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What I learned from my post here yesterday

What I learned, after reading comment after comment about my post yesterday (many essentially saying the same thing), is this: If you're going to compare two products, the one with the most features is better and there is no other valid measurement. That was made abundantly clear.

For example, looking at a list of features between the two cars below, based on each ones features (or lack thereof), it's pretty clear the one on the right is the hands down winner. It has better gas milage, more speakers, better stereo options, more colors to choose from, better warranty, voice control, built-in USB ports, more power inputs, adaptive cruise control and on and on, so it's a pretty clear choice, and obviously this is the way more people than I ever imagined make their choices about products. 

Just in case you were wondering, the clearcut winner --- the one on the right, is a 2013 Ford Explorer, and the loser on the left is a Ferrari 458 Italia. 
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I'd go with the Ferrari.  For the way I drive nothing is more important than dual power mirrors.  And 12 speakers is overkill considering that I have 2 ears and no plan to upgrade to more ears anytime soon.
Gotta go with the Ferrari.  I hate front knee airbags.
That's funny. Sad part is the same people who argued on the first post will miss the irony and argue about the cars. 
What sucks is I am looking at that list and thinking.....Damn, how am I going to listen to the CD player while the 4 boys are in the back fighting over what dvd they want to watch lol
The insurance probably wouldn't be as bad as you might think, +Alan Reinhold and +Scott Kelby. A friend of mine went from a V10 RAM truck to a Dodge Viper (also V10) and said the insurance didn't go up much at all. Most people who get those cars probably aren't going to go wrap them around a telephone poll.
I'm price sensitive so I will graciously accept the Ferrari, sell it and buy a house with a Ford in the driveway... but that's just me:) Point taken though...
All in what you need...need to pick up a chick? Take the one on the left...need to pull your bass boat to the lake...I'll take the one on the right...need a cellphone that does calls and has more than 50 apps..then take your pick they all do what you need.
But it depends on your personal needs, which is why there are so many different types of vehicles on the don't see a single guy with no family driving a minivan for the same reason you don't see a family of six crammed into a two seat sports car. Each individual has to make a choice based on thier own needs, wants and individual circumstances...

Hmmm, I think I just proved your point, didn't I? ;0)
What about the intangibles? Are the car seats comfortable?  The ergonomics of the dashboard. Can you easily reach the controls? What about visibility?  Not all considerations can be made on a one to one basis.
I'll split the difference and take a 2013 Shelby GT500 ;)
A great follow up. Really brings the point home. 
Ferrari's are mostly pretty and expensive toys. Nobody buys a Ferrari unless they're a race car driver or they're trying to show off, especially in the US when you can't even drive one properly without running the risk of jail time.

Meanwhile a Ford Truck will actually Get Shit Done at less than half the price.
+Scott Kelby your argument today is extremely flawed. I (and majority of people yesterday) were comparing apples with apples in terms of iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 vs Lumnia 920, with all 3 being the latest high-end smartphones from the biggest players. I have read most of the comments from yesterday and yes, there were extremists claiming ridiculous things and you are very much one of them.

