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It's finally here: Submit Your Photos For Today's "Blind Critiques" Live on "The Grid" (broadcast live at 4:00 pm ET today).

If you'd like to have your work considered for today's blind critiques (we show your images but don't mention your name on the air), just leave us a link here to your images here and we'll pick 20 or so photographer's work to go over on the show (not based on who posted first --- we choose based on showing variety and images we think can help our viewers). Then, we'll see you at 4:00 pm today at (by the way, I'm holding a note in the photo below. Not really, but it sounds better than catching flies).
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I hope you pick some of mine as I know I need some serious help and guidance. Rip it to shreds, I will not be offended at all, I learn from it.
First time trying this ....Hope this link works...can't paste link in ...try my G+ page..... sorry ...(LasVegas 2012, Paris.jpg) hand held HDR
Here are my shots for the critique:

I've even included a shot of train tracks as I know how much you like them! I wonder if that will but a train track amongst the pigeons?

Seriously though, I appreciate the time and effort you guys put into critiquing our work. I'm more than aware of how easy it is to fall in love with your own work and providing constructive criticism is an excellent way to help us refine our skills.
Here is the link to my blog where most of my recent work is... Would love to hear what to focus on and what can be improved at camera level and in postprocessing level.
Hi Scott, I watched the last two blind critiques and hope I can get in on this one. I shoot with a 7D and have only gotten serious about growing my skills in the last year or so. After the last critique I went and opened a 500px account and have since spent time giong through my own photos and slowly populating my gallery. It can be found at are maybe 20 or so pictures there. I would love any feedback that will help me improve. My intention is to make this into more than just a hobby so any assistance would be fantastic.Thanks,
+Scott Kelby thanks for the chance to do this again....dare I say I have a different take on a cat photo and would be interested in your thoughts on it???? Take a look, please (I promise I have my big girl pants on and will happily take any feedback given)?? The first twenty or so of the album are more of what I do for clients, the others more personal in nature but feel free to critique any of them that catches your fancy. I look forward to this episode. :D
Hi guys it would be great to get some feedback, here's my 500px account, there aren't many shots in there and i do try and only put what i think are my best in there
Here is a project I've been working on for a few weeks. Made them into a set on 500px:

Some take with my iPhone some taken with an slr but all the post work done solely on my phone. Looking for feed back by people the are willing to critique it and not just give me a bland compliment. 
Wow. 218 comments in like 2 hours.
If, on the off chance you get this far down.....
You can find my shizzle over at
I only went full time 7 days ago so some feedback would be MOST welcome.
Thanks gents and keep up the great work.
One of the reasons I'm submitting for critique is that you can probably pick out some of my more recent images. I'm cutting all of my galleries down to ten images each this week. I would value your insight on this one in particular: is my recently updated portfolio. I often fell like I am doing quite a few things right and I also think I figuered out which ones. But I have difficulties to notice what would boost my skill by avoiding errors I frequently do. I watched your last episodes with critiques and inverse critiques and was thrilled! Since then I dreamed of been critiqued by you. Thanks for putting up this show and sharing your experience!
Hi Scott, Thanks for doing this. I dont know if you remember me, I met you during DC Photoshop World. I was the guy that suggested having some classes on Architecture photography. I would be so happy to get some feed back from you and Matt about my photos. Being a practicing Architect I mostly shoot architecture, and work doing so for other architects. Here is a link to some of my photos on 500PX and also my website:

I even included a photo of my Cat and Dog just for you.... (I dont seriously show it as part of my Architecture work). Thanks again.
I'd love to have any comments. The site is unfortunately still a work in progress but it's getting there.
Here's my site. Thanks for all you do Scott. I've improved so much thanks to your training site. Love to see what you think of my stuff. I've just been shooting seriously for about 2 years.
Hey Guys,

I am just starting out with my photography, it would be great to get some feed back. I have a lot of problems lighting things so that would help if you could give me some pointers on that.

Love the books!

P.S. when are you doing any seminars in Toronto Canada! Show us some love!
This is the link to my site........
on the opening page click on the "Clicked Pics" link on the contains photos I've clicked, whereas all other sections are my retouching works....regards, Sumit.
Small set, all taken with an old Nikon D40 + default lenses.

Hey Scott! I would love to have you guys check you my stuff!
(I'm a bit nervous if you like it or not - I've just turned 18, so I don't have a whole lot of experience, but I'm really proud of the ones I have in my portfolio)
And Scott, I'm already learning: I left out all my cat photos, just for you!
Please review my friends portfolio so he'll have some constructive criticism other than the feedback he asks me for on a daily basis! Thanks!
(work includes architecture, nature, abstract, portraits)

the critique shows are great, really enjoy hearing feedback from matt and scott. i'd love to see shows like this with special guests as well, giving it more of the feel of a panel critique.

I would like to see you critique images that just need a small push to go from good to great. the images that are very close, but not quite there yet. does that make sense?
by the way... Could you put time in GMT as well? Makes stuff easier for people outside US, as you usually know your shift with respect to GMT. You do some Cool shows...
Hey Scott and crew! I would really love a critique of my work because I'm trying to go to art school and want to know what to refine/what's good. Thanks if you pick mine :)
I have to be a part of this next time, the problem I have with G+ is if I am not looking at Scott's page at the right time I would never know about this. There is no way for me to make sure to be a part of something like this advance without just being lucky enough to see this post before the show.
Great show folks! Thanks for the insight and tips. If you want to check out a website dedicated to these kind of critiques check out
That was really informative / helpful!!! Great show! A few moments where I realized; 1. Trust the little photographic voice in my head that's knows there's an issue (often easily fixed in camera, doh!!!) as opposed to the inexperienced shooter who believes they got it! 2. Trust the instincts! 3. If one needs to sledge hammer the image in Ps, it likely won't turn out well! And 4. Don't be lazy!

You guys Rock and congratulations on the wrap of your 50th Grid!
This one I am very pleased with. A bit to blue, which I have edited, bot don't have that version here at the office.
Nikon D300s, 70-200mm f/2.8 Don't remember the details...
Great multi-tasking Scott. The critiques are very informative, great shows!
+Scott Kelby , Thank you very much for taking the time to critique some of my work. It was highly appreciated and I learned a LOT from it.
From a recent trip to Joshua Tree…
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