What I learned from my post here yesterday

What I learned, after reading comment after comment about my post yesterday (many essentially saying the same thing), is this: If you're going to compare two products, the one with the most features is better and there is no other valid measurement. That was made abundantly clear.

For example, looking at a list of features between the two cars below, based on each ones features (or lack thereof), it's pretty clear the one on the right is the hands down winner. It has better gas milage, more speakers, better stereo options, more colors to choose from, better warranty, voice control, built-in USB ports, more power inputs, adaptive cruise control and on and on, so it's a pretty clear choice, and obviously this is the way more people than I ever imagined make their choices about products. 

Just in case you were wondering, the clearcut winner --- the one on the right, is a 2013 Ford Explorer, and the loser on the left is a Ferrari 458 Italia. 
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