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We are LIVE with Joe McNally in 30 minutes doing blind portrait critiques on "The Grid." This will be really eye-opening and incredibly educational, and you don't want to miss it (of course, we will rebroadcast starting tomorrow). Join us (it's free) here:
The Grid with Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski is a live talk-show about photography, Photoshop & other industry-related topics. Each week features a different guest (in-studio or online) and vie...
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I'm ready! :) really hope to get some critique on my pictures tonight... We'll see :)
Joe's critiques were fantastic (best I have ever seen), but overall, Pete stole the show. 
This stuff really makes me wish I could ditch the job and spend my time on the web learning from people like Joe McNally. There is no denying that the man is a master of both lighting and portraits. Like Scott, I was impressed with the vision that Joe shared with us. I know he gave me a ton more to think about and I can see glaring weaknesses in my work now that I didn't see before watching his critques and Scott's Q&A with him. Thanks Joe & Scott!
Argh... the show was great, but the mouse pointer hovering over the photos is really, really annoying.
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