Right now you are comparing plumbs and watermelons, 7-seater SUV against 2-seater supercar, equivalent of comparing a JCB toughphone with Apple iPhone. Draw me a comparison table between Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Aventador and only then you will have a valid argument.
+Scott Kelby It doesn't matter that you're right, this is the internet. And even worse, it's Google+.
ROFWL thanks for another fun evening Scott.
What doesn't he get... that you're just being a sarcastic ass and none of it should be taken seriously?   In your post yesterday and in today's follow up you make some good points and some not so good points but mostly you were just ranting that other people shouldn't rant.  Might have been better left unsaid.  You're a smart guy and certainly knew what to expect when making such a post.
+Jason Mill He doesn't get that it's not about cars. I could have used toasters or washing machines or whatever. 
What have I learned from this thread? Android users would rather have a Ford than a Ferrari. And they'll call you an idiot if you like Ferraris.
Do people get +Erica Joy's point though... that Android phones do more for less?  She's off base too because iPhone's also get shit done and some of the extra cost is worth it for the quality, fit, and finish.
I don't know +Scott Kelby I think he might and he's trying to say (although he carries it too far) that your analogy isn't very good.  Poor analogy aside though, you make a good point that better isn't defined by a longer list of features particularly if those extra features are not useful... which they may not be to many people.  But Apple products are no utopia... they can be down right maddening at times.  I might sell my iPhone and try a Nokia 920.
+Soren Hedberg have you read the posts by the Apple fanbois bashing on Android... now that's some precious stuff because it tends to be irrational and on top of being emotional.  Therein lies the good point in Scott's post from yesterday... all the emotional ranting is not very useful.
i can only express my opinion based on my prior purchase(s) of Ford's, which has always been positive :) good luck :) ...oh and i have a Ford Ranger and its great!! lol! 
You like what you like, you use what you use. Why must people try to dissuade other people from using product A, because they use product B. These are personal choices. It doesn't affect my life one way or another if family, friends, or complete strangers choose to use a competing product to one that I use.
Just like if I like a particular genre of music or sports and I choose to share that on my social network. It's my choice, my opinion, my tastes. You don't like it? The solution is easy. Ignore it or stop following. I'm not here to debate my choices or for you to try to "convert" me to your choice.
Bonus Tip: Normally if an opinion is being sought, you'd see a question mark at the end:
"Which should I get, product A or product B?"
"What are the pro/cons of product A?" "What are the pro/cons of product B?"
"What do you think of this image I took yesterday?"
Live & let live.
Now, about that Shelby GT500......mmmmm.
See now +Leslie Stockton doesn't get that it's not about cars... or maybe she does and she's just having a little fun.  Nice one Leslie!
Not sure I'm following this analogy.

Are we saying that making a comparison of Features per Dollar Spent, on a phone that will see daily use as Joe Average's phone, between an Android & and iPhone...

... is like making a comparison of Features per Dollar Spent, on a car that will see daily use as Joe Average's car, between a Ford and a Ferrari?
No +Deej Saitta he's only saying that just because Android phones have a bunch of features/abilities/capabilities that iPhones don't, doesn't automatically make Androids (or Nokia 920!) a universally better phone.
This is all a lot of fun and I will agree that many, but not all, will make choices based on features. I for one based my decision (ending up with an HTC One X) less on the actual product and more on my very strong desire to avoid getting sucked into the iVortex ;)
+Jason Mill thanks for the interpretation. I was confused, for a little bit, there. :)
Yeah but I bet you couldn't afford the Ferrari 458 Italia. 
See Ferrari should have sold out to Ford in the sixties.That way they would have cupholders.
Well it was a good point hiding behind a poor analogy posted as a follow up on a rant from yesterday... but +Scott Kelby is an ok photographer (like freakin' awesome... thanks Scott your books and online material are really great) so it's all good and he's forgiven if his only intent was to stir up shit.
You could have just posted one word and the trolls would have pounced. Try it tomorrow. Just post the word Apple or Nikon or Canon and see what happens. 
+Scott Kelby I think the Ferrari/Ford analogy breaks down. Maybe it'd work better with Ford/Chevy? :D I love my iPhone; I will be getting the iPhone 5. My very good friend LOVES her Galaxy; it works great for her, and it satisfies her need to NOT be part of the crowd (I'm still not sure how THAT works...). 

