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With Jay Maisel, taping part of his class in a small café near Notre Dame

Just had a major revelation about my own photography after a really insightful, amazing, frustrating and enlightening talk (all caught on film) with Jay about how to become a better street photographer. Wow. (iPhone photo below). 
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+Scott Kelby Is this from the archives, or are you taping a third segment for ? I absolutely loved the first two parts, and have watched them multiple times! Thank you for bringing all these great resources to passionate amateurs like me who need all the help we can get.
We are in Paris taping a 3rd class called "A week in Paris with Jay Maisel". :)
Have a great time! Can't wait to see the show.
This is going to be a must watch show!
Have a good time.
well exchange of information is always GOOD
Darn. Just been at La Defense. Would have loved to shadow you, carrying your lens bag or whatever.
This is for me "A week crying wishing I was in Paris" I'm sure this is gonna be my favorite class in I also wish I would have taken a second video crew to record +Kalebra Kelby shooting with her trusty iPhone! That would make a fun class too!
I watched and really enjoyed the 1st Jay Maisel street photography Kelby Training title and look forward to seeing more. Jay is a very interesting photographer who "keeps it real". Hopefully there will be some photos shot through Parisian window screens.
Every time i watch Jay and Joe's , A day with, i learn something, I was stuck on100 ISO and when you said hey ur pics are sharper than mine mad me try higher, haven't looked back ,oh and the look on ur face at that moment was priceless lol, keep them coming
This must be a great experience for you +Scott Kelby and +Kalebra Kelby and the film crew. Looking forward to another amazing learning experience from you and Jay Maisel. Can't wait to hear those wonderful Maiselisms.
Ha, I was standing next to N-D when you posted this ;)
I can't wait to see the show. Hope the finished product comes together fast. :)
No wonder the weather is so good these days in Paris : the Jay smile :)
can't wait to see the result too.
Really thank you all for making this possible.
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