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Today's the Day: Submit Your Images For today's "Blind Critique" episode on "The Grid"

If you'd like to have your work considered for today's blind critiques (we show your images but don't mention your name on the air), just leave us a link to your images AT THIS LINK:

From those, we'll pick 20 or so photographer's work to go over on today's show (not based on who posted first --- we choose based on showing variety and images we think can help our viewers), and the live show is broadcast TODAY at 4:00 pm ET at
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Oh, that's cool. Time to show you my special subject of interest: Liquid Art
Tried to send you the link but I have the same problems with the timeout. So just in case here is what I wanted to send to you:

Have a look at There you can find some of my Liquid Art. It would be a great honor for me to see them in your great show. Have fun watching my pictures!
I've had the same problem.."posting to quickly" and I only pushed enter once... here is my link for review if possible.. thanks and look forward to this afternoons show :)
Hi Scott, I have been looking forward to this for so long now and have missed out on quite a few chances to submit. I hope that you would be so kind as to a review of my works. Very very very much appreciated and greetings from Rotterdam.
+Scott Kelby there is a problem submitting, like others I get the "You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down." message.
Question is - will it be ok to submit it here?
+Isaac Tsahi Moscovich , it might be a spam filter.  I posted just the link in a comment, and I got the same message as you (twice).  Then, I went and added a short comment before the link (Here's the link, yada yada yada) and then that time it posted successfully.  Could be just coincidence, but if you're still having trouble, give that a whirl...
gah I need a wednesday off.. I miss not being able to watch live anymore
Awesome.. Just submitted and hope it isn't too late... Can't wait for the show.
It does mention that it will display publicly once it has been approved.  They received almost 1,000 submissions and only displayed 99.  It probably is too late.
Will my Portfolio Cat make the show?.  (The Portfolio Cat from your Philadelphia Photoshop Class)
enjoyed the Grid critique. I've watched everything since Photoshop RADIO years ago. You've come a long way, Charlie Brown. 
  Where are the places that are best to have a chosen gallery of images to submit for critique? My smugmug account automatically puts a big watermark and I haven't yet learned to fully utilize google+. I just don't know how you all find the time to be so "social".  Seems I'm always working on something.
  When are the days that the call for critique goes out?  Jock
oops, see what I mean. that was meant for S K. 
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