I think you should come up with a Ford/Chevy comparison. Ferrari vs. Ford is, oh, maybe, a Leica gold-plated B&W camera vs. Canon or Nikon. I think iPhone vs. Android is more like Ford vs. Chevy--both great cars, both get you where you're going in comfort and a certain amount of style. And if you're a Ford guy, Chevy automatically sucks monkey ballz, and if you're a Chevy guy, Ford's shouldn't even exist. It's not rational, or sane, but there y'go...
Nah... Ford and Chevy are too comparable on price and quality...  got to make it a comparison between say an base level Land Rover (not completely loaded but has all the most important stuff, high quality build, but it's expensive) and a fully loaded Ford Explorer (cheaper, ok qaulity, and lot's of features but not all useful).  
Just the perfect example about people buying the expensive toy just to show off, and not worry about what's better.
+Scott Kelby , keep stirring these folks up and all the pounding sand is gonna get us is flatter beaches... they're tools, just like our cameras.. 
+Scott Kelby This was never about cars until the moment you flawed your argument with the analogy. :)

Short story long summing up yesterday and today... Apple actions affect me as long as they they are interfering with my mobile choices. With recent legal suits and false claims Apple are doing a rather good job interfering with my choices.

No, you should not go on the Sony forum and rant about their products as Sony and its users gave you no good reason for it as Sony has not tried to ban the Nikon products, nor has Sony raised pitchforks when a developer released an app for both brands, nor has Sony tried to call a feature magical and revolutionary that Nikon has had for years, nor has Sony publicly declared a thermonuclear war on Nikon. Apple and its users have done all of the above and more in the past.

+Soren Hedberg these actions metaphorically give Ford/Lamborghini driver a right to call a Ferrari hoon names in return. ;)
Love, Love, Love. All we need is Love! All together now... Oh wait, Apple owns the rights to that too.

Sent from my Ferrari.
You did not show all of the specifications of the two vehicles.  So, we were not able to make an educated decision.  All of the specs are needed to make a choice on a purchase. But I agree with your original post.  People do go overboard with "fanboyism".  Some Apple owners have been sickingly guilty of this.  Just a few months ago, a non photographer friend informed me that he has a Mac and then told me that since I was a photographer, I should be using a Mac instead of a pc because everyone knows that pictures look better when you process them with a Mac.  That is why all professional photographers use Mac's. 

I choose the product that best suits my needs.  I looked at both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy 8.9, and I chose the Samsung for various reasons.  None of the reasons involved brand name.  I love my Samsung.  Oh, did you know that emails sound better when you read them from a Samsung?  LOL:
Well now +Rick Wiemholt to jump in with an insult and call other people tools pretty much makes you one too.  The original post yesterday was that people don't need to be offended and jump in with crap about things that don't affect them... he probably should have taken his own advice in advance and not ranted about what other people rant about since their ranting doesn't affect him... and none of it affects you either Rick so why make a random insult as your contribution?
Did anyone else see Jimmy Kimmel last night? Where they took the iPhone 4s and called it the iPhone 5 to watch all fanboys say how much better it was than the iphone4s that they were currently using.
Yes, that was pretty funny... but it's TV... they might have asked 100 people to get a few who were tricked.
+Darko Bogdanovic makes a point that hasn't really been addressed in either of your OP's +Scott Kelby.

Are Apple's actions in courtrooms etc any sort of valid reason for Android-fanboy-vitriol?
Rick Wiemholt 2:25 PM
+Scott Kelby , keep stirring these folks up and all the pounding sand is gonna get us is flatter beaches... they're tools, just like our cameras..
Ah! Rick meant the phones, not the people!

I can see how you could read it the other way, though.
+Rick Wiemholt ok I see... when you said "they're tools" you were referring to the phones?  If so, I apologize.  In the first part you wrote "these folks" and then followed with "they're tools".
+Deej Saitta Absolutely, Thanks for the clarification.. Sorry for any ruffled feathers, but really folks, the damned phones all work; it's the Ford vs Chevy crap, and in the end, the cars all get you where you want to go.. and the phones let you talk to whoever you want, whenever you want, almost anywhere you want.. I have yet to see or hear of an Android user getting hit by a car while it totally missed his buddy using an Iphone.. 
I wear Levis.. could not care less about wranglers or whatever... it covers my ass, and I, as well as you, are happy.

Time to chill folks, this argument is as I said earlier, just pounding sand on the beach..

