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I've been using Photoshop for a while now, but tonight it displayed a Progress Bar I had never seen before

I thought I was starting to get fairly comfortable with Photoshop, but then this pops up tonight while I'm processing an HDR image, and I realized that there must be a lot more under its hood that I haven't seen yet. Hey, at least my hole got erased (whatever that means). LOL! I was hoping to see something more like "Making Breakfast" or "Walking the dog" (things I really wish it would do for me) but alas, it was not to be. Erasing Hole. Coming soon to a Photoshop near you. ;-)
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Well, next time the dog digs in the yard, you'll know how to fix it...Photoshop really can fix everything! ;0)
LOL! Thankfully it took care of the "hole" problem! I remember back in the day with 3D Studio Max, they used to have an error that said something like: "!@#$&*##!." That one pretty much meant game over.
making hole!
may be next time - cooking food for you
I'd like to see Photoshop 'Content aware fill' my bank account. That would be a progress bar I wouldn't mind watching tick away!
I find the idea of my hole being erased without my having known that was about to happen quite disturbing. A whole host of questions begin to form inside my mind. ;)
Very First-class, Lol' ''hole'' it's great problem, its my suggest you windows have any soft file corrupted, so i request you again install windows application . so its again install the Photoshop then your solution but 1 thing you must be use high anti virus. bye manik
I think that is only seen with Macs. Or maybe HD tended to grab most of your memory (at 300dpi, definitely) the tool probably reads the blank as still memory, much like the spaces between letters.
It's not a Google+ Creative Kit (the artist formerly known as PicNik)
I've never seen this progress bar before, but this might also be because I usually shoot people from the front... ;)
My first thought was it was a black hole.

Then I read some of the other comments :)
It could of said "Tearing a new hole" that would have been even more disturbing on many levels...
One day maybe ill get to experience that? when i have photoshop LOL
Stop adding holes and you won't have this problem, Scott. Now quit with the holes, already.
That is funny! Enjoyed reading the comments. Hey, if you can figure out how to get Photoshop to wash dishes and mop floors then we're in business! LOL
If you find it becomes a problem my wife always recommends senna to get things moving - but with no hole who knows?
A creative mind is a horrible thing in a situation like this!
hoe the erase was not unintended....have u checked if everything is allright?..:)
Probably fixing some artifact created by the HDR processing?
That is funny! Don't be an erasing hole. LOL!
Actually, a progress bar like the one you've described could induce an annoyingly persistent fit of the giggles in your average 14 year old :)
I've seen it couple times! ...does it mean I have a slow computer...???
Once, I forgot to connect a keyboard to Windows computer and I received this message: "Keyboard is not connected to the computer. Press F12"
its been a while sine you said hello to Merlin isnt it? That can be the explanation. That, or the white rabbit.
I've seen this a lot when doing huge jobs on my older machine. I am guessing your D4 now requires even more horse power. Which is what this is indicating.
I have a theory, +Scott Kelby.

When Adobe added new video capabilities into Photoshop CS6 they added some new hidden features. You must have uncovered the all new "Mel Blanc filter" that is used to place portable holes in crazy places where rabbits like Bugs Bunny can escape from whoever is after him. I believe that Photoshop knows the danger of leaving unattended portable holes lying around. So, as a safety feature, it erases any holes that are not used for more than 30 seconds...
Neat theory! Is it plausible? I think this is a case for the myth busters.
As a bugs bunny fan I believe we are on to something here. I have searched near and far and wondered where all the portable holes have gone. I guess Photoshop's ability to erase them is the cause!
If I had to guess, this portable hole removal capability is something Adobe has wanted to add for a long time but until they perfected "content aware" algorithms they couldn't release the feature in a production version of their software (you can't just leave parts of a portable hole in an image). It's probably what inspired Adobe to add "content aware moving" capability into Photoshop CS6 since you sometimes need to move the portable hole and not just erase it.

Here's some irresponsible speculation: will the beta version of Photoshop CS7 have a top secret code name "Looney Tunes" (inspired by content aware portable hole manipulation getting some 3D capabilities)???
When you get a handle on this please let me know. I have some holes the dogs made in the backyard that need to be erased. :)
This is a support feature. They put a micro-wormhole in your hard drive, patch your software and then erase the hole. The message was not supposed to be displayed but the feature is only in beta and they missed it.
Portable holes are always available through the Acme company. Just ask Wile E. Coyote.
making the tea would be nice:)
Photoshop is great tool for censoring porn as you can see :)
+John Swarce - Yes! "Erasing Hole" seems like the center of a Venn Diagram featuring the Road Runner, M.C. Escher and maybe Zen.
Well, next time the dog digs in the yard, you'll know how to fix it...Photoshop really can fix everything! 8-)!! +HerveLeger2012
hmmm.......... I see that message whenever I use the Photomerge facility ......
That message sounds scary, especially if you weren't trying to erase a hole! Lol!
I have just come across this message myself - With the progress bar too. Funny tho
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