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So someone took the He-Man intro, pulled my audio out of a TMS episode, and put them together. The results are disturbing.
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Disturbing, but infinitely hilarious!
He-Man don't care. He-Man don't give a shit.
I like that adam calls cringer 'purple' while clearly looking at a green cat.
First thing I thought, He-Man's cat is green and Skeletor's is purple. Does that make me a He-Man nerd?

Kill me.
Amazing! I laughed hard enough when it happened live, but the mashup with visuals is even better.
Would have loved to have seen a sync up with your skeletor impression. 
Too funny! I just laughed out loud and got some odd looks!
Holy shit, I'm going to lose my job if I don't stop laughing!
I was expecting your Dr. Crusher/ Skeletor impression.
Frank S
Oh man! So funny!
Awesome! I especially like the punch with which it ends.
lol that's awesome :D
Awesome-sauce! I so want you filmsackers to re-dub some VO work for some of our favorite old animation classics! Please make this happen! I'd love to hear Mr. Scott Fletcher VO some Thundercats as Snarf. Or Panthro
Well, I tried lifting up my iPhone and yell "Bullshit!!", but nothing happened... what a ripoff... ;P
Hey guys just logged on after a hiatus and found my TMS/He-Man mash going crazy :) Glad you all enjoyed it and thank you all again for your support and kind words :D
Scott, you should make a sound board app that contains all your vocal impressions, such as this and your Dr. Crush... I mean Skeletor voice. :)
This is the first time I've wanted to keep hitting the +1 button hoping for a +15
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