Live long and prosper!
+Jason Mill Apology accepted, and sorry if I stepped on toes.. I am just thinking that it is time for EVERYONE yammering about phones to just chill.. let's yammer about photos, and maybe Scott Kelby's singing.. tehe
Funny how history repeats itself.  In the muscle cars of the 50's it was Ford vs Chevy.  Then in the 80's it was PC vs Mac.  Now it's Canon vs Nikon or Android vs. iPhone.  It shows how passionate people can be over their possessions and how far some are willing to go to prove to themselves that they made the right choice.   If it doesn't do what you want it to then make the adjustment and get what will do what you want it to.   It's all just stuff anyway.
without the competition, they can't just sell. isheep vs igeek thingy.. will last forever until Dark Forces take over LOL
Yeah but you never got into performance specs under the hood those advances are a lot more costly than a fancy cd player
I think this analogy works great it's everyone else is getting too specific, fords are cars Ferrari are cars, iPhone, gs3, Nokia are phones I use a blackberry why it keeps me connected other than that it's a piece of shit but it's what suits me at the moment and that is the point he is making its not all down to who has the most features
FFS are people still arguing over this stuff. It's a bloody phone or car or whatever. What works for me might not work for you, and the problem is?

Like the way you made the point though +Scott Kelby, but when dealing with the public please remember to work to the lowest common level of intelligence in the future.

To an extent, more ticks in the box does not define how good or bad the car/phone/toaster is as illustrated above by +Scott Kelby. However, he has fuelled the fire by hypothetically pairing Apple and Android with Ferrari and Ford, respectively. (Un)fortunately, Google+ seems to be an Android stronghold so that will not help his case either.
You got the money to buy Ferrari 458 Italia? Go for it. Can you buy better car for the money? You certainly can. What is that better car? Depends on your preferences.
But if you will buy Ferrari and you start bragging about how superior the car is to any other machinery flying, floating or moving on 2 or more wheels, you can count on the fact that there will be thousands of people with other preferences and other opinion explaining to you why you're mistaking.
Scott. You're either in one "camp" or the other. On everything. You are not permitted to say, appreciate the tax policy of one candidate AND the health system ideas of the other. It has to be binary. The media, politicians, advertising, they all say so - so it must be true.

The alternative is just too frightening to them. You see, the alternative is each of us thinking for ourselves! And if we all started doing that there would suddenly be a lot of awkward questions to answer in society!
+Neil MacGrain  So people should stop arguing, what works for me, yada yada moral high ground... and then you throw in the implied insult about "lowest common level of intelligence"... and that is exactly why the emotional ranting goes on and on.   Scott did have a good point but he did exactly what he was complaining about... he ranted about people ranting... and you say don't argue but then throw in an argumentative jab.
Goes to show without seeing the product it was the one to have. Now you've told us it was a Ferrari I wonder how many people will change their mind?

+Public Circles
How much per month do you pay for service, during the contract?
+James Good I believe you are referring to the specific Samsung models from the latest Samsung/Apple trial. Yes, these phones are still on the market, however, what happened to HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus?

One X got delayed by the customs only to be released later without any infringements. Galaxy Nexus got pulled from the market thanks to Apple. Hence, you can not possibly tell me that Apple is not interfering with my choices and that my argument is invalid. :)
Sad and pathetic posts Mr Kelby. What were the point of them aside from basically trolling? Unsubscribing, thanks. 
+James Good  Thankfully, all the bans have been temporary but at times there were devices that you had to jump through hoop and loops  in order to purchase i.e. Galaxy Nexus and One X in the States, Galaxy Tab in Australia and dozens more. Hence, Apple is interfering with one's choices at times and/or places. I rest my case. have a good day. :)
+Scott Kelby  man I love you (ever since the 1st D-Town TV episode!) but I don't know what's gotten into you. I hate what you're doing to yourself with these posts. You're not taking a stance, you're simply feeding some trolls, both camps. 

Just come back as the loveable and talented professional photographer you simply are.

