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The Jarvie #SUL - "THE Suggested Photographers"

"The Best Suggested Photographers List... on the planet"

Because i'm just dumb/silly enough to stir things up and do something controversial today
I defy you to repost this list and talk about how much you hate me! haha... or don't... in fact... why waste your energy hating? Embrace your new overlords

ABOUT THE LIST Because there's no secrets here
- Google has presently chosen 30 people in their photographers-artists list so that's how many I've chosen
- Yes, This is honestly who I'd put on the #sul   if it were for me to decide.
- I used all sorts of criteria and just plain gut feelings. Don't even try to understand the beautiful complexities, haha
- I left out all the amazingly awesome photographers that I didn't know (why? Because... DUH!)
- I took out many old-time-SULers from the list because they already have 1.5 million+ followers and I think hey... "mission accomplished"
- I left in a few old-time-SULers ... but just barely... many of them really are doing awesome stuff (obviously).
- I made this list a week ago before google added athena, barry, elia, nicole and brian  (Turns out I can see into the future)

- When do you take someone off the SUL? Who knows... when they start sucking or when they hit 1 million?
-If you spent weeks more studying would your choices be different? Yes
-Will your choices change? Yes
-Are many of these people your friends? Do you feel that's un-fair? Yes/No
-Are you worried some friends will be offended? No, They're my friends aren't they? (They should understand me)
-Are you concerned you're missing worthy photographers? Yes, But do I let my fears and worries prohibit me from doing something beneficial for others? No
-Why don't you have business pages on the list? I haven't come across one that is really awesome.
-Where is google's SUL list?

1. - "Personally, I'd rather have 10 million google+ users spending a 20-30 hrs reviewing tens of thousands of photographers and making really informed decisions, but Jarvie's list comes in a close second."
2. - "Shared"
3. - "The confidence to produce a list such as this, in the face of worries of offending friends, is inspiring and it makes me want to make my own #MySUL list"
4. - "Who is Jarvie"
5. - "Jarvie has balls of steel for facing the naysayers and shoving it in the face of the haters"
6. - "Even though I'm not on the list I appreciate what you have attempted and I won't even ask you put me on the next list and i'll simply try to earn your admiration through my hard work, inspiring pictures and kindness"
7. - "I added the circle"
8. - "Rot in he!! you nazi-commie-socialist-tyrant scum"
9. - "Jarvie is a sexy beast"
10. - "Wow this is such a great list, thanks for putting in all that time and effort and thought"
11. - "Good list...I'm already following all 30 so I agree with the list."
12. - "This list is approximately 45 times better than Google's own list... really Google should be ashamed they didn't think of it themselves"
13. - "I'm offended"
14. - "If you don't share this list you are a coward and an infidel... oh and you'll have bad luck all week"
15. - "your check's in the mail."

The Official 30
+Colby Brown 
+Joe Azure 
+mel peifer 
+Chrysta Rae 
+Peyton Hale 
+Elia Locardi 
+Varina Patel 
+Jay Patel 
+Thomas Hawk 
+Ryan Brenizer 
+Jarek Klimek 
+Elena Kalis 
+Athena Carey 
+Olivier Du Tré 
+Philippe Sainte-Laudy 
+Petra Cross 
+Ivan Makarov 
+Brian Matiash 
+Catherine Hall 
+Nicole S. Young 
+Jim Davis 
+Mihailo Radičević 
+Mike Shaw 
+Martin Bailey 
+kimberly pemberton 
+helen sotiriadis 
+Gordon Laing 
+Alan Shapiro 
+Michael Bonocore 
+Jeremy Hall 

Last two in
(because google just made it 30 people instead of the 28 I based it off last week)
+Jeremy Hall - One of the nicest guys west of the Mississippi who's been posting some great content/pictures lately. #GoUtah
+Michael Bonocore  - All joking aside... he's posting some fun stuff lately.

First four out
(These are the first four I would/will probably take off the list)
+Colby Brown  - everyone is already following him
+Thomas Hawk -everyone is already following him x2
+Jay Patel  - everyone is already following him, plus he's happy to let Varina take the reigns.
+Alan Shapiro  - everyone is already following him (... meh who am I kidding, I'd probably still keep him in.)

Next five in
(Will they be the next five in... who knows)
+Karen Hutton  - One of those old SULers that I really would still love to see in the list.
+Barry Blanchard  - Everyone loves barry ... and he's been stepping up his game on pictures.
+Sandra Parlow  because she's the face of Google+ photographers, everyone's best friend and the most loved of us all.
+SmugMug  - I'm biased and I don't know many other businesses posting good content. (yes I'm a bit ignorant since I don't check that circle often)
+Alexander Safonov  - because dang wouldn't that be funny.
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Oh well...maybe one day I'll be included in such a prestigious circle. Practice, practice...
What is SUL?   What do you win if you make it?  Does Google have anything to do with it?
Waw. I'm stunned. So thankful to even consider putting me on your list. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. Thank you. 
That very last line of the post cracked me up! And wonderful list! 
An outstanding group and I was only missing two of them. 
Holy shit! Seriously!? From you!!!? I'm honestly BEYOND flattered!! Wow. Thank you :)
Good list...I'm already following all 30 so I agree with the list :)
BTW +Romain Guy I totally went to your profile to investigate and was disappointed you're not sharing as much photography these days... but I can understand.

