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Here's what makes this conference different

We wanted to reinvent how conferences are done, so here's a look at some of what makes this event truly unique (it's more than just the classes on maximizing your G+ experience and photography training). It is kind of a long list, but don't cha think it should be? ;-)

Live Studio Shoots
Throughout the conference we have a Live Shooting Lounge (sponsored by the folks at FJ Westcott lightning, who graciously provided us with the lighting), where you'll be in a small group, learning from an instructor, and then you'll actually get to do some shooting yourself. We'll have product photography shoots, fashion shoots, compositing shoots, and more.

Location Shoots
Each day, we go on location to see how to set up and produce a location shoot, with (in many cases) shooting opportunities for you as well. We'll be using hot shoe off camera flashes, as well as studio location gear. We have some really cool shoots planned for you, so make sure you bring your camera.

Photo Walks Kick It All Off
Want a great way to make new friends before the conference officially kicks off on the 22nd? Then join us the day before (the 21st) at 3:00 pm at one of our 10 Photo Walks, held in great shooting locations throughout San Francisco. You'll spend two hours walking, shooting, talking, and meeting other photographers in this totally social photography event. After the walk, we meet at a local restaurant where we share stories, images, ideas, and yummy food.

Gallery Reception
The conference kicks off the night before at a local gallery where we'll be displaying the selected work of conference attendees as prints (after you sign up for the conference, we'll send you a link where you can submit images for consideration for the gallery showing. A panel of judges will choose the images to be printed and displayed that evening). Lots of time to mingle, enjoy some wine and cheese, and experience some wonderful photography from our conference attendees.

Intimate Talks Track
Also running at various times throughout the conference is our Intimate Talks tracks. Held in the Center's cozy Screening Room, you'll get a chance see some fantastic presentations in a comfy, informal atmosphere, including topics like "The future of photography book publishing" to "Hard Earned Tips for Sports Photography" among others. (Limited seating is filled on a first-come basis).

An Opening Keynote from Google themselves
There's no better way to kick off the conference than with a keynote presentation from the people that make Google+ happen, Google themselves. We have a very special presentation (we don't want to spill the beans quite yet), but it's the perfect way to kick off a G+ learning love fest, so you absolutely don't want to miss it!

The Google Lounge
The Grand Lobby will definitely be "the hangout" during the conference as Google has transformed it into the "Google Lounge" featuring high speed wireless, and work spaces for you to meet, mingle and share your G+ Photographer's Conference experience.

One-on-One Portfolio Reviews
Imagine what a leap forward your work will take after you spend one-on-one time with one of our conference instructors as they review your work and give you tips, ideas, and a plan of action on how to take your portfolio and your work in general, to the next level. These sessions run throughout the conference (sign up in advance is required, but the portfolio reviews are free to registered attendees).

Live Blind Critiques
In these incredibly informative sessions, you'll learn from seeing other attendees work critiqued in class (but their names are not revealed, henceforth the "blind" moniker). This is an amazing way to learn, as you see exactly what makes a great photo, and which things to avoid, and what to do in post production, to create the kind of images you've always wanted to take. We think you'll find this a surprisingly refreshing and informative way to learn, even if you don't submit your work for the review.

The Revolution Will Be Broadcast, LIVE!
Most of the conference sessions will be televised live (and archived for after conference viewing) via Google+ "OnAir" hangouts, so you can review any of the sessions you missed, or if you're not able to attend the conference, you'll be able to join in from anywhere around the world. We'll have full details in May on when and where you can participate in this collaborative worldwide streaming event.

After Hours Inspiration
Tuesday and Wednesday nights we leave all the techniques we learned during the day behind, and focus on the art and the artist with our "An evening with…." series. Tuesday, we're excited to have entertainment photographer and social artist Jeremy Cowart take the stage as he shares some of his passion for photography and for helping others in an evening you won't forget. To wrap up the conference on Wednesday night, spend an evening with the most-circled photographer on Google+, author, entrepreneur, and G+ celebrity Trey Ratcliff, as we host an intimate interview and look into the images, imagination, and vision of the man behind the images. A perfect way to unwind as we send you off with words and images that inspire and challenge.

The "Un-Conference Session"
On Wednesday, we have scheduled a block of time for an "Un-Conference" which is where the attendees at the conference themselves share what they have learned, as they teach sessions on topics they are experts in. Attendees that want to teach a session, simply go to Google Docs online board we're setting up; choose their topic and location, and anyone that wants to hear about that topic shows up at that location at that time. It's a totally "attendee driven" session and it will run the gambit from teaching on the main stage, to a small group huddled around a laptop, as we share with each other how to grow in our work and increase our fun.

Every attendees gets a copy of Guy Kawasaki's book about Google+
Guy's new book, "What The Plus!* is an absolutely kick-butt all about getting the most out of Google+ and every attendee gets their own copy. Sweet!