And if this is some kind of social experiment you're running - yes, the conclusion is always the same - if you get too social, it sucks donkey balls. You're turning your G+ place into a Facebook wall where all retards throw shit at (and at each other) and hope it sticks.
I still go with escape...I can buy a shit ton for same price as ferrei(no need to though only need one car). Plus gas is so darn expensive
Sad that so many don't understand the irrational basis for many of these apple/android rants.
I'll take the Ferrari thanks. There's something special about being in one and driving it. I don't get that same feeling in a Ford or using a PC.
Mr. Kel by...regarding your post yesterday...(stop bashing apple Products it doesn't affect anyone) can you post more topics about Apple Suing everyone from innovate new technology.... will be appreciated
Why does anyone, including yourself, get so emotionally invested in an object? In either case, why do people feel the need to defend their purchases and or proselytize against  the other?  Why are people so attached to their devices?
Great example and I got it. But ..... Why not comparing the key points? Understand the full specs, not just comparing so called extras? Last but not least to mention - country of origin. ;-)
This is the Exact mentality thats flooded G+ when discussing one high profile smartphone vs another such smartphone ...
+Don Felipe it's not only about smartphones. There are neverending flames all around (like Win vs. OSX, or better one - Canon vs Nikon). The hype around the smartphones is graded nowadays.... It's always neverending you got what you give game.... 
+Scott Kelby  What I think you didn't learn or even consider as something fundamentally important about your post yesterday was that smartphones and cameras have a great deal of impact on humans everyday freedoms, usage and perception of data interaction.

If everyone stopped comparing reasons not to use mac or windows over linux, or reasons to use django/wordpress over sharepoint etc... then you'd be in the situation where microsoft rules the roost over how we interact with information. A situation not to dissimilar to how the Vatican guided peoples perception of reality through control of the bibles distribution and interpretation.

I simply don't think you can sweep aside peoples passion to speak about technology that grants greater freedoms in a dismissive manner such as you did yesterday.

+Hugo Oropeza Essentially it comes down to two camps, both empowered by the products they wield. On one hand you have those who feel their ego and self image are boosted by the products they purchase, and on the other hand we have those who feel empowered to interact with the greater information stream that swells around us.

With an android phone I feel closer to the Renegade Plumbers as depicted in Brazil ( ). I can adapt to any situation without restrictions on how. 

An iPhone leaves me feeling more like a Gamma Citizen from Brave New World, imbued with the prebaked knowledge that I should just accept the limitations and be happy that only criminials need to adapt. Or one of Frank Owens workmates in the Ragged Trouser Philanthropist ( ), where we all extole the virtues of the boss simply because they make boat loads of money.
In smartphone terms, the one on the left is an iPhone and the one on the right is a Samsung Galaxy 3
Can carry more beer in an explorer......
Nice post, really true thoughts !
With the gas price in Portugal (1.77 euros/L for 95oct benzin), I would by a Prius.
But yes, we do get your point. iPhone 5 most likely will cost 800 euros or more in Europe.
Playing the pedantic herd of nerds again +Scott Kelby, eh? ;)
If you aren't, surely you can see (again) that you are "fighting a battle" you cannot possibly win. Not on the internet in 2012, not with your follower count.
Suppose it could work as a slightly kinky form of entertainment, too, but only for a short enough while. :)
Fake comparison, you didn't show all of the specifications of the two vehicles.
Well..your point is clear..but when comparing cars you have to mention the engine and performance!comparing cars is not like comparing gadgets is not like comparing any thing else!!
I will take both. Left on the highway and racetrack (adrenaline junkie) while the right; work, stuck in traffic and football game (boring and frustrating moments)  . Specialization... there. LOL
Lol.... so if I read both posts android = Ferrari 458 and iphone = 2013 Ford explorer?
Still prefer the good old Ford to any shitty Italian "super"car.
That's a silly comparison. You don't have to defend your smartphone choice. If you wish to pay so much money for an apple product, i don't care.
:-\ I did not see the first post but usually price is a factor to. Also hp and top speed are features conveniently missing.
The Explorer was designed to be a comfortable daily driver with lots of features.
The 458 was designed to go around a track very, very fast.
This point is moot.
I thought the original post was about the pettiness of the squabbles that people have over these things.

