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Some shots after watching +Tim Wallace online training class

OK, I did my first (of many) car photography shoots using the techniques I learned from Tim's class (I even had my iPad there with me running the Kelby Training Online app, watching to make sure I followed his instructions) and here's a few of the shots I came up with. Of course, now that I've done one, I learned a lot and can't wait for my next one to fix the things I did wrong, but hey ... it's a start. We brought the two cars to the garage at my house, and even had both garage doors open for most of the daylight shoot. Anyway, lots to learn, but I'm loving it. Now I've just got to find more friends with cool cars I can "borrow" for an afternoon. :)
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2 nice cars for sure and some great shots.
You did a great job with these photos. I can't wait to see the next set.
love it, an open-minded professional, willing to continue learning and growing at his craft. beautiful stuff.
Love this work Scott! Im a real sucker for anything beautifully lit, and this my friend is beautifully lit! A great combination of elegance and power.
I think that it's so cool that you "the man" uses your very own training to learn new things! That is why you are my guru +Scott Kelby
Very cool images btw!
Looks Great, like you would see in a Porsche Magazine!!!! Never would know it was a first.
Well, if I had the money for that Porsche I would buy it just on the basis of your photos! Looks just beautiful.
Thanks for sharing this! Learning new stuff is so vital.
maravilha de carro , sonho que qualquer atleta !!
needs a good clean up the back side
David H
Wow, nice job!
Translate should hit up Scott Bourne... Talk about cool cars!! :-)

Saw that very class the other day, very good and wouldnt mind trying a bit myself but if only I could get hold of a posh car!
Very impressive. Nicely done. If you ever want to borrow my cool Nissan Versa 1.8, just let me know.
awesome ya.......................
Scott, coming from a photographer myself with industry training I must say you did a fine job with these photos. The only thing I would suggest is to get a few wide angle shots to go with these and not so much close up shots. Although close up shots are great, and professional, wide angle shots are just as important, in some cases more important. You're on the right path there my friend. Keep up the good work.
+Sarah Shaw Tim mentioned to shoot at f/20 or f/22, and that pretty much did the trick. Virtually no ambient light at all ---- all the light came from one strip bank. :)
this is my goal car , and believe im one to achieve my goals
oooooo yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! is this beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
i think i saw this before on a youtube
Marie-what a great idea!!! I have a Nikon SLR-couple of years now and I still cannot use it to it's fullest ability. Replace just one of the cupcake, chef, designer, model, etc...shows and give us ONE photo show! Seriously, look at all the wasted time on mtv with bratty 16 year old 100k parties!
+Marie Moore There have been several reality shows about photographers. I watched one, can't remember the name, but it was like 12 people competing for some prize. It wasn't that good or informative. Like usual reality shows, they try to make it about drama and fighting.
I read the clip about the VH1 show....but I really like taking pictures of ordinary people....and show them they can look like a a high fashion model;)
+Marie Moore It's not free, but Kelby Training provides some great Photography "Reality TV"! Great Shots +Scott Kelby , I wish I had noticed Tim's class on Kelby training the day before my first automotive shoot instead of the day after.
what is sick?...?...? jusz Ask'n?.. Lol
I'd like a Porche but I'd rather have A Corvette!!!*(:
Dattsz Beaste!!
Eric, That's the problem with most reality shows. They are about drama and fighting instead of anything meaningful.

Marie, I would love to see a good show about how amazing photographers create what they do. I think it would be great.
You can borrow my 65 VW beetle, the one Nancy saw.
It's not new , but it's cool!!
Kelby, Creatlive and other outlets have that Larry. Sign up for the emails and hit a seminar or two.
awesome lookkksss ever seen`
Im confused, they are all Porsche shots, and then a BMW M6...
Beautiful traditional work
top work +Scott Kelby gorgeous photos. (I once managed a 360º shoot for Jaguar years ago - talking CD-ROM days! - and it took a tonne of prep and post production to nail it, that car pro image discipline is a whole other world.)
Nice! I cant believe Pete and Corey let you use their cars : )
What a sweet car :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my step grandfather does tinting windows and putting clear bras, etc. on these kinds of cars and other cars
YAY another porsche that looks like every other porsche.... they have the laziest disigners in the world...
oo me encanta ese auto y yo cuando tenga trabajo y tenga arrta plata me lo voy a comprar si o si ... si es que me alcanza la plata para toas mis nesesidades no se los hombres pero encuentro que hay artos hombres machista estoy ablando de todos no me mal interrpreten

jajajajajajajajaj que les vaya bn chu
I want one but not for me, so beautifulll
Werent u at the Pagent Of The Masters???Did u display u photography there?
what a super car .......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......this is also one of my favorites....!!!!
hey scott!! wonderful work. i guess i can buy that car..
+Scott Kelby Shooting cars is very similar to a product photography, but it quite different scale :-) Well done!
Well done, those are beautiful!
Hey Scott, What was the size of stripbank you used and I am taking it that these are you Elinchrom 500's that you were using?
Very nicely done! Fave has to be the rear shot of the Porsche :)
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