A Collaborative Conference
The idea behind this conference is that it's a collaborative event. It's why you need to bring your camera. It's why you'll want to be a part of the photo walks, the live shoots, the location shoots, and Un-Conference sessions, and why you'll want to do more than learn --- this is the networking opportunity of a lifetime, and the start of something really big. History is being made in San Francisco and this is your chance to be a part of; get immersed in, and change the course of your career forever.
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Wow i wish i could go. It sounds like it will be great
I'm marking off the calendar right now. I'm going to try to make this work!
You are a marketing genius
I hope I could come but I'm far away from the event. PH. :)
Yeah...those who can't, still can!
Hmmm, guess I'll have to read entire article. :)
Proofreading Nazi: After Hours paragraph has mixed sexes regarding, Jeremy Cowart. "...Jeremy Cowart take[s] the stage as she shares some of his passion..." As an extra bonus you also left out the 's' that should be on the end of 'take'. :-) Still cool conference and love that it will be online!
I wish I could attend the conference.... Greece is miles away and there is no way I could make the trip..
One good day to be in vacation!
Sweet! Already signed up. Its great to have a event so close to home (fairfax).
So jealous that I won't be able to be there! Why couldn't it be in Boston or NYC?? ;)
Looking forward to one being held in Florida
+Larry N That is awesome!!! I'll see you there! (Hope you check out one of my classes). :)
hmm San Fran is on my list, have flown in and out but never seen the city. Could be a good way to do this! K, buying lottery tickets today!
Is there a conference like this in the Netherlans?
Is there any way to sign up now and commit to one of the photo walks once more assignments have been announced? I want to make sure I have a spot at the conference, but I'd also like to do a photo walk with someone who shoots the kinds of things I do.
Too bad I'm quite far. +Scott Kelby will there be some sort of webcast version of it? Or some rebroadcast of any kind?
looking to make this will try to figure time out
Wish I could go. looks like it would be a great experience
I don't feel a discount would make that much of different. It is logical to have the event in Googles' backyard. I just hope that Google start to sponsor Photowalks or events outside of San Fran for the Photography community.
Yeah, don't be cheap. 750 seems like alot though.
We should check one of these out sometime...guess we better start readying the guestrooms and securing those dinner resi's
I dib the guest room +Julia Peterson
Even if I don't go to the conference, I want to come shoot while everyone's in town! lol (If there's some hot male photographer you want to bunk with me, I guess I'll manage. Just don't tell my husband!)
Hey hey hey!!!! I need one of those rooms too!!!
Jorge D
By chance of the gods, I am shooting a dance festival in Santa Rosa until May 21st, so I am definitely going to this!!!! I feel so lucky, coming all the way from Colombia, first to PSW Washington, now the G+ conference and PSW again in September! I just have one question: the link to nearby hotels is not working, so any recommendation will be deeply appreciated!!!!
I can't commit yet but going to work on going. Need to shuffle some stuff.
It looks like a great event. If When it's a hit, +Scott Kelby , could you start looking into an international schedule? Start with Guangzhou or Hong Kong so us shooters parked over here can get in on the fun.
Wow. This looks like a really good time...
+Scott Kelby always amaze me with your ideas...where do you find the time?? Whenever you come up with something, I always stop and ponder, "why didn't I think of that?" Great job, and I am sure it will be a great conference! Pretty tough to get there from Jakarta, though. Guess I will just have to host a conference out here, heh?
+Scotty Graham Wow...that's a very different response than you posted over on Alexander's page. :(
Ah, yes, +Scott Kelby ....I was supporting you on Alexander's page, and thought he was out of line in what he was saying about your conference....I think this conference is a fantastic idea....You are an incredible guy, and you have started something that will be huge in the everything you are my mentor.

The point I was trying to make with Alexander, and I tried to make the same point in my own post earlier today, is that photographers here on G+ with a huge following are labeled by you and others as, "The best in the business and the Top Google+ Photographers". I may be totally out-of-line on that thought, but it is the impression that us "little guys" out here with only a few thousand followers have. Please correct me if I am wrong. Would Scott Kelby ever send a guy like me, with only 10,000 followers, an invite to speak at your conference?
+Scotty Graham Well, Erik Valind is only circled by 2,600+ people here on G+, about 1/4 of what you have, and he's speaking there. I chose him because he's a great teacher. You've decided to take all the sentences I said, describing three different groups of people (the biggest photographers on G+, like Trey, the best teachers, like Erik, and Social media Gurus, like Guy Kawasaki, and lump them together in a way I never intended. I never said any of them were all-three, or Erik Valind wouldn't be teaching now, would he?
fair enough, +Scott Kelby was my misconception. you are the last person in this world I would want to offend in any way. I am sorry I even brought any of this up to begin hard feelings, I hope....
I sorta pulled a little "oops" today, LOL. I got so excited about going, I registered and book flights and sorta forgot to check my calendar. I'm supposed to be teaching two classes myself that week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Have to do some shuffling now - but I'll be there +Trey Ratcliff !
+Scott Kelby where is everyone staying? what's nearby? decent and cheap! I like to spend my money on food and wine LOL.
+Scott Kelby I'm attending - but will there be a way to download a stream of the event or will a DVD type dealie be offered at some point?
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