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Own a Nook? Just for today you can get my Digital Photography Book for $3.50

Ted, my Editor at Peachpit Press called me tonight to let me know that Barnes & Noble is running a one-day only sale today on the Nook eBook version of my book,_ "The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 1"_ (Shown below), but if you think that this opens the door for me to somehow mention that it happens to be the bestselling book on digital photography in history, then man are you way off. ;-)

Here's the link: -- (Only two hours left to get it for just $3.50 for B&N Nook eBook reader owners. Rush like mad --- go, go, go, etc.)
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It is a great useful book. I give it as a present.
I already own it in print. Awesome book, by the way. I love your down-to-earth approach to helping hackers like me learn the craft :-)
I have all the volumes you have written already.
I cant tell you have many times I have recommended this book. Thats a great deal +Scott Kelby (sharing this on twitter too)
Every time I try to get this at the library it is missing. I will have to try the Nook app +David Cheung . Then I won't have to play word association games.
Gave my first (hard) copy away, bought all 3. GREAT for beginners, and people just curious about photography.
Bummer.... only to be delivered in the US :(
Heck, I think it is useful (and fun) reading for advanced amateurs and semi-pros as well. It is impossible to do everything +Scott Kelby suggests. Thinking about these ideas once a year would be a good thought provoking process to see what you aren't doing that you might want to add to your repertoire, or just try for the sake of it.
Awesome Scott! I now have to go tell my Mother not to get it for me for Christmas.
Aww Man I have the three book series, LOL and I LOVE IT
Great, thank you! I am really new to photography so this will help me a lot.
Scott, even though I'm a fellow author of photography books, I couldn't resist the price for such a classic. My iPhone's Nook reader is downloading it even now. Your Digital Photography series is very important for new photographers. I sincerely recommend your books.
Downloading, thanks +Cesar Rivera , didn't realize it could be done even tought it stated the billing address must be an US one.
Thanks for correcting me +Tom Sparks. I agree it's good for beginners to advanced photogs looking to either advance their existing skills or just a fun read!
I almost bought this book today but they didnt have it for sale by itself only in a set of 3 and I just couldnt see spending 69.99 on it right not
John Wu
I got a Chinese version of this book~~~
Scott, Thank you very much.. I just ordered it.
Ebook shows an *.epub extension. Do I need to download the Nook application to read this book?
Wow... Nice.. I wish that price was for the IPad. But that ok, I'll buy it.. Because I know I'll enjoy it.
+William Rainey That just happened within the past hour! I checked just before buying it on Nook, because we're pretty well tied to the Amazon eco-system in this household.
I already have it on my kindle <3
Wish I'd read all the comments because I would have preferred to have it on Kindle. Still, it will be worth the mad effort I just put into updating my B&N account and getting the NOOK app.
Thanks for the heads up! Snagged it just in time.
Follow-up: The NOOK app is in many ways more versatile than the Kindle app, so getting it was not a bad thing.
I payed 20 dolars for that book and there are 2 more.I wouldnt miss that price.Helps realy a lot when u are in to photography.The is awesome too..Thanks Mr.Scott i think u have an awesome photo team and i wish i could be there with u guys.
Yay, I got it, even thought it is 1:45 am!!
Scott, I must personally thank you for these books. They've helped me get started with photography and even now after being at the business for 5 years now, I still go back to your books for answers. Thank you Scott Kelby.
Damn! During ordering process the price changed from $3,50 to $10. I was a bit too late.
I purchased the first three books by Scott at the Sam's Club near my home. Each was in the mid-13.00 price range. Well worth the purchase price.
I got one of your books last year and it really helped a newbie such as myself understand some of the nuances of digital photography. Well done.
I need one I lost my on May 10th when i was struck by a tornado in oklahoma This is not a joke I road out a tornado (that killed several people just a few feet from my position)in my van and the book was with me that day and has not been seen since. the van was destroyed.
That was a great deal - it's too bad I run on Kindle, though!
I've already got the three-book boxed set and would highly recommend them to anyone. Great stuff.
You can get the same deal on the book from Amazon for Kindle. If you send it to you iPad or IPhone it will display in color. I just downloaded it for $3.50 to my phone.
Oh +Scott Kelby it's not just your amazing photoshop skills that I admire but you frequently make me chuckle and sometimes burst into laughter. Clever man, clever man.
Have 1, 2, and 3 of this book. Waiting for 4? any thoughts if another in the works.
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