+mel peifer now now... mine is a potty-mouth-free list! ;) 
I think I'ma throw myself off a bridge and become fish food.....   I dedicate the photos on my card to Jarvie...
come on where's the controversy!!??
Well clearly you missed one........ I would love my newly acquired million followers and squeeze them.... That aside I just want to see one Glamour photography on the list or the list to change more often.... Or just grow... Or just do something....
I freaking offered to off myself, Jarvie.. what could be more controversial than that?  Geez - you're so lame...
+Scott Jarvie You may have gotten a bit more controversy if your circle was a big pile of suck but all these folks rock. No argument here.
+Sandra Parlow no your controversy is lame because we all know you don't think I'm lame! ;) haha

+Brent Burzycki ahh yes... good controversy... roll with that... share the list and talk about how you're disapointed I didn't put more glamour photographers on there just because I don't like glamour photography very much. ;)
Awww snap, +Scott Jarvie - Thanks so much for including me in this circle of tremendous talent. You really are pretty in the face.
ok, I used "lame" out of desperation...   I was trying to be "nicely insulting".........  next time I'l just skip the nice part and be insulting...
The write up in the post is awesome!  That said... kick me off!!! if:

- I get too big in the head
- I have too many followers
- my mediocrity begins to show through because I can't keep up the quality :)
+Scott Jarvie - This list is an abomination. It will destroy the very fabric of the universe - causing earthquakes, floods, indigestion, and baldness. It will bring upon us a plague of locusts... or maybe gnats. Either way, we will be plagued. And plagues are terrible things, Jarvie! And when the floods recede and the plague is done, the bald people of the earth will turn against one another because of YOUR list and...

Oh. Wait. I'm on the list. Heh. Well...

Great idea dude! Thanks for including me! 
I echo what +Joe Azure wrote - if there has ever been anyone more grounded than him, I haven't met him or her.
Sorry +Sandra Parlow but he might already know..... Oops
+Scott Jarvie  how come you didn't put yourself in said circle?So when folks share, then  when the folks who add the circle are adding you too
Thanks +Scott Jarvie. I was thinking of doing the same thing but you beat me to it and I think we woulda overlapped 98% I would added you. Thanks for doing this (and I am incredibly flattered to be in such incredible company)
wait a minute.. +Scott Jarvie  did you get all sneaky and add me later?  I'm sure I didn't see me there the first time I read it!!  

I take it back.. you're not lame at all. I love you...  ♥♥  but you already knew that...
+Swaroop Subbanna +Jennifer Luzio  Dangit... I know I was missing someone. Well at least I'm still the most followed photographer Never to have been on The SUL. ;)

+Varina Patel good roll with that anger... tell us (all your followers) what you really think. Apparently 7 people really agree with you already.

+Brian Matiash BTW congrats on being on the Other SUL (or what I like to call: the Secondary SUL) I was so proud that I had you on my list before the other one added you... because you were like my proof that the Other SUL was kinda sucky.
Ohmygoodness this is so nice!! The wolfpack is all here!!! howls
Jarvie you should have put yourself on the list btw.
I just saw that +Brad Sloan .. I know I will never be on the SUL list...  but it's enough to almost be on Jarvie's list.  I'm content there...   
Screw it I think I will add everyone that's responding here to my circles......just to spite Scott... 

Wait I already have all these people circled... Damn you Scott Jarvie... how dare you bring together the best people on G+ that I already have circled.... (woh spell check just turned "circled" into "circumcised" that would have been awkward...)
+Brent Burzycki  I think you've hit the nail on the head... this list won't be controversial because only my friends are reading it.

p.s. please don't try to circumcise people.

+Chrysta Rae oh yes... now if only it was mutual :( haha
Way to sir it up lol. I'm already following all of them and totally approve.
This list is getting kinda freaky deaky
Brent - show him the photo of you in the lacy underwear.. that might do it
Hey I'm gonna edit for a little bit... Just let me know when this list gets you all 1 million new followers. k?

Or when we get this post into *"What's hot."* 
(Google's version of "what's hot"... I'm not doing a "what's hot"... yet ;)
+Peyton Hale darn right you'll take it!! And you'll like it!! 
It's kind of a big deal. :)
Scratch that... This list is a Huge deal!

