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*Alright gray, rainy London that I love --- that's more like it! Now get ready to "Swing" cause I'm headed to the conference centre"

Very excited about meeting everyone today at the Business Design Centre in Islington. We'll have over 400 photographers in my class today, and I'm totally psyched to take this tour out with a bang in one of my favorite cities in the world. Hope to see you there! Cheers. 
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i hope, may it happen, i will go there for take a picture in big beautiful place...............
In the tube on my way there put the kettle on
I almost thought this was Brisbane from the Botanic gardens side. Currently have the same weather as depicted in this picture
If you got kettle on for tim, put another cup out! Looking forward to the day :)
I'm on the train, only a few miles to go. Looking forward to this :-)
By the end of the day you're going to need a beer or 2 I bet. My door is always open.
This place is heaving. Very popular man +Scott Kelby!
Amy R
Scott I am a big fan of yours. You helped me write my own photography ebooks through feeling inspired. Wanted to say a big thanks :)
dear he not berutiful but beautiful sukkur lase down pul rohri sindh pak
một thành phố mơ ước ấy ư???????///
thật tuyệt vời
oi dep wa troi
uoc j minh dc den day nhi?
London you tool. Which country u live in?
Just waiting for Olympics , staying in London for 6 weeks , Hotel booked but hope if I get a free tour guide there ....
Ładne- nie widziałem tego z tej strony?
Scott, I just finished viewing the latest episoide of the Grid. RC, Pete and Frank Doorhof hit it over the wall, through the parking lot and down the road. Frank's guest appearance iced it. You and Matt need to get back before RC and Pete take over = )
ok photo... for me
There are some strange halo over the tree line? or its cause I'm seeing it on my cellphone?
The bridge is the jubilee bridge that consists of two pedestrian bridges straddling a railway bridge that goes into Charing Cross station - shot from what looks like The Savoy towards West London - I never get bored of photographing London
Amazing day Scott! Some hilarious moments today! Thank you for the signing my book and apologies for not having a clue about the Lastolite I just won !! Please come back more often, it was a blast!
Thank you for another day of learning and humour. It makes the concepts go in my head when it's a fun day.

Wishing a safe trip back to your family and the NAPP crew.
I had a great day and learned so much. Funniest comment has to be the one about the guy who programmed the refine edges thing in photoshop. I had tears in my eyes.
Let's hear it for the Scott (and Brad) show. What a master communicator.
Great event today in London, learned a lot and really enjoyed it - thanks Scott, Brad and colleagues!!!
And apologises for not saying hello to your wife - I wasn't sure that it was her until later.
That was fab, Mr Kelby and friends.

Rare is it to find someone who is so knowledgable, so keen to share his knowledge and such a skillful showman.

One slick and successful day.
Scott, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoying the English drought?
Thoroughly enjoyable day, so many things to think about.
Putting the capital request together to be submitted to Mrs. Lee for consideration :-)
Really liked the show, learnt some new techniques (which I will use), and thanks for the advice after the show - you were very patient!
Thanks for the great info and show today. It's not often that someone so knowledgeable is also an excellent presenter! I feel like I learned so much useful stuff.
Just incredible seminar, it was a joy & I'm so excited to use your techniques on my own subjects. Enjoy the rest of your stay & date trip back to the States. Hope it won't be long before I see another Kelby Seminar live.
All the very best to you, the family & all the team & Kelby Training.
Thanks for a fab seminar today, really got a lot out of it
Great seminar +Scott Kelby thanks for a fun amusing informative day. Hope you come back soon. Would love to see matts lr4 seminar over here.
Thanks for really great seminar yesterday +Scott Kelby. It was a thoroughly entertaining, insightful, educational and enjoyable day - hopefully for you it was a fitting finale to the LSR tour. I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the techniques you and +Glyn Dewis demonstrated. Many thanks for taking the time at the end of your long day to sign my #PSW12 conference book. It was very much appreciated and someone in my camera club will be a very happy recipient when we have the prize draw.

I hope you, +Kalebra Kelby, Yittle and the rest of the crew have a great time in your remaining time in London.
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