautiful egg, nice shot
if only the chickens can lay eggs like that...he..he..he
nice.... Happy Day :)
Very Nice...have a nice weekend..
Happy Easter to you and your family including everyone at NAPP and Kelby Training.
Happy Easter to you too. I am enjoying your GRID episodes. Please keep them coming!
are u sweedish lara? i am 2 but i barely speak it
happy easter same to you .wish you all the best
happy ester !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks you to have a good easter
Sounds like a lovely day. Enjoy the family time and relax.
awwwwwwwww the easter bunny dident come to my house
It's Easter? crap that explains so much... I really need to pay attention to the calendar more. Didn't even occur to me when I saw the full moon the other night.
Happy Easter to you and your Family.
evryone im selling Mac Replica Makeups .. add me
that was a new way to say nice ... creative ... very creative :)
To each his own, but just be happy!.
la maravilla de la naturaleza
happy easter to all of you. the easter bunny only gave me a eggs with candy and 5 bucks and a chocolot bunny. i love chocolot. im going to falling rock to o hiking. i cant wait because my grandparents are coming. yay
The hens must have eaten something weird,happy Easter!
very well done Happy Easter
Wishes to you all for a joyous Easter.
Easter Rocks! XD My Easter is next week so this week i can just kick back and relax..... :3
Happy and Joyous Easter to Everyone! Enjoy People!!
Imagining what fun you are having. Thank GOD for this unmerited favour. Christ is risen, HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!!
This car show'ld be fix,and take good care of it,they dont't build any more cars like this
Happy Easter!!! He is risen! Take this day to think on how much Jesus has done for you and the fact that he would be willing to give his life for you!!!! 
me: Христос воскрес!
you: Дійсно, Христос воскрес!
Hppy easter! Easter eggs every where! google+ = Good spring/Easter time love it
COOL STORY BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is soooooo sweet! AWWW! HAppy Eatser!
Awesome!! Happy Easter to u and everybody else on google+!!! Eat a chocolate for me!!
same to you,Scott Kelby
Hi Everybody --- many thanks for all the kind Easter wishes. Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Easter! :-)
thx much (enjoy families)
Thank u and are whole kitchen looks the same way. And the easter egg hunt today i feel like i dont want another!
Hey have a Happy Easter my friendz............
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