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30-second update from Paris

Bonjour! Sorry I haven't been able to post more. We've been shooting from morning until late at night, literally non-stop on the go, and by the time we make it back to our rooms we're just falling down beat. Here's a quick shot taken during our shoot out at the palace of Versailles, hand-held with a 14-24mm lens. What an amazing place. Off to start today's shooting in 20 minutes. Gotta run. More soon. :)
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look at the detail, wanna see it live..
Roka Jc
Wow. So great
this is insanely beautiful
amazing! can't imagine how beautiful the whole place would be!
Putain rien quand le voyant en photo je me perd donc en vrai je ne vous dit pas se que sa doit être !!
Oui mais c'est toi qui a de la merde dans les yeux pcq c'est beau ce truc alors !!
Superbe realisation et tres beau cliché
what a amazing art work and the picture is taken from a perfect angle.
Lk Saha
Jay Radhay !
So nice it.
gooooooooooooooooooood nice very gooood
The decor in this photo is really neat.
How did you get rid of the crowd? Versailles is usually full of tourists.
We were there last December, it's absolutely fabulous the architecture is amazing.... Hall of Mirrors.. Wow
The audio guide is also excellent...
Gosh, this picture is awesome :-)
quel bel art! sa vaux des fortune ça.
great place to shot, although almost everything in Paris is great to shoot.
very nice ,how old thish place?
bien que je n'aime pas la couleur, je reconnais que c'est du travail
+Scott Kelby I tried something like that last week, but did not manage to get any clean view anywhere in this palace! There was always a turing in my field of view!!!!

They could organize special visits for photographers! Like several small groups walking around the Louvre and not standing in front of the others! :-)
waohhh that big!!!but cute at the sametime!
Stunning, no artistry in building any more like this. It is a lost art.
Wow, that is beautiful! So much history and beauty. Absolutely gorgeous.
resembling harry potter..........amazing construction.................
Great staircase. May I recommend not spend too much time in La galerie des Glaces. Too many mirrors, we don't want you to turn into a narcissistic person.
On aurait dit l'escalier infini dans inception
What opulence. Great shot and perspective of different levels all in focus.
oh kisiki ghar ki siddi hai to maza aa gaya
good,but with color would look amazing....
woooow I feel dizzy !!
I've not been privileged to see this before. It is beautiful and inspiring. The skill, intricacies, colors, and the patience of the artists and craftsmen are unbelievable. I wonder if such a project could even be accomplished by today's standards in our economy.

Thanks for taking me along on your exciting vacation. This is really nice work --you did good!
Ive been looking at this confused for about ten minutes now.
^^^^^ ha and i say this place needs an elevator. too many damn stairs
Reminds me of the House on Haunted Hill.
its an amizing place i haven't seen like thise one ever
Unbelievable.......really enjoyed this photo. :)
hand held shots like that get your blood running!!! REAL photography without that Tripod!!! Gorgeous shot!!!
Great Shot what a beautiful place
Amazigh ou Arabe c' KIF KIF
Just beautiful Scott..looking forward to watching your project unfold. Thanks for posting.
L'escalier de la reine à Versailles
Se parece mucho a las escaleras en la pelicula Harry Poter.
insane! its a giant Fibonacci sequence
What is the meaning of the word "appele deco" ..??
Looks like escher's paintings, would love to just sit and stare.........
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