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Quick! If you were to come into possession of a baby, brand new ball python snake, and you had to name him, what would you pick? (Seriously looking for advice for Nick, my 11 year old.)

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Steve . . . . or if you want to go biblical Satan
how could you NOT name it Nagini?
I like the name Monty.
George likes the name Seven.
And Kramer likes the name Isosceles.
Kaa is the python in the Jungle Book
As a child I had a toy snake called Snicky Snacky Snoo

I'd probably go for Montmorency (Monty for short)
At this point, I think you might have too many choices ...
Kaa, it is the name of the snake in Jungle Book!
I named mine "Bacon" When people asked me why I told them it was because I planned on getting a 2nd one soon and i was going to name that one "Eggs"

My poor Python passed away a few years ago when the power went out one winter while I was away and all his heating elements failed. Poor Bacon.
Lucy as in lucifer was the name of the eleven foot burmese python that lived in my first barracks room in the army
I'd name it, "GONE" and take it to the pet store. That snake is going to live more than 20 years. Your kids will be long gone and your going to be stuck with a stinky, 4-foot snake in an enormous aquarium.
HookJaw (because they unhook their jaws and swallow things whole)
I think +Tim Tumbleson has a point. :-( Is there space in the freezer/refrigerator for the dead mice and rabbits this thing will be eating?

Aside from that I'm also in the Jungle Book camp: Kaa.
+Michael Hackett actually, they like them better live. Coolest thing I ever watched was one of my college friends feed his. For reference his was named Captain because it was college and we liked rum...
+Nicholas Wigant I don't doubt you, I just have my reference from a friend whose had his for almost 20 years now. Gracie likes hers already dead, but she used to eat them live when she was younger. Plus, I imagine now it's easier to buy/store them that way.
+Michael Hackett I would think it easier to just go buy the cheap ones at the pet store per feeding. If I remember you don't actually need to feed them very often unless you're actively trying to make it bigger. Something I doubt Scott is going to try:)
baby ball python? umm cueball or slitherette
My bio teacher in HS had a 9 footer named Monty. Little obvious for a python name, but then again, his name was Kidder, so what would you expect?
+Nicholas Wigant You might be right, I just have my one point of reference. It may also be dependent on age, availability of prey, or just plane laziness of the snake in question. ;-)
After a snake god: Set or Ungud for example
Ron Scare-a-my
Or a kid friendly Ron the Python
I always like to humiliate animals by naming it what they eat. So you could name it "mouse" or "rat" or "freeze dried field crickets".
Hug him and squeeze him and pet him and love him and call him George
Reginald Q Slitherton III, Esq.
I was disappointed that the phrase "come into posession of a baby, brand new ball python snake, and..." didn't include a third noun, dashing my hopes you'd come into the possession of a baby, a python, and some other thing.

In other news, I'd probably name him Nag after the cobra in Kipling's <i>Rikki-Tikki-Tavi</i>. If it's a girl, after his mate Nagaina
Or, you could go with "anguis", it's latin for snake.
If I had to name a baby AND python snake.. I'd call them Jake and the fat man (Jake for the snake because Jake "the snake" Roberts..)

Now if it's a new born baby snake I'd just call it Reinhold.. 'cause nobody names anyone Reinhold.. Unless your an assistant D.A on Night Court.
-Happy Fun,
-Stress, and my favorite,
How about el shaddai. After the sand worms in Dune.
Solid Snake, or Indiana Jones...
Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla.
Palindrome from TMBG's "I am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side". Or just "Pal" for short.
I'm not sure that comma after baby works. Kinda makes it seem like you came into possession of a baby, and a ball python. 
Don't know if it's been said, but DAMIEN! Like Jake the Snake's snake!
Has "Scott's Johnson" been suggested yet?
So what name did your son go with Scott ...
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