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This insane (Russian?) theme-park thrill ride nauseates me even at 320x240 11fps. I think if I was actually in its presence, I\'d boot so hard that I\'d open a wormhole to another dimension. Amusement...
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Looks like a scaled up flight simulator. Pretty tame for the most part.
First I was like.. "Meh! It's a Topspin... so what". Then when it started that asymmetrical shit I was like "JEBUS, it broke..! Peeps gonna die!"... That's a crazy ass ride...
lol, the ones screaming already in the first few seconds (when it really was still a tame turn), must have really wet their pants later on.
It looked like fun until the two sides started to move one at a time. That looked crazy.
I want on this ride! They need to speed it up though it's too slow
I'd go on virtually any kind of roller coaster before I went on this thing. All that upside-down sideways stuff and I wouldn't be walking straight for a month.
Can you say chain reaction projectile vomiting!
I made it in just over the 1 minute mark before I had to close the window because I was getting queasy.... There isn't enough money in the universe to make me get on that ride.
Wipeout? More like Wipe Off after you've been on the ride.
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