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Anyone want to go to Bolivia with +Colby Brown and myself next month.
I'm accepting applications now ;)

Must be fun, adventurous and tough as we'll be at 13,000+ ft much of the time. Oh and also spontaneous... did I mention it's next month.
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If your paying I'm
Nope you're paying. Thanks buddy! Way to bite the bullet. Wait you want to pay for me too! You're so kind!!
The cheque is in the mail mate. lol
I did the Peru thing before...are you going on that terrible highway east of La Paz?
Interesting, but probably not possible for me next month. But thanks for asking on G+ :-)
roma g
by next month you mean June? and how long? +Natalia Stone just saw ridiculously cheap tickets to Peru that we almost jumped on.
That sounds like a ton of fun... shame I'll be still stuck on the boat... :-(
+roma g yes that'd be great... I think +Michael Bonocore is interested as well.

2 weeks

But we have to act fast to get the VISAs in order.
Cheap tickets you say?? Pray tell
+Scott Jarvie I saw tickets for $350 DC-Lima but they are gone now :((( what dates are you thinking of going? we were planning on being in Montreal in June and going to Cuba sometime in June/July but if you are going early June, we could fly to La Paz from DC
i didnt go to Peru since my wife got her tuition paid by vocational rehab, and bought airplane tickets with separate student loans...
roma g
the state dept website says you also need an International Vaccination Certificate for yellow fever.
That's the "Yellow book" you get when getting the jab. It's valid for 10 years.
doesn't vaccinations depend on the region? my Lima Peru pics are in a few of my galleries a few hundred pics
Yes they do depend on the region, but YF is practically a must wherever I go. Hep C is a good to have anyways and Hep B you should get whenever visiting countries like Nepal or India i.e. where quite often feces make their way to water...
I saw a documentary where you hang a dehydrated llama fetus on your rear view mirror to prevent driving off the cliff..
nothing like a dehydrated llama fetus to keep you on those Bolivian cliff side highways
me and colby are planning the 5th to the 20th or something like that... +Colby Brown already has his plane tickets so he's the better one to ask
+Tomasz Szulczewski yellow fever vacination is only good for 10yrs?? dangit I got one about 13yrs ago. Where did you see this?
roma g
On the State Dept Website +Scott Jarvie In addition to the $135.00 visa fee, you must present a visa application form with a 4cm x 4cm color photograph, a passport with a validity of not less than 6 months, evidence of a hotel reservation or a letter of invitation in Spanish, proof of economic solvency (credit card, cash, or a current bank statement), and an International Vaccination Certificate for yellow fever
guys just go to a consolate page for US citizens traveling to Bolivia...
+Scott Jarvie I'm a professional seafarer and keeping tabs on the vaccinations is one of the needs for the job. If you look into your Yellow Book or certificate it should have a "valid till' date, but I know that sometimes it could be missing. Nevertheless, it's definitely valid 10 years and they typically use "Stamaril" as vaccine. If you're going to renew yours, make sure that you get bot the stamp of a doctor AND his signature (signature type stamp is not valid). In some places (like Brasil) you can get in trouble if you don't have them both or if the stamp doesn't say what doctor it was... (I nearly paid 5k fine a couple of years ago...).
Already feel sorry for you mate, I felt shitty for a good three days after my last one... ;-)
i must have been typing that previous message at the same time they gave the link
so how long do we think this process is going to take? Are they serious about needing the hotel reservations for the whole time? Because some days we might not have hotels.
roma g
probably as long as there is some kinda reservation and you have the visa fee they just let you in, i can ask my friends who travel south america by car what the border process is like
if Bolivia is like Peru, hotels are just for international business traveler...normal tourists go to the Hostal (not confused with Hostel, my first week in Lima i was like this city sure has a ton of youth hostels)
roma g
Hey +Scott Jarvie and +Colby Brown. I think the dates you mentioned would work for +Natalia Stone and I to go to Bolivia. When we were in Peru we were on the border but decided not to go. Seems like the visa is pretty easy to get, and from what my friends said they might not ask for Yellow Fever Certs, but its more likely at the airport. So let us know what is plan for being down there (what you are doing, where you are going to/staying/ shooting, etc) so we can make sure all the logistics would work for us, what would we need to book/research in addition to plane tickets?
+roma g +Natalia Stone with all that's been going on I'm probably going the route of getting the visa at the airport I don't know if I'll be able to ship my passport to an embassy in time when I get back on the 14th ... In fact I need to check on a wedding but there is a slight possibility I might join +Colby Brown +Michael Bonocore in peru prior. But if not maybe I can join you two and fly in on the same flight and all 3 of us can do the Visa thing. I do speak spanish... that may help.
Take a super duper lots of pictures... haha... But I guess you're wondering where. :)
i responded to your PM about places and what not.
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