+Brent Burzycki we have a saying around these parts... "Modest is Hottest" ... no seriously... no lie. :)
Oh my...... I shall put up my pant legs.....
Awesome list and I've already circled them all.

I just heard that the Jarvie SUL just got the award for...  
Number one SUL on the internet

Here at Jarvie HQ we're all very honored for the recognition!
Sorry. Gosh darnit. Been drinking :). Really. Great list though! I follow, and love, all of their work too :)
+Romain Guy I have my Nexus 7 on order... now to figure out the best way to work it into my workflow...
+Romain Guy I would order a nexus 7 but sadly can't from down here in Nicaragua where I am currently teaching two workshops.
+Colby Brown wait they're making you buy your own?? This world is totally unjust!!

Hey BTW everyone Colby is in Nicaragua ... Just in case you didn't catch that ;)

And on that note... I need to do some edits and get some sleep... and wake up to this post being on "What's hot" ;) haha
+Romain Guy Will do... thanks... I just reposted the Android Photography App List - so that's a great starting point...

Haha... best comment all night about +Colby Brown - oh its rough brother.... :) 

I cannot wait till i go to an island covered with 100's of beautiful women that  need to photograph... and then I can tell Colby :)
Awesome list +Scott Jarvie and thanks so much for including me mate! It's a humbling honor, if you know what I mean.
Hey wait... DID you just call me "Old" +Scott Jarvie?
Because if you did, you'll force me to coin a +Brian Matiash phrase... I'll cut you! 
she puts out her hand and does the Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in The Matrix 'come here' gesture

Don't think I won't! 
We do not call her the huttonator for nothing.....
Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?
Wes Lum
Get rid of the list. Everyone can opt in. Google determines metrics using fancy algorithm* on those who opt in.  It's not a "list" anymore and G+ will become the biggest friendmaker in the world!

*= how active, comment/ share % per post, etc. The possibilities are endless and at the end of the day the list can still be moderated by Google humans.
Wes Lum
This would work for all sul categories.
Wait a minute. Why are +Barry Blanchard and I running and hiding. Unlike +Scott Jarvie we did not imply anything in the years passing variety. Lets turn this back around on the perpetrator. 
Its not +Scott Jarvie we are hiding from. 

It's the potential for the planets lining up and all hell breaking loose.

was I supposed to take the red pill?
C'mon boys... we got us some cuttin' to do! 
Finger snapping  in rhythm and unison, they fall into step flawlessly... just like a scene from West Side Story. In fact, it IS West Side Story, the G+-ical
This is a great list of photogs, and I'm happy to see there's some overlap with the current Get started list at I started to refresh the Photos & Art list a few weeks ago, and will update it every month going forward. I get a lot of heated feedback about this list every single day, and one thing I hope people realize is that I'm looking for people who can help introduce new users who are getting started on G+ to the photos community here--the collaborative themes and projects, the photowalks, hangouts, scavenger hunts, and more. I'm basically looking for great party hosts, people who can help introduce awesome people to other awesome people. And the photogs who send me the most volatile emails, they're all amazing and talented people, but they might not be the best party hosts for all new G+ users, 13-years-old and older.
This part of your job seems a bit thankless +Brian Rose. Well, thirty people a month are very thankful. It's the other millions who might not be. Keep up the good work and keep showcasing great people.
You rule, +Scott Jarvie , I've always said that! I'm extremely flattered to be included on your list. 
+Scott Jarvie, thanks man. Reading this post and all the comments really made my morning. :)

Do you think the controversy is truly because of your SUL, or is it really because of #9? Hehe, Just sayin. 
+Brian Rose Thanks for rotating the SUL...I agree with you that there are awesome photographer who skills are yet to be recognized. Try searching for  #photographershowcase  - I have used it for past several month to introduce new photographers. 
+Scott Jarvie WHAT?....How come you are going to keep +Alan Shapiro and not me? I m going to:

__Start boycott +Scott Jarvie movement
__Join the Jarvie Haters Club!!!
__Make a target out of +Scott Jarvie face and give it away for free
__Stomp my feet and throw a big fit when I see you
__Call your mom and complain about your favoritism!!
__Call your ex-girlfriend to get all the nasty stuff about Scotty boy!! 
__Ignore +Scott Jarvie's post like this one....Wait why am I commenting on this?
__Take out a Google Ad saying "Boycott The Jarvister!!"

