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Check out this movie trailer for "No Cameras Allowed." It's basically the story of a kid who fakes his way into major concerts posing as a legit press photographer, and winds up becoming a legit press photographer. What's kind of weird is, the kid really did kind of a dishonest thing, and now they're making a movie about him becoming a hero because of it. Yet, I still want to see the movie, because he seems like a good kid.
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God dammit, Scott! Thanks for the spoilers!
Bit PC that Kelby... He didn't hurt or kill anyone. Intuitive and entrepreneurial clearly. 
To me it is creativity at its best, he didn't steal anything, he didn't do armed robbery, how can you honestly blame a kid for pursuing his dream even though he cheated a bit.
Sometimes Scott, you have to make your own breaks, and this kid did it. He is obviously talented enough to stay as well. Sometimes it's not what or who you know at all, but how far you are willing to go to grab your only chance. 
As a fledgling concert photographer, this looks awesome!
Life is too short not to enjoy what you're doing.  
Adam E.
New age 3rd world inside of our already crock pot of a country. Sounds interesting though, Hollywood's Wild West.
+C A Vulliamy No it isn't the same! This is about music and Speilberg is about movies. NOT the same
+Matthias Hombauer  Right which leads me to believe this whole story is fake. Everyone in this business knows a simple press wristband doesn't get you on stage. You pretty much have to know a band personally to get an AAA pass.
At all the big festivals, the wristbands are personalized with your name and you have to check in and out at every point. 
I say its fake ...  not only did he sneak in but he snuck a cameraman in to film him while he snuck in ... yeah right. Hollywood bs.
+Haw Santiago Not sure it's worth my bandwidth, but you're right, downloading would be the only way I'm watching this BS.
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