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We are in the process of rolling out v1.8 of Google Drive for Mac and PC. Lots of great stuff in this release. We have started publishing release notes so you have better visibility into our progress:
Upcoming changes in version 1.8 What's New 5x faster restart time — Upon restart, Google Drive scans for any changes you made while not connected. This process is now 5x faster. Reduced CPU usage
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Questions, if you can answer them, since Keep is a Drive app, will notes there count against total Drive space?  Also, is there any future plans to fold any Picasa/G+ photo integration?
+Alvin Nguyen Definitely on our list. Sorry we haven't been able to get it to you yet. Not for lack of want!

+Vance McAlister No, Keep notes don't take Drive quota like Docs, Sheets, and Slides don't take space. 
Really like the Keep integration.  It's going to be quite a force when all aspects of Google Now (with all that it holds domain over) is fully enmeshed with Google Drive.  Will some full blown layout of Google Now, I wonder, be the eventual heir to the iGoogle "start page"? Can a revamped Currents (to more effectively replace Reader, 'cause those people pissed!) be far behind?? 
Google Drive for Linux would be great!
+Scott Johnston Any improvements to Google Drive for Windows/Mac is good news. It is my preferred "cloud storage" service but I also use SkyDrive and Dropbox and must say that as a "sync app" Drive is the worst of the three.

One feature that I would love to see implemented is a better selection of folders for syncing. In Dropbox and Google Drive you can only select folders on the "root", but in SkyDrive you can select any folder no matter how deep in the folder structure it is. This really helps to keep a better organization of folders.

On the Linux topic, we must believe you, but this is a matter of sheer faith, at least from my part, because it is very very difficult not to think that this is a lack of want. Are there so few resources devoted to it that after so many months nothing has emerged?

Google Keep: I find it very frustrating that a completely new Google product has no Google Drive integration from day one, for example selecting a picture from Google Drive instead of having to upload from your local drive. And on Android you can't even do this, there is no picture selection from the gallery, you can't take a picture and make a note later, you have to do it immediately on the same action.
Thanks for the feedback on selective sync.

My apologies for Linux taking so long. 

I hear you on the Drive integration. It just wasn't ready and I didn't want to hold back the Android app and web app just because we had more work to do on the integration.
+Jaakko Nissi We appreciate your patience.

Drive definitely needs to show up as a source. This is something we are actively working on.

