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My Shooting Office For Tonight

I was going through my images from Friday night's hockey shoot, and I found this image (taken by Jamie, a die-hard Lightning fan) and I thought I'd share it (despite my silly pose), since it gives a good idea of the set-up for where I'm shooting from (and my little hole in the glass). This was the first time I got to shoot from this position (which is actually a good vantage point since I can shoot down ice and at the near goal). I'm sitting on a collapsible stool from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I have more room here than in almost any hockey shooting position yet. Ahhh, the luxury. Tonight's the last Lightning home game, so my 8-game season of shooting will come to an end after tonight. Looking forward to the game (and my tiny shooting office, seen below).
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How do you have time for Hockey, with the new CSI series and all?? :)
You look excited but that crowd looks really bored!
Glad the camera survived +Scott Kelby
I've been to a few games where a puck clearing attempt has taken out a photogs lens! It's not a pretty site!
Is there any problem shooting through the wall with focus or reflections?
+Luka Jurca Yes, there is. That's why I shoot through that little hole in the glass put there just for us photographers. :)
+Darryl Van Gaal It's happened a couple of times this season already. I'd rather have it hit my lens, than me! :)
When I would shoot the San Jose Sharks those corner spots were reserved just for the team photographer. you lucked out! :)
That's one office I'd love to be stuck in. :-p Where do I sign up???
Look very comfy! I guess it's the price to pay to have such a good place ;). You probably need to be always alert in case a player is tackled right in front of you! Any shot of tackled player +Scott Kelby ?
Puck!!! Frantically Googling 'Heimlich' one fan bares witness as finally Scott is silenced. Dave Cross sniggers under his breath. He knows it is only a matter of time before he is number one at PStv... MUAHAHAH
Is it specjal hole for photographers ? Quite dangerous for the lens.
Front row seat, it looks like not a bad office with so many people. So who is bringing the coffee ;-)
Curious, do you add a UV filter for protection or just count on the lens hood and insurance to do their job?
Haha uv filter for protection. Do you know how fast those picks travel. Uv filter or not the lens is trashed if it gets hit.
When at Canucks games I notice that the photogs don`t use the lens hood on the 70-200. Less length to get in and out of the hole quicker and less real estate poking through the glass.
hmmm that sounded kinda wrong...:)
I wanna have an awesome job like you someday! :P
Couple of questions:
Why isn't the camera man next to you using a tripod?
Why are you the only one lacking a seat? Did they run out? LOL.
Maybe the two of you should have switched...
I kinda sound like a 4 year old. Why, why, why... LOL.
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