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Raise your hands ... if you want a visual teaser recap of my WHOLE 35 day photo-roadtrip 

Raise your feet if you want it to be posted within the next 12 hrs

OK wow you're excited about it. (I can see from the picture below)

I guess it makes sense you're so excited because it was a pretty epic trip with 14,000 pictures, 12 temples and 7 national parks, a breathtaking wedding and lots of cool people and sweet night photography.

How will 14,000 pictures in 10 minutes turn out?
Guess we'll wait and see the turn out and response
Stay tuned to:

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Done and done - don't leave us hanging!
And I'm showing off them before I select or edit them. 
Well more like 13,970 unedited ones and 30 edited ones.
+Terry Gardner K I'll do music only version as well
Just have to decide if i should release them at the same time or not... or which one to release first
14000 pictures in 10 minutes is almost 2.5 pictures every second :O And excellent silhouette shot!
i think it's more like 25 pictures a second
Though the first section I slow it down to a more consumable speed
Then I tease people to death with the second part
Weee! His shirt has an erection! Really, am I the only one who thinks these things?
+Lotus Carroll you know i'd see it... if there was something to it... but I'm pretty sure you're a little off on your anatomy... it's more like he has a really large belly button. 
Sorry dear.
+Scott Jarvie Oh, I get that, and I noticed it upon appraisal, but it's just too close and too double-takey in the thumbnail before you actually look. :)
I have a feeling that was Jarvie's plan all along ;P To make us look closer ;)
Lydia L
in my head he just jumped 25 feet straight up to get to that ledge and is now going to land triumphantly with fist in the air while yelling "huzzah!!!"
It looked one existing and epic road trip
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