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Macauley Culkin all growed up.
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Here I thought Dennis Leary was having some serious medical issues.
Dennis Leary just isn't looking good these days
Did Christopher Walken get a hair cut?
He looks like an anorexic Dennis Leary.
He's sure aged well. And by that I mean he is good at aging many many years in a very short amount of time.
Another example why child actors fail as actors once they growup and loose the cute smiles they had as kids.........
dont sell your kids to hollywood, and dont leave them home alone.
need I say more. I hope he will find himself again, as how he was before the movie trip, and stops doing coke, as long as there is live there is hope dont forget that.
looks like the old English guy that hangs around the pub,or Fire Marshal Bill, love the post,tho.
To publicist: I wanna look sexually ambiguous, but really creepy at the same time, and if it isn't too much trouble i'd like to look like I tried to look edgy as well. Doable?
he dated mila kunis, not bad if you ask me
He sort of looks like Thom Yorke.
It seems that he depressed cause no job offer! :(
He looks like a cross between Vigo Mortensen and Willam Defoe.
Looks now like a mashup of Daryl Hall and William Dafoe and Denis Leary
oh good call. He definitely looks like he could use a twinkie - thats for sure.
he got left home alone with drugs
Every time I see a picture of him he looks more and more creepy.
More like Wilhem Defoe had a baby with Denis Leary and went back in time and left it 60 years in the past.
Imagine him doing a remake of the aftershave scene like Matthew Broderick just did with Ferris Bueller's Day off......
So that is what home alone residuals look like
Is this the progression of becoming Gary Busey?
That's too bad. Hopefully he's not sick. Always liked Mcauley, he's a cool dude and a WOW player.

In the Home Alone reboot he could play Daniel Sterns character 
Hey, now...none of us looks as cute as we did when we were 7, or 12, or even a pimply-15. Age is the grand equalizer, unless you have the money to be perpetually buffed and tucked.
Or a Heroin addict. Or a heroin addicted child molester.
All you guys are gonna have to delete these comments real fast when you all pull a public 180 if he dies. 
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lvl36 - Willem Dafoe
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