HEHE!! Or...I can just be thankful that I am on the original lists and focus my attention on something that matters....Like teaching kids in Nicaragua photography with +Colby Brown, +Varina Patel. ;)))
+Brian Rose - Keep up the good work. Certainly can't please everyone. A rotating list makes sense. I have learned over the years that sometimes (most of the time) people will complain no matter what and usually for reasons of self gain...even if is is masked in "for the community" rhetoric. I was happy to be on the SUL and I am happy to be off as well. The sun will still rise tomorrow no matter what, even if some feel the SUL is all that is wrong in this world :) which is actually a very sad state of mine with the reality of what is important.
haha +Scott Jarvie ....well it is still true. Google recognizes that I am in Nicaragua and won't let me pre-order the tablet..and yes...I am paying for this one :)
Waitaminute! There's a problem with this list. You forgot to add yourself +Scott Jarvie! Because dammit, you should be on all good lists, even your own! He he. ;-)
This is one of the best discussions I have seen here in some time.... And +Brian Rose lists assignments are never easy when trying to find exceptional well rounded users that contribute to all aspects of g+ and while trying to maintain massive diversity..... As we know there will always be haters trying to get their solution via the simplest solution.... Sadly much of the world solves with hate vs thinking up innovative new ways to become noticed.

Priding oneself on innovation wins in my book any day....
I'm a proponent

I think google is very business smart to create easy add lists for users to add right off the bat. There are so many people out there that join this system with no one to follow. Heck they probably don't have many friends in general let alone on Google+ ... they're here to consume content and I think that Google+ is providing a valuable service to those people.

Hopefully people will go a better route and spend a lot of time researching the best adds... But my guess is they don't have the time and they won't do it.

It's helpful for google to make influential people happy with big (over-inflated) numbers because it makes those people so much more inclined to (hopefully) spend a lot of time creating good content. And it does make the consumer a bit more inclined to read and pay attention to good content.

Just a couple of a long list of reasons it's great Google's SUL is so very influential. 
I like the rotating aspect of Googles SUL but I also don't want it to rotate so much that they are frequently putting weak candidates on the list. I think it will turn it into a farce

I think at some point an objective is achieved where google can say they've suggested this person to more than enough people and they are set and will probably grow/influence naturally.

Where is that line? That's very subjective... we could say 1 million. OR... take them off when they aren't achieving much. (sucking)

Or something else...
120 comments? Google+ favorite topic. 
+Scott Jarvie hahah adding +Alexander Safonov would be VERY funny :P that said, this is an awesome list! I already follow all 30 of them and I could not agree more with your list :D I will keep my eye on this for your next entries.

I too appreciate the work +Brian Rose is doing.
 I simply think my list is much more solid and instead of complain about the SUL and do nothing like some people ... I did something.

I think there needs to be a bit of competition Google has a monopoly at the moment. And often a monopoly can get contented or lazy.

Back in the game
Over the course of the last year Google by far has had the most influence on suggesting photographers (real solid numbers of adds), 2nd place is probably +Thomas Hawk (though I'm just guessing on the statistics) and I probably don't come in until 3rd maybe even 4th considering +Jarek Klimek.
So I'm just trying to catch back up and get in the game again... It's been many months since I made a heavily added list.

p.s. +Jay Patel come on you can do better than that... go look at an earlier comment by this gal +Varina Patel now that's a perfect example of wit and great writing. She's got like 14 times more likes than you already. You had a good idea but just need to execute better. 

But good job on the +Colby Brown imitation and way to beat him at his own game... you mentioned Nicaragua and workshop and took it to a whole new level by bringing out the "teaching kids" part.

Personally I would Never talk about my trips... did you see me talk about how I just got back from Bolivia or I'm going on a road trip to Seattle this month and visiting like 8 national parks but I'll be back in time to do the wedding in Paris next month. ;)
I am awed by your ability to see the future +Scott Jarvie!  I love all the little jokes inside your post and am honored to be in your personal sul.  3xo
Lol +Scott Jarvie! Loved reading this. You have a great sense of humor! Have a fabulous trip to Seattle!
+Athena Carey perhaps it should be a rule that at least one of the sisters has to be on any SUL ... I'm sure +Lotus Carroll is willing to share the attention for a while ;)
+Scott Jarvie never talks about +Scott Jarvie ...if that happened I imagine we would be at the nexus of the universe :)

Adding "teaching kids" to every post immediately garners "What's Hot" status....didn't you know? ;)
oh and I wasn't talking about you +Scott Jarvie with my comment about those out for personal gain....but simply highlighting the irony of some individuals aversion/fake disgust to the SUL, when in reality they just want on it...people you and I have talked about many times behind closed doors in random counties in South America that start with a "B" :)
*bounces around the room and tries not to pee from excitement*
smooches +Scott Jarvie..
i'ma go play in the circle now..
+Jay Patel   send those Jarvie faces out to the people on photo walks...  we'll put them to good use! ;)
Wow, I noticed a HUGE spike in my followers this morning.  This is where they are coming from!  Thanks +Scott Jarvie you're the best!  ;)
oh, this whole thread is so awesome to read through!  (as i'm revisiting it NOT on my phone and also sober.  well...semi-sober.)

the comments in here are hysterical :)    
See +Colby Brown (aka helping kids) hit it on the head.... Everyone wants to be on the list.... Who would not be humbled by having a zagillon adds on the first day... That said how many of those complaining could or know that there is a bit of responsibility that comes with more followers.... Can one be on the list and be overall interesting across multiple topics? Or must one truly specialize... I enjoy following those that might be let's say good photographers but also are real people and talk about other aspects too.... So a well rounded g+ user that is just a real person that I would want to hang out and bs with in real life...