Now I don't know what +Scott Kelby 's point is??

Why does it matter that there is a non-apple/apple rivalry????

Why does it matter that there is a nikon/canon/A.N.Other manufacturer rivalry?

I think the manufacturers themselves like it, because it creates discussion about the products.

You will never stop people from squabbling.  And that is all it is, no different to being down the pub squabbling about who's the best football team.

squabbling is fun......and hardly anyone is a troll...and if you fall for the trolls, then that's your fault, just ignore them...and people are allowed to be passionate about anything they want, whether it's a football team, or the colour of a pair of shoes.....the trivial nature of the arguments is just human nature.  Being trivial is a form of release, a diversion....

Scott needs to chill out about these types of arguments.  Just accept them for the trivial fun that they are.

Anyway...what's your favourite wine gum?  Purple or red?  Surely not green...O...M...G....!!!
As Scott's unofficial spokesman I can tell you that the point of the post is that Light It will soon be available on the Ferrari of mobile operating systems...
I'm tired of this iOS vs. Android nonsense. Let's move on to a more important debate, like Kleenex vs. Puffs. 
Scott, thank you for turning the whole world in ridicule.
Have the people nothing better to do but to argue over who's better ? We have the chance to live in a world where these things exists, and have the choice... so just make the f... choice for yourself and stop feeling the need to convince others that your choice is the best choice... 
BTW am surprised the Italia has such good fuel ratings :-)
Ken Z
+Scott Kelby -- you have keen observations :)  Your post from yesterday would have been better if everyone didn't spoil it with the same old trolling comments....arg!

I am in the middle of reading a book on Logic...sadly, the arguments that were thrown at you do not follow hold much water, not to say that they don't love their products (we all do want to justify what we buy and use), but their line of logic breaks down...just like you are saying here....
I hate cars with extra electronic crap, just another thing that'll break and have to pay for. Those tire pressure sensors for example, seriously?!? You can't check the pressure on your own, so you have to pay extra to get your tires changed. Scam. And don't get me started on entertainment systems in a car, WTF, you driving or dicking around with the radio or phone?
Imagine if Apple and Android were running for President. Sounds about the same. I have an Android phone and an iPad-just tools used for work and life. I sleep with my wife!
Yeah, but you left out the most important specs, like horsepower, torque, gear ratio, 0-60, 60-0, or anything else related to performance.
Ya know, this is all too complicated. Allow me to simplify: Buy the one you like. And then shut up. Moving on... :)
If anything, +Scott Kelby is only proving himself wrong. By hiding any important specs, Apple showcases things like cupholders and their fanboys come running. In this particular example, Android would be the Ferrari.
It's obvious from the hundreds of comments generated from 2 +Scott Kelby posts, that his followers can be passionate about something as innocuous as mobile phone technology. How about channeling this energy into something that actually makes a difference. The +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk & +Help-Portrait are two that immediately come to mind.
Ha! Specs obviously don't speak to the experience of using a product or it's ability to deliver on the hard numbers indicated by the specs or the quality of the product. The problem with the example above is that there are specs  omitted which could greatly alter the balance. If top speed, lateral acceleration, braking distance and acceleration where included, one might get a different impression of the two vehicles being compared.
Just look at Apple products my Android phone/tablet has more features (SD card HDMI port Flash Support ect.) Apple sells well because of the user experience not features. In the end I think less features with a better user experience will out sell more features. I work in software sales and see this all the time. Having more features is nice but does not mean your product is the best. 
Right. If you have to choose between the two car but then you have to use that car for the rest of your life and not other which one you would chose?

