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{Pre Wedding couple shots and a Slideshow Video}

Now days I don't just upload a solo picture...
but now I accompany it with a VIDEO

They did Formals and Engagements all in one day.
Why? Worked perfectly for their budget and led to some awesome pictures that they'll have printed in plenty of time for their reception.

Has EVERY picture from the full day photoshoot(s) some are edited and the video description has a link to those galleries.

You'll see about 800-900 pictures in about 5 minutes

The video is meant to be a fast and furious teaser. To actually see and absorb the pictures best to follow the link to the galleries. 

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So what do we think? We like these photoshoot recap style of videos?
I do enjoy making them and I'm willing to share them.
I like it Scott..... it is a nice way to see a fast synopsis of a photoshoot and get an idea of your process, thanks.
Cool video. Just checked it out without your audio commentary. It is like a stop motion video of what happened that day. I need to check out one of your workflow videos again some time :)
+Swaroop Subbanna haha yep it'd be a stop motion without the commentary... still awesome.
I have a workflow video of that same photoshoot listed in the video details.
Rose L.
Great idea! I always love seeing your photos, and being able to see your pictures as soon as you are done with a photo shoot makes it seems like I am there! Lol

I love the mom in red doing surprise appearance throughout the shoots.

My favourite is the Engagement photos where they are in front of a red brick building and he's coming closer and closer to her. The stop motion of that was perfect. 
+Rose Le awesome! Thanks for the input.

And yes some of my ideas during these shoots really do play out well when put to video as a stop motion. For the pictures they'd always just helped to make them feel like they're doing something besides just posing.
I really like this idea. +1 for the photo, +2 for the idea haha :)
awesome shot, very beautiful light.
I love that you do this. As we've discussed before, my girlfriend and I are huge fans of your photos and although flying you to Australia for our wedding may not be in our means, you definitely give us a wealth of ideas regarding dress/suit style, locations and of course quality photography.
+Justin V well if it makes a difference I don't charge extra no matter the location. $5500 us anywhere.

In any case thanks for the kind words. I like knowing people are watching :)
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