But colby you are right I fear if +Scott jarvie did talk about Scott jarvie we would be pulled into bizarro world where only Glamour photographers were added to his list.... Or a sub atomic world full of only strings...
...all I can remember from reading that long post is "balls of steel" & "sexy beast" ;) 
Good one! Is voting allowed for v 2.0? Either way, I'm voting for Alex (but then he stopped sharing his stuff here... maybe he will be back then?)   ;-)
+Jay Patel i will gladly offer my spot to you in exchange for you letting me tag along on one of your adventures. I will bring bacon, bourbon, assorted delicacies and an unfiltered New York mouth to talk smack to unattentive wildlife and uncooperative sunsets
+Colby Brown - What you said is how I feel right now and you stated it perfectly: "I was happy to be on the SUL and I am happy to be off as well. The sun will still rise tomorrow no matter what, even if some feel the SUL is all that is wrong in this world :) which is actually a very sad state of mine with the reality of what is important." ♥

+Brian Rose - I am so happy to see that the list will be rotated every month or so giving more people a chance and making it dynamic. Also, I appreciated you explaining about the 'party host' bit (it did make me giggle too which was awesome).
Wait, +Michael Bonocore made this list??? If he wasn't such a nice guy and a great photographer I would be outraged. The guy doesn't even shoot in manual mode!
+Alan Shapiro - don't go that way with Jay. Last time I've tried he wanted me to work in ship's galley on a trip to Alaska. They're mean people those Patels...   ;)
Nice list +Scott Jarvie .  I cant believe I missed a few of these photographers.  You keep up those beautiful posts +Joe Azure and you wont have a choice about having a big following.  +Michael Bonocore is getting to be one of my favorites.  
I can see why these people were chosen in addition to their great work, the comments are too fun to read.  I follow the majority of these people already and will check out the 3 I have missed! Thanks!
+Vivienne Gucwa and what do you mean by rotated every month? Like totally refreshed or like a couple long time people changed for newer ones. I think the list has the most impact when people can be on there for a decent amount of time but not for too long. 6 months is probably good enough but 1 month is not.
I think a total rotation sounds a little drastic. I think swapping half in and out every month would be good. Which half would be dependent on what the individual photographers contribute to the community. Interaction, quality posting, etc. So, some could stay on longer and some could just be hey look at this person  for a month or two, they have awesome stuff.
+Thomas Hawk... you're such a... a... HOST!!
turns the music up and starts dancing
+Scott Jarvie - I was just repeating what +Brian Rose stated in his comment above where he said: " I started to refresh the Photos & Art list a few weeks ago, and will update it every month going forward."

I guess he could explain better but I took that to mean that he will rotate new blood in on a more regular basis. 

I was on the list for 6 months (or more? cannot remember when I got placed on it last year in autumn) and to be honest, I think 6 months is a bit much because it starts to build a huge gap which creates a whole lot of resentment in the community. I think maybe Brian and whoever else curates the SUL will still experiment to find the sweet spot though. Maybe it's not every month, maybe it's every 2 months, or every 3 months? It's an unknown though. 

I think it's interesting how the SUL has evolved though! It's now closer to the objective of "getting started" for newcomers to make newcomers to G+ see that there is a lot going on in the various communities here. 

I actually think you, +Scott Jarvie , would be an amazing addition to the list since you are undertaking the photography decathalon and I would be super excited to see something like that happening if I was new to this platform just like I am sure newcomers are thrilled to discover +Chrysta Rae 's Scavenger Hunt. It breathes life into the photography community and makes this more about sharing and experiencing things together vs. the typical model of merely broadcasting work. 

I will say that while I think it's great to have a community focused Getting Started- flavored SUL now, I would love to see a place to just discover new talent purely based on the art/photography (spanning all fields of the arts) that is perhaps separate from the new incarnation of the SUL. I had an interesting conversation with +Mihailo Radičević the other day in a thread here about social media and the arts and it got me thinking about the fact that sometimes I just want to find new visual candy to digest separate from community building (they could be linked, of course, but in this scenario they wouldn't have to be linked). It's something to think of, I guess.
+Brian Rose, you're just plain awesome. And this pick-the-sul part of the job is just not easy, no matter how it's sliced!  I stand in line to ditto what +Colby Brown said - and +Vivienne Gucwa echoed. Happy on the list... happy off the list... I'm just friggin' happy and grateful to be here and call y'all friends! 

