We need more Power Captain
A post for photo/computer geeks

Because every minute less behind the computer is one more out in the field taking pictures ... or having a life

Partly it has to do with the 45MB files from the Nikon D800 ... but the time to ready a picture in a develop module in Lightroom is unbearably slow.
I have my previews and the software on a super fast fusionIO drive so the library module is fine. But when you're in develop mode it's accessing the HDD (and it hits the CPU hard) and it's taking anywhere from 17-40 seconds to ready the image before I'm allowed to start editing.
I don't recall having this problem a week ago... so perhaps something is wrong with the computer right now. (I'm doing a lot of time tests to figure it out)

CPU = Render time
Also export/preview times have significantly increased because of the larger file size. And they tax my system so much I have to pretty much stop doing everything but play on the internet when it's exporting (like right now)

New System
BUT... basically I've sold my backup/intern computer and I'm ready for a new system. AND... they just released the new IVY BRIDGE CPUs if I'm not mistaken.

Calling all Geeks
So for you people who study this stuff a lot let's figure out what the very best computer would be for a photo editor using lightroom and processing tons of files and big files at that.
If your build is more specific to PS6 or Video editing let us know as well. But I'm looking more LR4 specific.
And I know storage speed is very crucial but we're looking at the whole system.

Let's go with the newest top of the line Ivy bridge CPU

//We also need//
Ram (possibly a bunch for a good ram drive)
Storage HDDs and SSDs for both high speed performance and many TBs of space
Case Power supply, CPU cooler
Video card (multiple monitors 2-3)
Mouse and keyboard

Isn't it about TIME
So let's say I work on a wedding where I've selected 500 pictures to edit at the best speeds i'm getting today 17second wait that's 141 minutes of just waiting time not counting delays when enabling and using the high resource functions of the brush ... Just waiting. That's 2hrs20 minutes of the day just waiting. (On a good day presently)
Then export/render time takes a significant chunk as well (that you may or may not do while sleeping or doing other things)
We build a system that cuts that in half plus speeds up your responsiveness in editing and we're saving possibly hours per photoshoot (big or small shoots)
And for those full time event photographers that edit thousands of pictures per month that's way too much time and time = money.
So it makes sense to spend 2-3k on the fastest computer possible.

Mac vs PC
Hey I'll do what I need to do but no unsubstanted rhetoric... bring me the times and real speeds and I'll go where it makes sense. But I'm going PC for now because I don't need pretty... I need power. (Oh and my fusionIO drive doesn't work on Mac)

Perfect System
This post is for all of us people that need to save time on our editing and want to geek out a bit.
So let's work together to make the perfect system.
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