Snarky, "Working on it at the same speed as Linux?" expected and deserved. :)
+1 to Google Drive for Linux. I like the work y'all have done on Keep, Drive, Scratchpad, and Drive. Although I use other services, such as Dropbox, I'm waiting for Google Drive for Linux to complete the puzzle. 
+Scott Johnston It will be one year this April since the G Drive was launched. Any time line as to when it will be available for Linux? Or will it never be released?
Google Drive for Linux will complete my Google experience 
+Scott Johnston , thank you for telling us that you have been heading Google Drive, even if Drive is not ready for Linux yet, just the fact that you have communicated with us and we can vent with you is helpful. 
In the meantime my reliance on Dropbox on Linux has blossomed. I find it a bit peculiar that Google doesn't mind ceding mindshare of a given market segment to entrenched competitors for protracted periods of time. Peculiar indeed.
+John Scott , I too use Dropbox on Linux. I'm not sure why the Linux version is not out yet though, I'd be surprised if Google itself doesn't use Google Drive 4 Linux internally. On the other hand, I'll still use Dropbox when GD4L comes out, they've really updated their features (such as gallery view) and will likely get better once competition from GD4L picks up. 
+Scott Johnston If the "want" was really there, Drive for linux would have been done a long time ago.  Its been a year,  and impilimenting Drive for windows shouldn't be that difficult.   How about using some of the resources saved buy abandoning reader.  They promised last year that support was coming.    
Google Drive 4 Linux really is a must before a few companies I've worked with will start using it.  For the time being it's a mix of local storage and dropbox.
+Peter Thomas it's ironic that you mention Drobo in a thread about inadequate Linux support by firms that use Linux. My Drobo works as basic external storage on Linux but there is only a basic command line tool available for Drobo products despite their use of Linux at the core of the product. They are no poster child for how to properly support Linux. 
Count the time people has spent on "Google Drive for Linux" page or the number of visits. The impact that could be made in the world must be amazing.
Yes, please add #driveforlinux  ASAP. Oh, and a gallery and albums feature like the one in Dropbox would be really nice too.
A linux native client needs to be released.
Sorry to nag, but Ubuntu client pls :)
Make it work for Goobuntu cause intergertaion is missing on Ubuntu.
+1 for Linux. Is there really any technical reason that this wasn't done ages ago? It's hard to believe it is already (and for a long time) not running on linux internally, either (semi-)officially or unofficially.
+Jim Robinson There are some unofficial work arounds out there.  You would think google would do this considering they use linux for many of their staff.
Drive for Linux, So when ? I think they are really wanting to get rid of linux users. Picasa, Drive, whatelse is (not) coming ?
It is definitely risky to become dependent on any Google still supported functinality on Linux as it may turn unsuported too later on.
Count me in on the Linux action!  For now, I'm using Dropbox because it TRULY is on all platforms.  Apparently Dropbox gets it.
Ivan M
Same thing here. I had to go to Dropbox - and I'm using heavily everyday - just because I don't have a native Linux client. 
Ivan M
BTW, note that everyone here is saying "Linux" and not only "Ubuntu"
Linux is a must, I can't continue with this lack of Linux love.  It looks like I'll stop my drive subscription and move back to Dropbox.
You are not only loosing linux users. Who, like me, has windows and linux hosts (and Android, ecc..) to keep syncronized cannot use Drive at all because the lack of the linux client. Fortunately, there is dropbox.
Ivan M
Interesting how in an Mac announcement there ate so many people asking for drive for linux
Hahah Ivan, mac only users, like my wife and kids, know that drive exists because we, the weird multi os users, told them. Dammned 
Google Drive runs on Android, and Android runs on Linux, so Google Drive for Linux kind of exists already. What would be more useful is Google Drive for Ubuntu.
Ivan M
Even more useful, +Drew Miller , if it runs on all Linux distribs (Debian, Fedora, Opensuse, etc etc etc) and not only Ubuntu.
I am using Linux only since 2006 so there is no news here. When we will have Google Drive for Linux?
I think Google would have to go out of its way to write Google Drive in such a way that it would work on Ubuntu and not other Linux distros, considering that they're all pretty much the same.
Ivan M
+Drew Miller it depends. There are, unfortunately, some codebase that has been developed by Canonical and is not present in any other distro, like Unity or Mir. Not that Mir would be important, but it serves as an example. 
I am using grive as workaround for #driveforlinux, but I am not happy with it. Drive for linux no need GUI, only sync quite enough. All the whistles and addons can come in different package according to distro
Another here waiting for a linux client. Though in the interim insync is plugging the gap.
Is DropBox our Linux alternative????
It's really telling when all of your competitors in this market have offered Linux support for years, AND some of them are starting to offer Linux support for Google Drive (InSync, for instance). What's preventing you from delivering? If you're short on man-power, I'm happy to discuss working on Google Drive for Linux for you >_>. #driveforlinux
Please get the linux client for google drive ready for release.
I wonder when the linux client will arrive?
Linux please.
( and open interoperability for hangout ( xmpp or everything else ;-) )
+Scott Johnston Will there ever be an option (as is with Chrome) to support multiple google accounts with Google Drive? I have my normal account, but also my work account. I'd love to be able to manage both on my system at the same time - preferably by specifying different local folders/directories.

Oh yeah, a linux version would be pretty win, as well. :-)
About time for the Linux client please, this delay is just not on.
I'd given up on Google drive for Linux having found Insync;  but Insync still has some serious problems and really doesn't yet work properly (at least not all the time). For example it failed to update a file I changed two days ago.  So it looks like I will have to wait for Google's implementation. 
in the mean time i have Google Drive in a windows pc and share the whole folder with my linux pc > very unfortunate but keep me going so far
Are you getting some money from Insync??? Why google didn't build a release for linux yet??? we are waiting more than 2 years and not...come on!!!!
we want a google drive for linux client. Anymore
Scott, Congratulations on the rollout of v1.8 of Google Drive for Mac and PC. When might we expect version 0.1 for Linux? 
I am thinking the project must be dead.  I can't possibly take this long for a linux client.  Odd since Google has relied so much on linux and they can't find the time to pay the linux community back with Google Drive.
Another year, another guy still longing for a linux support and getting ever more comfy with Dropbox. Heck, I probably will even buy the subscription soon and then you have lost me forever. With Ubuntu phone coming soon (another sad story there), the Google hegemony over my data starts to crumble...
After 3 years, it's hard not to conclude that Google Drive is never coming to Linux. 
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