What is the Photography Decathlon?

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The vision, the challenge and the show

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The photography decathlon is the first photography competition of its kind representing a unique, fair and extremely challenging photography event for photographers of any level and experience. It will bring passionate photographers together to test and improve their shooting skills while educating, inspiring and generating excitement for the global photography community.

Multiple teams of 4 photographers each will spend 2.5 days strategizing how they’ll photograph subjects across 10 different styles of photography. They’ll schedule their time and then photograph, edit and submit a portfolio for each of the 10 styles.

Their work will be judged by a team of select and well known ambassadors representing each of the different style who will also give presentations about their style, interact with the teams and then ultimately do the hard work of sorting through all the pictures and crowning the winners.

This is an event for all of the photography community.
The community will see the best photographers pushing themselves to work hard, do more and do better than they’ve ever done before. And it will all be done in a competition that avoids gimmicks that degrade the challenge and sport of it all.

So that the global photography community may be a part of the Photography Decathlon we will be documenting the entire event with multiple videographers and spending considerable effort creating entertaining video content that will be syndicated across numerous social video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) Daily films of the teams competing will be created as well as longer form programs showcasing the entire event. Sponsors will have significant opportunities to showcase their product and brand messaging throughout this content.

(The Show)
The filming will take place throughout the whole competition. Starting as they sit in their planning sessions and map out their attack plan and as they go out into the field and photograph in all 10 styles of photography. We will also watch as they choose, edit and submit their final images. Video will continue as the judges review their work, make their decisions and reveal the winning teams.
The videos will show the fun that the teams are having as well as the challenges and frustrations they face as they strive to show their mastery in categories familiar and new to them all. They will show strategies that succeeded and ideas that didn’t work out.

The videos will be educational, inspiring and motivational to all working and aspiring photographers. Just as many people that are rarely or never cook watch cooking shows, we believe everyone will find enjoyment in this series and find themselves invested in the outcome.

We believe that the benefit of the Photography Decathlon goes beyond providing entertainment for the masses. We believe it will act to raise the bar for photography such as other competitions raise the level of play for their respective sports and fields. Just as the Olympics show us just how good is good and inspire and motivate a generation to work hard and to raise the bar, we believe the Photography Decathlon has the same power to show the world what great photography is all about as well as the hard work, skills and dedication it takes to make it to that level.

Utah (as seen in the picture) in the fall October 9-12 (autumn colors and no snow unlike this picture)

Don't forget the massive free Photowalk 13th-14th come into town and enjoy the awards show and some partying friday the 12th

In the next post we will be formally announcing official opening of Teams
(10 openings)

And we'll share more about our big news that anyone can enter (even without a sponsor)

Don't forget to join the event... competing or the WEEKEND PHOTOWALK

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