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New comic up. Having a bit of fun with the new Diablo III auction house announcements. It's actually something I think will be a great idea in practice. It also looks like it will make Blizzard a crap ton of money if people use it in force. Good for them. Better they, than some shady black market like Diablo II had to endure.

Anyway, enjoy the comic!
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I can't tell you why for sure, but the idea of using real cash in games to buy stuff off the AH gives me a bad feeling. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out.
taking the money out of the gold sellers and to their own pockets, Stick it to them Blizz! lol
I believe people are nuts if they think blizzard is actually going to let these "blizzard bucks" or whatever be exchanged back to real money. The only one going to be "making money" is blizz.
You guys remember when we used to play the crap out of games to get the loot we wanted?
I remember using a game genie and hexadecimal edits to get the loots I wanted
I agree, it's smart of them. They are capitalizing on a market previously untapped by any game dev, and also eliminating risk to the players that would do this even if the sketchy option was their only option.
I generally don't go in for 'spend real money to buy stuff in game' scenarios, personally. With that said, I think that some people need to look at this a much closer before making any decision about it, instead of blowing it off as another 'micro-transactions system'.

No other game, to my knowledge, has a player to player driven economy using real currency. I am excited to see how it turns out!
Great one, Scott. I really enjoyed this. 
Do we have any idea how much the 'flat fee' per transaction is? I mean, what if Blizz only charges like 5 cents a transaction or something like that. That's not totally unreasonable, is it?
The Diablo auction system is already alive and thriving on ebay - this is just Bliz's way of controlling the flow of money and merchandise
I don't like it.. Everytime this kind of thing happens, the whole experience suddenly revolves around who is spending the more money, not who is the better player.
Slippery slope ect. nah it'll probably not be so bad I hope.
Maybe I'm missing something but since there's no PVP in D3 does it really matter if this move favors more wealthy players?
No, it doesn't. People are in a wow mindset. Diablo is a different game entirely.
Well, in a Single-Player mindset, it makes sense only if you "pay for shortcuts" (get this gear without killing that annoying boss).
But if the ONLY way to get a specific gear is to pay extra cash for it (there is no boss), then it's just Greed on Blizzard's side.
The beauty of this whole debate is that the real vote will be tallied and matter, i.e. the votes of our wallets. If it works, then you'll see more of it and why wouldn't you want to. If it doesn't work then it will die off and we'll have one less thing to debate.
Companies like Bioware already sell the players DLC gear that you can't get in-game by any means. This is simply an option for D3 players to beat the RNG and get some item they've been drooling over, if they want, and to make some money offloading stuff they don't need.
I think it's a modification of the micro-transaction formula. Where Blizzard gets it's percentage regardless and players spend real money on each other. I don't think it'll stop me from playing the game and trying out the format.
Haha, I love how biased this comic is. I expected the second guy to be ranting.
+itai alter , in the case of Diablo 3 I don't think it would be a case of 'who has the most money', since drops in D3 are level restricted; you wouldn't be able to buy and use something that is significantly over your level that would provide a major advantage.

On top of that, normal loot gathering in Diablo games relies on luck over skill, generally speaking.

What I DO like about this system is that it's player driven, meaning that instead of Blizzard selling us things... it's the players themselves selling things. I believe that in the official announcement it was stated that Blizzard has no intention of selling anything on the Real Currency Auction House, so this isn't your typical 'micro-transactions' situation.
Did the people that are against this ever play D2 online? It was and is overflowing with spammers selling gear and items. The only thing this change did was allow the people that were going to buy gear to do it in a way that is more secure. The buying and selling of gear was going to happen even if Blizzard implement this.
There's a 4th side of this coin. Rock paper scissors tripping over the rock called RMAH.
Don't really know if i'm A or B - well I know what I would be if I had all the time in the world :D
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