Photowalk in Florence, Italy on August 7th anyone??
+Alan Shapiro... you should come and bring italian bacon and bourbon!!
Does this camera have the P for professional setting?
+Karen Hutton I think you've got your dates wrong... we're all doing Europe at the end of August not the beginning ;)
Tell you what +Karen Hutton, we can do a photowalk in Florence, Oregon anytime. They got dunes and stuff there.
Ain't no party like a Jarvie party....
I started rotating people on the Photos & Art category of the Get started list in chunks, and the first few additions were pages, like +Catlin Seaview Survey and +Virtual Photo Walks™. I've noticed some people try to use pages as rudimentary 50-person groups, and that could open up some interesting new ideas.

I'll have to experiment with how often to rotate people going forward--1M people who've circled you vs. 1 month rotations. If we go with 1 month, note that you can be re-added to the list even if you were on a previous rotation. I'd prefer to help spread the love, and even with monthly rotations there's so much happening here that I think we can maintain a consistent high quality bar.

Finally, everyone in the latest chunk of additions was recommended by someone who was previously on the Get started list. +Chrysta Rae continues to do these crazy scavenger hunts, which tests the limits of our platform in the best possible way. At one point, we had something in place that said, "If Chrysta, then do XYZ". So I really appreciate posts like these because they help me gut check people who are either already on the Get started list, or people that I'm interested in adding to the list. Thanks +Scott Jarvie!

And we leave for Dublin tonight, we'll be there for a few months while I work on some projects with our Euro teams. If you guys are passing through, drop me a note!
+Brian Rose or you can just cycle people in and then out in a staggered fashion.

add 4 or 6 or x each month and phase out the same amount that will get people on there for a pretty consistent amount of time 3-5 months. That way you don't have people bummed that they got added the month an android product released in SE Asia compared to the month Nexus 7 got released in the western hemisphere. It could be a point of real disappointment.

And like I mentioned earlier don't fall into the trap of putting in everyone just to play peacemaker and have the quality suffer.

I think that's why my past lists were so heavily added because people trusted my lists and my opinions and understood the limitations and expectations of what I was trying to achieve.
+Brian Rose - refreshing SUL was a dang good idea. As much as it has provided a decent starting point for all those new to G+, unfortunately it also created a lot of sour atmosphere among the "seasoned" pluskins (rightfully or not, no matter), with some really talented people falling out with each other. Truth is, there is no pleasing everyone and just like with everything else, you can only show  the path, whether people will follow it it's entirely different story... Keep a good work!
This is a little off SUL topic +Brian Rose  but it might be cool to have a photography only What's Hot. That way if we want to see all the cool photography you guys pick but don't really want to see Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton, we can. 
Awesome list. I have most of these on my follow list already :P 
+Brad Sloan even better the ability to filter any circle by "what's hot" which would provide a relative ranking to other media objects in that circle.  So you could for example rank a circle of 20 by the highest rated objects in the past 24 hours, or a circle of 200 or 2,000.  That would be truly hot.
+Brian Rose Dublin? So close yet so far :D You need go get across the Irish sea and we will get you drunk in Liverpool, bring +Thomas Hawk , +Scott Jarvie and et al with you and we will show you how to really party :D

Seriously I have discovered a few more people to add to circles here too :)
Love that idea +Thomas Hawk! I would love more filtering controls for my love love!

I am just waiting for the few individuals on the SUL currently that prophesied that the SUL would bring down the very fabric of the network and choose to pick very pointed fights with those of us on it at the time. Coincidentally now that they are on a rotation, they are surprising quiet about the subject +Jay Patel and +Varina Patel can relate. Varina would send me emails about +Jay Patel being on the SUL all the time ;)
+Colby Brown and I were also discussing whether or not I should stay with +Jay Patel now that he's off the SUL. "For better or for worse" is all very well as long as he's on the SUL - but once that's gone... I mean, if he's not on it, he just isn't cool anymore. So, I'm kind of thinking I need to find someone else who IS on it. Because the SUL is what makes people cool. Obviously.
Totally +Varina Patel. Luckily for me, I made sure the vows from my wife to me had removed that stipulation, "For better or worse...or if you get removed from the SUL". I hope my locks are not changed when I get home to Denver to see her and little Jack next weekend.
That's an awesome list +Scott Jarvie, lots of fun people, interaction and great culture on there!

While I doubt we'll make you our official SUL king, I certainly do welcome you as our unofficial list king.