The Ford is a clear winner for me. As for anyone  with family or common sense.
Hehe, a car is just a way to get from one place to another to allow me to take pictures - save the money and buy more camera equipment!!!!
Not sure what the problem is all about.  Off course the Ford won.  Most people don't need or want the fancy sports car that they can't afford.  Besides it lacks for "wanted" features.
Why give a fuck. I don't see the point to promote a phone for free . Not only promote a phone for free but fight for a brand that you don't own. Companies usually pay millions of dollars for this type of promotion but the end user does it free, that shit cracks me up. Both apple and android users are being used and it's funny . It doesn't make financial sense to me to advertise the product that I PAYED FOR ! Anyways that's my take.
Eric L
Ford is shotty engineering. It will start falling apart at 50,000 miles. Ferrari all the way. Besides, I can parallel park just fine by myself thank you very much !
But is the Ferrari:-

More Pratical? No
More economical or as economical? No
More reliable? No
Better value fore money? No.
A better car just because its faster? No.
A more comfortable car to drive? No
Is it in the same class as the Ford? No.
Are they made for the same type of people or for the same market? No, so it shouldn't be used in the same context as the original argument.

Is the iphone or any other mobile phone made by any other manufacturer a Ferrari or can any of them be compared to a Ferrari or any other supercar? No of course not and anyone who thinks otherwise is quite frankly living in cloud cuckoo land.

The above example is way out of context to the original arguement, if it had been a Ferrari compared to an Aston Martin DBS, or the McLaren MP4-12c then it would not only be more relevant, but it would have held more water and would have got the point across. It's called comparing apples with apples or oranges with oranges. I believe the original arguments have been comparing the yet unreleased iphone 5 and Android phones, both of course are marketed as smart phones, so the above car comaparison is like comparing the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Nokia 100. The Samsung 16GB sim free version selling @ around £450.00 and the Nokia 100 on Pay as you go is £15.00 from Vodafone UK. Of course the Samsung is a smart phone and the Nokia isn't, even though they both make and recieve phone calls and both send and recieve text messages, you just can't compare the two in the same context with any crederbility whatsoever.

I'm on the outside here looking in and to be honest I find this amusing beyond belief, its like being back at school in the playground. Why am I on the outside looking in? Because unlike a lot of people it seems, when it comes to mobile phones I do not limit my choices by pinning my flag to just one manufacturer or one OS, when it comes to upgrading I look at all the options regardless. I recently upgraded my phone, I am on the Vodafone network so I went into my local Vodafone shop and I looked at all the options. I comapared all the Android phones, looked at what Windows Phone 7 they had and looked at the iphone 4s. What did I decide was the best device in the shop? The Samsung Galaxy Note. It does everything I want and even more, it was good value for money. Did the buy it? No I didn't because as I said it done more than I would use and on top of that it is just too big to carry around all day and every day and use as a phone in my opinion, but it is a remarkable device. I opted for what in my opinion was the best option for me and that was the Samsung S3. It does everything I want and not too much more, it is fast and smooth in operation and the guy in the shop tells me that when I get the Android 4.1 upgrade next month it will be faster and smoother. Finally; although when looking at the pictures on the internet, where it looks too big, it isn't, it's comfortable to hold, and can (in my hands) be operated one handed. Did I thnk the iphone was a pile of shit? No not at all but it just wasn't for me or what I was looking for, no more, no less, it's as simple as that.

In Scotts original post he complained about Android users saying the iphone is crap la de da de da, etc. Yes Scott I argree with you on that wholeheartedly, 110%. Likewise I get pissed off when I look at reviews of Android phones and I get bombarded by iphone users telling me that Android sucks and the iphone is the best thing since sliced bread, go away and leave me alone to make my own mind up, if Android is so much shit why are you looking at a review of an Addroid phone in the first place? Is your life so sad and empty that you haven't got anything better to do than to look for reviews of Android phones so as you can spout your frustrations at me? For Christs sake I'm just trying to decided what mobile phone to buy, if you leave me alone I may even decide to buy an iphone, but at the moment you are only making me anti Apple!! Are these the same Mac dickheads that search YouTube for videos of Windows 8 so as they can say how much better their iMac is? And tell me how much they hate Windows, Microsoft and more so, Bill Gates? Probably, yes!!

