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Back in the U S of A
My iPhone on the plane was registering faster Internet speeds at 1.07 mbs than any hotel I was at in Bolivia.

On a less exciting note... My bag did not seem to arrive with me for declarations.

And this is why my carry on is heavier than my check in. Carry on is all the important camera stuff and the check in is the secondary equipment and clothes.

Now some American food and one final flight and perhaps by some miracle the bag shows up in SLC. If not how does the lost bag thing work?
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You sacrifice a black rooster in the dark of the new moon and pray the airlines will reimburse you :)
Good luck.  Make sure you file a claim the second you realize your bag isn't with you.  International flights are a pain to get your bags back from.
They'll find eventually and it bring it to your house if it doesn't arrive in SLC while you are there.  Just file a claim with the airline at the airport if it doesn't show up.  
Make sure to provide 24/7 reachable phone number and valid address.
Good luck.  The airlines have limited liability on lost luggage, so be sure to check what coverage you have from your credit card company (in the case it isn't returned to you).  Likely, you'll get it in 3 days or so.  
+Sandy Gennrich so what does the limited
Liability mean exactly? And how does my credit card come into play?

Anyone have experience with lost bags?

Well let's hope it makes it's way to my house there are certainly things in there I'd like to have though like I said my camera and lenses were in my carry on.

For instance I better order a battery charger for my camera quick like.
I've had lost bags several times-- usually they have the bag a couple days later, as +Sandy Gennrich said; sometimes they make you come get it, sometimes they deliver it to you. If you had lost it at your travel destination, they would cover a certain amount for you to buy clothing; since they lost it on your trip home, and it doesn't turn up, they will reimburse you for some items lost. You may need to provide photos or receipts of the items, and the amount they cover varies.
The credit card would come into play if yours offers coverage on items you purchased with the card being stolen or lost through no fault of your own.
Lost bags many times before. Here's the drill - you'll get it back 99.999% of the time - usually within 24 hours because they put it on the wrong flight.

I once lost a bag (it was in UK). Had no travel insurance, so after a month of searching, airline paid me for the lost bag. They don't pay much - and only by weight. I had $1,500 worth of stuff, and only got $700 from them because they have a certain amount they owe you per pound. Wasn't fun - that was my suitcase with all my mission suits as I was entering MTC. 

However, if you used AmEx to buy your tickets, you're automatically insured while travelling. Could be the same for Visa - so check with your credit card company. 
+Scott Jarvie  -- a few things.  Limited liability means they will only pay, say $1000 for a lost bag based on what the average person puts in bag (I'm not sure what the going rate is).  Unless you can show original receipts, you're not likely to get more than the standard amount from the airline.  As for your credit card company, most offer additional Travel Accident Insurance (called Common Carrier) that includes coverage for lost luggage.  Most these days will pay up to $3000 (carry on + checked) for lost luggage.  Again, having original receipts is very helpful. You'll need to file a claim with your cc after some waiting period for the airline to find it.   You should be able to find out the standard coverage included on your credit card by looking online.  If not, call the number on the back of your card.  Oh -- this only applies to the credit card you used for booking the flight.  
Oh -- and if you have your gear insured through your homeowners or some personal articles insurance, be sure to document what you lost and contact them, too.  
+Sharon Strandskov The credit card lost luggage insurance covers more than just what you bought on your card.  But, it does have limits -- up to $3000 for most policies.  
+Sandy Gennrich If they have travel/luggage coverage, yes, that is correct. (o: I just meant otherwise.
Hopefully he has coverage for the photo equipment on a policy since it is his business, but if not, I am guessing that since he moved right before he went on the trip, he may not have had time to get renter's insurance with a rider for it. Actually.. hopefully the bag turns up tomorrow!!
I've only had a bag be temporarily lost once. And it showed up the next day. Hope yours does too!
+Sharon Strandskov No kidding! Here's hoping the bag is delivered tomorrow -- or by Friday at the latest.  I can't tell you how many times I've lived on the same set of clothes for a few days waiting for it to arrive.  Really annoying when your tent and gear were in your luggage, too.  But remarkably, despite my bad luck, my luggage has always been delivered within 3 days, and usually within 24 to 36 hours.  Even on international flights.  
It's all a crapshoot with the bags. Usually you do get it 24-48 hours after you arrive home, but you do have to stand in the fun line at SLC where you tell them all your particulars. Seeing as you were at IAD, you hopefully had United/Continental the whole time - otherwise it can get bogged down as to who has it. The best advice is what you've already done - keeping the most important stuff in your carryon. 
My lost bags on an international found me the next day.  Hope you will be able to say the same!
+Scott Jarvie 
you file a claim at the airport immediately, depending on the airline, they should give you a voucher right off the bat, then you wait until they contact you or bring it to you, thats about all you can do, the rest is on their end and like everyone else has said, most of the time it comes on the next flight or is found within 24 hours.
Landed in Slc time to see if the bag made it straight here for some (great) reason and I not perhaps when it might follow.
turns out my bag is still in Panama... but hey at least they know where it's at and it's heading in this direction eventually
sucky! heading to the airport here in Santa Cruz in a few. Lets hope they dont lose my bag :) Been pouring rain here for 2 days now.
Hope it comes soon, have never lost a bag yet - but always worried about that. Here is hoping for you!
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