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*In One Hour From Now, LIVE on "The Grid" our topic is: "Social Media for Photographers: where should we be focusing our efforts?" 

Join +RC Concepcion and me in one hour from now for our FREE weekly photography talk show, and today our goal is look at the different social media platforms, what they offer photographers, what the advantages (and downfalls) of each, and most importantly, where should we be focusing our efforts. We're taking your comments and questions live:  ---- hope you can join us. :)
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Please just share later, I will enjoy watching it please. I have seen some other, very interesting. I am new to G+ and I love taking pictures of many things.
+Scott Kelby +RC Concepcion Can't wait for this episode. I'm new to Google+ ( and social media as a whole) and can really use some advice for using this form of technology to its full potential. 
Too late for this week but I posted an idea for THE GRID in the NAPP forums on Problems of Location Wedding Photographers in Mexico. Maybe something for next week. 
I've posted photos to Pinterest.  They link back to Flickr.  What is interesting, is I generally get 1 or 2 links back, EVERY day.  I get, well generally 0 from FB or Twitter. 
Excellent show Scott, I absolutely love this topic! Well done!
Thanks for posting this. I usually watch Grid on iTunes and this time I was able to watch live.It's now on my calendar.
Scott, I sold my Drobo stock and bought Twitter stock...drats. :)
Missed it going to be online somewhere soon?
Another Great show +Scott Kelby +RC Concepcion I've been considering how I could use social media more effectively for a while now & you guys gave me some great ideas. I'm not a photographer but I can now see how potentailly useful social media could be to me as an educator, and by the way guys your style of teaching and presenting has also inspired me greatly. I totally agree with your thoughts on successful people +Scott Kelby , the ones who would be successful Whatever they did and you guys fall right into that catagory, so if you're already a success and people know about you already then using social media to promote yourself is much easier than if you're not known at all. On the other hand it could be a great way of becoming better known but that would only work if whatever you are doing is of the highest quality, so the average Joe (to use an Americanism) will never find any success through using social media.
I hope you do another show on this subject soon & I'd love to hear from +Kalebra Kelby to find out what her ideas for Pinterest are!
Thanks again & keep up the good work.
+Scott Kelby +RC Concepcion another great show.  Love the GRID.  An hour + of photography talk, it's like heaven:)  Anyway, +RC Concepcion made the comment he sells from Flickr.  You poo poo'd that a bit after saying he was +RC Concepcion which is why he could do that.  While that's probably true on a level that involves 'noticeable' money, I have to say, Flickr can be a vehicle to get noticed.  Like many others, I've been contacted through Flickr regarding their Getty association and have since sold a shot that way.  One guy in my camera club sold a shot for a book cover being printed in Italy and he was contacted through Flickr.  Another camera club member sold a shot he had of the new Great American tower in Cincinnati, to Great American Insurance (found on Flickr) and it's hanging on their 16th floor lobby.  It certainly isn't a way to get rich or leave your day job, but even us non-RC folks can make a couple bucks now and then (and it looks like they just added something along the lines of the Youtube monetize method just yesterday).

Thanks for doing this show, I LOVE it.  And the critique shows, you could make a whole individual show of those!  Get regular guest critique folks, in addition to you guys.  Haven't had any looked at yet, but take away SO much (and add it to what I see in Zack A's old critiques, and Jared Polin's FroKnows stuff).  Joe was extremely helpful too to add yet another set of eyes/experience!

Thanks again!
+Scott Kelby, you mentioned the people you follow are those you have had dinner with, except some inspirational shooters such as +Elena Kalis. I think you need to have dinner with Elena and book her in for a Kelby Training video on underwater portrait/fashion shooting. There is a whole potential series there waiting to be done. Cheers. 
+Scott Kelby  I really enjoyed your and +RC Concepcion 's view on social media. I recently had to re-evaluate how I spent my time on social media from a photographer standpoint. My personal view is that social media is becoming more and more like one of the old school pie graphs. No one social network is going to make you successful. All of the social media sites put together give you a better chance. 
I point people to my blog as well for a couple reasons. 1 - No matter how many times facebook and other social media change their layout of how they display images; I control how my images are displayed. 2 - in all honesty its the only one I actually have to pay for lol. I have a very small following because well I havent put into what I want to get out of social media. Balancing time is not a strong point. If you made it this far thanks.
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