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I just got home and finally opened the Nikon D4 Box. Here's what's inside!

Click on the photo to see a much larger view (where you can actually read what the stuff actually is). Wasn't expecting the 16GB QXD card and reader to be included. That was cool. :)
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I'm not sure which I like better- the strap comment or the manual comment, lol.
Nicely annotated. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up with that :)
Yes but did the fruit bowl come in the box??
your hysterical!!! ;) want!!!!!!!
the fruits idea was actually necessary wasn't it?
Well, if it turns out to be a disappointment just ship it to me... No problem...
Yep.. save that box to put your manual in +Scott Kelby. That all goes in that top shelf in your closet to stay forever.
Nice! Don't have Nikon stuff but I know the feeling of having new toys, Xmas everyday!
It is always great getting an addition to the family! Empty Box.Gotta save it though kinda rings a bell, I have a 6 foot pile of empty Nikkon/Nikkor boxes :D
You mean that Kalebra didn't get into it first, and already try it out? :)
About a month's wait for my canon 1dx to show up - glad that until then I can enjoy the upgrades vicariously through you:)

Hope you'll keep sharing your impressions as you get used to it
Wow, lots of stuff. But is the fruit optional?
My D4 is scheduled for delivery on the 21st. Can't wait! Have fun with it!
What is the price range? I am in the market.
Congratulations on your purchase! Like the comment about saving the empty boxes hehehe. I'm the same way, can't get myself to throw them away because of a 'just in case I ever want to sell it.' :D
Congrats on the new camera. Cant waite to see what kind of cat on railroad pictures it takes.
But dude, you had to pay extra for the orange and apple?
Seriously though, very cool!
Any chance of a photo of the connector end of the qxd card
Now that looks like way too much fun....
OK +Scott Kelby I'm going to go away and hope that when I get back there will be a D4 waiting for me, too! Well a guy can dream, can't he? Have fun!
ok +Scott Kelby but do you know how to use it!!! only joking :) I wish you all the best with it.
Interesting to see a Sony card and reader, does the D4 have the Sony sensor also
Sweet! Dual Battery Charger comes with it? WOW! I'm Impressed, and 2 USB cables. That's smart, one for the camera bag, one in the studio kit.
Erik N
Wow. It's sure is a magnificent sight, that D4. I do think the cable you labeled HDMI looks more like a USB3 cable though. Looking forward to see some pictures taken with this camera. 
Even though it's Saint Patrick's day, I'm still 'green'
Sooo... does that have more FPS than my D70S? Or am I still O.K. for awhile yet?
dripping with envy..... i'm going to hug my D300 and "try" to tell it I still love it..... sigh.. :-)
There are those of us who envy you and your D300, we had a saying back in my drag racing days "run whut ya brung' good philosophy for us mega pixely challenged!
Nice work Scott. Memory card included! That's a first :-) My camera envy is slightly offset as I wait for my D800 to arrive.
Feel free to post about your experiences with your new D4 at the #1 online photography community
YES it is all FREE!!
yes, keep the gold box. always keep the gold box. not because of some practical notion of potential resale...oh no...we keep the box...just because that's what we do....right, precious?
An XQD card and card reader! How cool is that!
How much did the d4 cost you, and does it shoot raw?
I've got one to play with for a couple of days from a friend's work. Going to be extremely hard giving it back on Tuesday and going back to my D5000.
Very, very nice! Thanks for the pic. Fun to see how excited you are for this...
+tim swart - Sony is the first to the market (& still the only one I believe) with the XQD card & reader.
this is a horrible still life picture
So, $2000 for the camera, and $4000 for the fancy strap, right? Indeed, you ARE loose with your money +Scott Kelby :)
D3 had also been used in NASA International Space Station. I think even the universe, which are also used in D4.
How fast is new QXD card?
Way to kickstart a market for those XQDs. I wonder what percentage of D4 users would have been single-card shooters were it not in the package?
Here in Norway its cost 8500 US :(
Good for you people ;)
The camera strap comment is a good one!
Too bad they had to ship the orange and apple separately.....LOL Congrats on the new gear!
At the price they charge for this instrument I'd be surprised if they didn't throw in some loyalty items such as the card and reader. They should think of maybe throwing in another battery also. I know they'd have me buying one if it had two batteries. Well probably not but for people that can afford the camera it would be nice for the couple of extras. Yeah I know it's not a requirement but the people buying this type of camera is probably someone in the field and they are loyal to the name so it's a touchy feely gesture!! All the best Scott Kelby and hope all is well on the electronic end of your new rig. Use it in good health and take many pictures so we can drool upon the masters work!!
congratulation, will you present me your old camera as gift?
Haha! the comment about the manual is funny! I must say, I almost never read them! I prefer to dive in all the features and experiencing them! But sometimes, manual is usefull. When you need to nivel your tripod or the table ;-)
Read the manual. I say this having just read the manual for the camera I recently replaced. I lost the new manual. I'd lost the old manual, but found it looking for the new manual. I had no idea what I could have been doing.
+Brad Moore forgot to keep this from you for a few extra days. I am sure he could have found a concert to shoot with it.
I have to respectfully disagree with the comment about the manual. I have yet to receive my pre-ordered D4, but I have already downloaded the PDF version of the manual from Nikon's website and read it.
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