Just after Steve Jobs died I watched a TV documentary about him. It told of when Steve was brought back into Apple in 1997 and he went cap in hand (for want of a better phrase) to Bill Gates and Bill Gates invested 150 million Dollars in Apple by buying non voting shares, and also pledged to continue support of Office for Mac for at least a further 5 years. They said it was estimated that at that time Apple were roughly 90 days away from being made insolvent. They showed a clip of Steve Jobs on stage introducing Bill Gates via video link as their saviour, again for want of a better phrase. When I read these anti Bill Gates and Microsoft comments by these idiots I often wonder if they know that if it wasn't for Bill Gates investing that money, it is possibel, not a certainty, just possible that they wouldn't have their shiny iMacs to write their hatred on.

A note for all you iphone lovers who say you hate Android and it's crap. Android is open source and licence free, which means manufacturers can use it free of charge and are free to do what they want with it. We already have a host of TVs and Blu-ray players which have Android built in and are compatible with other Android devices. Probably in a year or two it will be pretty hard to find a new TV or Blu-ray player which hasn't got Android built in. Samsung are releasing an Android camera next month and Nikon have already released one. No doubt in the future all our cameras (including our DSLRs) will have Android built in. If things continue as they are then in time most of our eltectrical devices (incuding in-car entertainment systems and sat navs) will have Android and will be compatible with Android phones, so you best get used to it. Maybe this house of the future Bill Gates used to talk about may come true sooner or later only it is more likely to be Android based than Windows as he predicted.

One last thing, a tip for when you read these comments on phone reviews. Consider these two statements. 1) "I am a Manchester United fan and when we played Chelsea on Saturday we were by far the best team and should have won more than 2:0".

2) "I am a Chelsea fan and when we played Manchester United on Saturday they were by far the better team and should have won more than 2:0"

Which statement has more impact? The second one of course because it implies that he is a fan of Chelsea but concedes that Manchester United (the oposing team) was the better team. So when you are reading a review of an iphone and someone says "I am an Android lover but" He aint really, he is already an iphone user. Likewise when you are reading a review of an Android phone and someone says "I am an iphone user but" he isn't either he is already an Android user. It is just that those 6 words at the beginning offers more inpact to the crap he / she is going to pen!!

Like I said I do not limit my choices when it comes to an upgrade of phone by sticking to just one brand or OS, so next year when I upgrade my phone I may buy an Android, I may buy a Windows phone or a may buy an iphone, it all depends on what's on offer at the time and what one I think is best for me. Whatever phone you buy, may you enjoy it and to all those who say you made the wrong choice, that's their problem not yours.

Lastly if the new features don't really matter, why bother upgrading at all, just stick with the phone you have, you obviously like it otherwise you wouldn't have bought it.

Sorry for the long rant and if you made it this far thanks for reading and may you enjoy you phone whatever brand / OS it is.
When did they start selling Ferraris with cupholders?
i will get the ford. who cares what i drive? it probably is safer and bigger.
Exactly they are both cars and will get you from A - B but that is as far as the comparison goes. They are aimed at different ends of the mrket. The Ferrari is a supercar and the Ford is a family saloon. I would love to see Scott or anyone else try and take the wife,kids and dog out for a picnic in the Ferrari!!

This post is a follow up to a post Scott made the day before regarding people complaining about the new iphone, because it didn't have the features they were expecting and also about Android users saying you get more features for less money with the latest Android phones such as the S3 and HTC One X. I think what Scott is trying to say is the iphone may be more expensive and have less features but it is better quality. That is a nonsense,if you ignore the evidence of how easy it is to crack the display and glass on the iphone, if you take the iphone 4s as an example. The display is designed and built by LG, the camera is Sony, the battery is reportidly Samsung as are the chips inside. All these companys make their own mobile devices and if anyone is claiming these companys employ a better QC for the components they make for Apple then they do for their own products then I don't now what to be honest.

At the end of the day you pays your money and you takes your choice, and if you choose wrong its nobodys fault but your own.
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