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Check out some of these awesome Jarvie Window pics this guy did at "Dragon*Con" (Not entirely sure what the event is, but the interesting people are great for pictures)

I was able to find the photographer on google+ (+Derek Deweese )
Good job Derek... loved seeing them cropped square and everything, they look way good that way.

He shot about 650 pics and edited up about 400 of them.
Pretty fun to scroll through a bunch of them.
Dragon*Con 2011 Jarvie Window. My experiment of using the Jarvie Window at Dragon*Con 2011. I saw this phenomenon posted on Strobist quite some time ago and thought that it was neat, but never thought...
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Thanks Scott. It was a fun project. I needed a good reason to rent the lens, and this seemed like the time to do it. Dragon*Con is the largest sci-fi media convention in the southeast with an attendance of approx 50,000 or so people.
Those are awesome Derek! Looking forward to trying this. Just ordered a flash ring today. What size lens have you used? Hoping the Sigma 10mm-20mm I already have works. I believe +Scott jarvie uses an 8mm.
I rented the Sigma 8mm, as I knew that would work as that is how it was done initially. I got mine from If you have never rented from them, they are great to deal with.
Cool work, Derek! I am sorry that we didn't cross paths this year. I played around with a Canon 100mm Macro from for the weekend. Used it for a long lens for the parade with some great results.
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