(and im sure you won major points by including +Varina Patel over +Jay Patel - always been a bit of a sore point:)
+Sandra Parlow I am ordering them now...I will have a stack for you at the next photowalk. We can even use them for micro focus adjustment. ;)))

+Scott Jarvie What can I say... +Varina Patel is good looking and talented...and got a jump on the comment while I was driving back from the airport. ;)))

+Alan Shapiro You are welcome to come anytime...without or without a SUL trade. ;)))
+Colby Brown LOL!!! I forgot the SUL part in the vows. The only thing I can do is write a book about how I became single after being on the SUL. It will make me famous or make +Brian Rose job even more difficult. ;))) HEHE!!  

+Mihailo Radičević I was going to stir the pot by digging up SUL is actually spelled "Destruction of Universe" post...but +Scott Jarvie beat me to it. ;)))
Yeah - Jay forgot to have that bit removed from our weddings vows, +Colby Brown  so I'm free and clear. ;)

Seriously though, the SUL was definitely a bit of a kick in the gut for me, +Chris Chabot - there's nothing quite like the sudden inundation of people asking about "Jay's techniques", "Jay's eBooks", "Jay's workshops". Overnight, the thousands of hours of work I'd put into our business seemed to shift completely out from under me. We had been equals, and then we weren't. At least on G+, he was suddenly the king of the hill. We've always been a bit competitive, so it was tough to stand by and watch as his career shot forward without me. I did try to maintain a positive perspective - since his name was selling our eBooks. That's certainly not a bad thing, right? :) Also, over time, my posts became less frequent because I had less time to focus on social networking - so in reality, I didn't deserve to be on the list at all.

I do think it's nice of Google to rotate new blood in and out of the SUL. It's something they didn't have to do. They are running a business, and having a list of great content providers is great for getting newbies hooked. Even if +Jay Patel does get all the credit for my work. ;)
That's it. Just like that FBI agent said- "The Truth is out there!"   ;-)
+Jay Patel - I think we should call the book, "How +Brian Rose Ruined Our Marriage." We could collaborate on it, and then you could get all the credit! ;) Hahahahaha.
For anyone that can remove Tom Anderson from #SUL I will provide free out of kidnapping situation card when you visit Balkans!
Breaking up marriages, feuding photographers. That's what the SUL is all about. Next order of business, setting up the G+ Photographers Thunderdome. 
I think it's great. SUL that is. Just look how it nicely get's the conversations going and the whole thread alive! (having said that I still prefer +Scott Jarvie's custom shop SUL...)
That's so great +Jay Patel !  I can hardly wait to get mine!!!  I'll make my own fun with +Scott Jarvie ... photo walk or not...  I'm alone here in the prairies.. sometimes we have to make our own fun.... ;P
+Scott Jarvie I"m a little late to the party again but man have these comments been fun to read. And +Varina Patel, thanks for that personal and honest perspective on the SUL. My wife and I both work together to build the business as well. It's cool to hear your side of things, pure evil or not. ;)
+Elia Locardi +Colby Brown +Varina Patel - Well I guess I don't have to deal with those problems do I?? haha

stop complaining about your #marriedworldproblems  

It's like you're saying ohhh this filet minion is not the right temperature... ohhh my lobster hasn't been buttered correctly... my limo is 5 minutes late... my pilot is out with the flew and I have to use the backup pilot to fly the gold plated jet to tahiti today... oh what a bother. {spoken in a stuffy british accent)
See +Scott Jarvie, comments like that prove you don't know me at all... Limo?! Pffttt. Everyone knows I only travel by Golden Palanquin. 
Now Elia said it! It must be true! It's almost like if it was on TV now... (and everything that's on TV is true) +Varina Patel - I'm afraid your "undercover" days are well, over... Poor +Jay Patel...      LoL!
BTW, thanks to +Thomas Hawk for sharing news about this SUL post on FB. One of the better threads I've seen on G+ for a while. +Colby Brown was right, Jarvie stirs the pot and magical things start cookin'!!!
Takes sip from pot..........mmmmmm needs more Jarvie.
+Scott Jarvie Well...I will remember this thread when you do have to deal with the problem. But you did score some point by including +Varina Patel. We are already talking about making her the poster child for the Giving Lens....maybe she can be a poster child for Jarvie's SUL!! 

+Tomasz Szulczewski We all know who you like best. NO SUL FOR YOU!! HEHE!!

+Varina Patel As long as I can get credit for it...I dont care what you want to call the book. LOL!!

+Brian Rose We are just kidding...Just ask +Chris Chabot he know our sense of humor and we dont take offense very easily (exception +Tomasz Szulczewski...LOL!!)
+Scott Jarvie I will find you a  serbian wife with no moustache! Or bulgarian ... they work hard and don't ask a lot of questions. 
I know I know.... I'll just sit here weeping quietly.... stranded at anchor in a FREAKIN Brazil... But go ahead and end the SUL misery for me +Jay Patel...  LoL!

Damn, even at anchor this ship is rolling so badly that it's really tricky to hit right letters on the keyboard. Seriously, I'd give a lot to be with you in Nicaragua right now...

