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This is the answer to yesterday's question.

This is literally the the way I had my hand for the shot.
(After taking pictures like this today I grabbed the iphone to photograph the exact grip I was using)
I'd say it's covering about 50-65% of the lens.

You can probably imagine why my clients look at me funny.
Not world changing but perhaps you might give it a shot.
(It's good at longer focal lengths and shallow depths of field)

I'm starting to do it a lot more and getting some cool bokeh effects along with customized vignettes.

... I'm now a triple threat with the Jarvie Window, the Jarvie Spin and the Jarvie Grip?? Haha
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That is so freaking cool Scott! thanks for telling us! you are the master
this is doing my head in !
Sneaky. I wouldn't have guessed. Thanks for sharing!
Very clever young man! Thanks for sharing it with us (finally) :)
Ooohhhhh, so that's what you did! It all makes sense now! I can finally get a good night's sleep. =D I thought you were putting something over the lens, but not your hand, because who knew it would create streaky bokeh? Thanks for sharing your tricks. ;-)
well part of the wait was it would really make a ton more sense with an actual picture instead of me attempting to talk about it. And I finally went out and did another shoot.
Nah, you know we kid. It's always fun to see thing like this and it's appreciated that you're so open about your style and techniques.
It provides a wonderful "illusion".... because it's not a "trick".
Very interesting! Now I have to go do it!
Crazy! I would never have guessed that either! How do you top a triple threat? ;)
Awesome! Can't wait to try this out! 
You've taught this old dog a new trick. Nicely done!
Ha ha ah ,,, triple threat - love it!
Did you do this intentionally to get the effect the first time, or was it a "happy accident?" Either way, very cool!
+Ian Thomas yes we know it's not a trick... because a trick is something a whore does for money! haha

I've always wanted to use that line
+Scott Jarvie I love time out you'll find me playing around with various shapes held in front of my lens.. :-)
Triple threat, more like Quintuple threat +Scott Jarvie, including the Jarvie Uniqueness and Jarvie Awesomeness :)
Your stuff is great +Scott Jarvie , always interesting and funny (a good funny... you know, laughing with you) Your like a famous movie star of G+ and photography. Keep on keeping on!
I would love to know how you discovered this.
Next thing you know, Maroon five will be singing "Moves Like Jarvie".
I should have known. There was something at the back of my mind nagging me that the background looked a lot like the shots I got at Tracy Aviary through the metal grids.
+Jeremy Nicoll yep I guess i kinda learned it by shooting at wide open fstops through metal cages... where the metal grids would totally disappear. Oh and because I shoot through stuff like trees all the time and sometimes fabric.
Now people also know why I don't really care how dirty the front of my lens is
+Scott Jarvie You probably remember the trip where I was obsessively cleaning my lens. :) Since then I've not worried about it too much either, but I have noticed that it can affect the lens flare. I saw the "orangish" glow on the left side of the image and thought "that kind of looks like when I'm dumb enough to get a finger over the lens...but +Scott Jarvie wouldn't do something like that."

Not only would +Scott Jarvie do something like that, he'd make it look fantastic.

Well played sir, well played.

I've made a huge mistake!
Haha! That makes me laugh. Fantastic. It works so well because, unlike cutting out a shape in paper for the bokeh, you don't really notice a super-obvious shape to it, just something different. I love it. Now I'll have to go find the Jarvie Window and Spin!
Anyone have an example to share yet? I tried it today, but somehow missed the part you put in italics about long focal lengths and shallow depth of field. So I have a nice pic of a face in the middle of my fingers.
Brilliant Jarvie, I'll have to try this - Thanks for the trick!
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