I present: The 119 Most Interactive Photographers on Google+

Now our community becomes even stronger
And I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open to find those that are involved.

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I suggest you do the following (if you don't already have a system)

1.You can click where it says "Add Circle"

2. Give it your own name
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3. Then click "Create or Add Circle"




Last month I had lunch with +Brian Rose and the Santa Monica portion of the G+ photos-team and we talked about how Google+ puts an emphasis on helping people quickly develop a good group of people in your circles.

You start Google+ following no one.
Google+ let's you add from your Gmail contacts or even your Yahoo contacts, it also suggests users and now it even has a suggested users list.

My Take:
People need a Social Network of people to interact with when you first join google+
If there aren't many people it's not much of a Network and if they don't interact it's not very Social

You can follow 10 people or 10k people that do not interact (share, comment, hangout) and your total would be Zero interaction
Or you can focus on befriending people that are more prone to interact.


Most Interactive photographers:
This is my list of photographers that are most likely to interact with you on Google+.
The most typical ways to interact are in Comments, Shares and Hangouts.

You can also see the list here:

My Experience
I am very active on Google+ and believe I have seen most of the other photographers that seem to interact.
However, I can really only see who interacts when it comes to my experiences. (I assume that's understood)

Some people come and go but all of these people on the list have also been consistent.

I of course will be missing people.
And this is not a list of the best photographers, some of them are just starting in photography.

My Promise:
If you follow this group of 119 photographers there will never be a dull moment on Google+
Provided you start to interact as well.
"You must put in effort in order to reap a reward"


If you know of someone not on the list that you believe is really interactive in the Google+ Photography community speak up in the comments and the +1s

Photographers: If you want a really interactive and fun experience on Google+ then invest the time and make sure you're following all 119 of these photographers and you will see the value of Google+ increase many fold. (A Jarvie Promise)

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