+Scott Jarvie - #marriedworldproblems ? We will wait and embrace you when your time comes. No worries...   ;-P
Awe shucks on making the list, though "I'm not worthy" is the line that comes to mind. The comments on this thread made some great laughs. I need to get back to posting more often again. Been a slacker.
I heard +Brian Rose say "Party Hosts"....... What can #DarkChocolate  do for you Brian?   I read almost everything here... and I just want to get ready to party.... with everyone that commented here.... You. Are. All. Awesome.... as you can see no Haters are in this post.... or did I miss something :)  Love you All
Thanks for the shout +Scott Jarvie. We'd love to know what we can do to make our Google+ page, +SmugMug, more interesting and fun. Holler - we're all ears.
Awesome! I had all but one of these people so I added them of course!
+Alexander Safonov Dude, my world does not revolve around you. You're not the only person with critical feedback about the Get started list. I know you're a smart guy, and other photogs I've met that have met you in person have vouched for you being a great guy, but take a freaking chill pill. The kind of volatile stuff I'm talking about is stuff you don't see because you're not in my Inbox. You don't see the threats I receive. You don't see the photoshopped profile photos with my head on obscene images. You don't see the dumb shenanigans I see every day. It's part of the job, and I love what I do even though it means having to put up with knuckleheads, but yes, the emails I receive from people who are not you can be volatile, disgusting, and a hate-filled mess. We cool?
Colby has to start posting pictures... Or in the meantime he can be on Androids' SUL . Haha 
Oh wait did I just discredit my own list since I have him on it??

Well he does post awesome motivational quotes and good photography news stuff and gives insight into the life of a full time landscape guy.
+Mihailo Radičević There's no mystery about what I think; it's all a matter of public record (no matter how my opinions and suggestions may be severely and deviously misrepresented).  

On October 28 when Mike Shaw was puzzled about his sudden rise in followers, I congratulated him and said:

_"Again, congrats for making the list. I'm thrilled that Google is now adding photographers like you, who aren't cliquish, narcissistic and solely self-promoting.  I really like and respect how you introduce other deserving photographers and their work. Too few of Google's picks over the past couple of months (the bulk of G+ existence from a membership and interaction volume standpoint) have seemed secure enough about themselves to contribute to the community in that way, to help the best content and the best community members rise to the top, helping G+ achieve its potential. Maybe this indicates a step in the right direction. We can always hope."

A couple of SUL photographers started sharing individual photographers a while later, which I was thrilled to see, but to this day circle shares remain rare by SUL members (and even on those rare occasions, they're often very political in who they include).  

I've always respected +Thomas Hawk the most for sharing large circles.  His latest circle share contains 2000X more photographers than a single photographer recognition, and a circle share has that very visible "add this circle" option, so it is much more likely to result in the highlighted photographers getting circled.  

Then there's the "ripple effect" as the circle gets reshared and passed on.  As those new connections are made, interaction goes up all across the community, almost immediately, as those 2000 photographers post their work.

It's gets down to that "welcome party" notion mentioned by +Brian Rose and +Christina Trapolino lately.  That's why I established the #SelflessSunday photography theme back in late August: let's find and recognize the new talent joining the site, and give them enough traction to stick around!  That's also why one of the first actions I took when I discovered that I had been added to the SUL was to build and share circles of Daily Photography Themes and their curators.  Daily photography themes are an inclusive activity on G+, making it a more welcoming place.  To the extent that people participating in the themes start to see what everyone else is contributing, people might get their work seen and gain new contacts, make some friends, and stick around more on G+.

Photowalks are another way to welcome people and to build relationships.  I've been leading photowalks for years, starting with leading photography groups through in the mid-2000s.  I've led 7 announced photowalks so far for G+ members, and have met many additional G+ photographers in the field for smaller, unannounced shoots.

When Robert Scoble accepted SUL membership (in a different category) on January 17, he explained the considerations well:
Google has asked me to be on the suggested user list again; here's why I will accept this time

"But then the new Google Search features came along and I'm seeing that those with more engagement and more followers are more frequently suggested in search. That is far deeper a problem for my career than I anticipated back when I removed myself from the suggested user list."

Again, I congratulated anyone who was so fortunate as to get promoted by Google, made all the more important as Google's hand selections increasingly colored Google search results:

"Congrats +Robert Scoble! Google endorsement is certainly a valuable and powerful force. I don't begrudge anyone taking advantage of that. You've been one of the most active and generous community members from the start, your content is thoughtful, honest and professional, and you trigger a lot of interesting conversations. Nice to see Google being more inclusive regarding list membership, and rewarding a key community member."

It's even better to see some larger scale changes start to happen in June and July.  It's not a solution, but a step in the right direction, and I welcome and congratulate the new SUL members just as enthusiastically as I did the prior ones!
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