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If you missed +Colby Brown on "The Grid" here's the free rebroadcast

We got a ton of great feedback on this episode as we tried something new --- reviewing the layout, design, and images of submitted photographer's websites. It really struck a chord with a lot of folks (in fact, I met one in person at my seminar yesterday in San Antonio). Colby always has great insights and I think you'll get a lot out of it. 
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+Scott Kelby Good show. Thanks for the help, I have to make a few changes. See you when we play the bucs in Oct. if you are in town.
+Scott Kelby, I learned a lot from the comments and really appreciate the feedback.  I've already started to make the changes.  Thanks again for a great show.
Thanks +Scott Kelby. Quick review of my site as it was the last of the show but an important lesson learned - make sure to check your site on different size screens. Navigation bar is a single line on my iMac but was two lines on Matt's laptop. I have simplified it now based on you and Colby's advice. Picked up loads of other advice from the show. Great episode!
Nice added bonus getting a 500px awesome trial from the comments during the show!
Thanks +Scott Kelby for the informative show. I was very happy to see my blog being checked and recognized. I'm working now to modify my portfolio to be up to speed.
I wasn't planning on watching this, but it caught my eye and I'm glad I did! The discussion was very insightful so I can improve on my site, thanks guys!
Any other recommendations for a photo plugin besides 'Fancybox'?
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