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The Strength of Love

Mainly I didn't want to just have pics of my face on my profile so I thought I'd add in another pic real fast ;) ... To feign humility and what not ;)
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feigning what not is a new life goal. thanks!
A great shot, a lovely wife- and a fitting tribute to you both.
You're so feign...I bet you think this profile's about you...
Heh, +Sandra Parlow ... now if I could only Parlow parley that wit into making money...or finding love...then my mission would be complete (one way or the other.)
LOL1 well - maybe YOU can- mine all already sold!!
+Sandra Parlow +russ vallelunga . Sandra, you're at it again! I can tell that this will go on to the early morning hours. Try looking at the northern lights, forget about that damn moose, and take a deep breath, And forget!
+Sandra Parlow this is why I only let myself out. 'Let' as in 'lease'.

//I ain't for sale, but I can be leashed leased.

+Dennis Larson ; I promise--while I have the moose in the caboose, I will not be up past midnight, PST.
Tiptoeing around the ... stuff all over the ground here, is it still acceptable to comment on the photo or must I comment first on +russ vallelunga's lesser lessor parts and +Sandra Parlow's brilliant money-making scam scheme?

Jarvie, in that vain vein, let me add my what not to your humility: This is another excellent example of your uniquely creative approach to love. I feign you not.
I say, like this photo.What is love in the straight, is good.
I was going to say no, +russ vallelunga, but +Sandra Parlow has made it clear that she's still feeling pretty feisty, so I'm just going to send you to a sound proof room together and you'll have to clean up whatever mess results before you're allowed out. :) Have fun!
LOL! I love Russ... Russ loves me.... we're a perfect faaamiiilyyyy!! ;)
+Sue Ranscht She is never but feisty. Until she goes to bed, and leaves the rest of us till the early morning hours in futile discussions.
and yet you continue to allow yourself to get suckered in... tsk, tsk...
+Sandra Parlow; just so long as we're clear on who is carrying the purple dinosaur...

I'll need a photographer after all...
+Sandra Parlow , some of us are serious, and then end up being gluttens for punishment. But we still work on redemption.
+Sandra Parlow I feel redeemed already. I'm going to spend some time with the Tao, and then rest. I would only hope that you can keep that damn moose under control.
I'm just sitting here minding my own business and you keep calling me back to poor Scott's photo.. sigh the only way to get away is for me to go to bed I guess!
+Sandra Parlow I am also sitting here "trying" to mind my own business and yet trying to get some processing done. I am not calling you back based on "poor Scott's photo". You have an art of getting away and leaving things in an uproar. May the Tao be with you. I am going into meditation now, and I wish you happiness, peacefulness, and to be free from any suffering, and hope you do not think about that damn moose.
you see what I mean ??!! YOU are the instigator here!!!
sigh goodnight Dennis!!! go and meditate!!!
Congratulations +Scott Jarvie on this photograph being chosen as one of the "10 TOP Google+ Photographs for March 12" by Photoextract!
+Steve Hambley wow really... I love this one but it's often my landscapes or girls in wedding dresses they pick. that's cool though... thanks for the heads up
+Scott Jarvie Wonderful image Scott, I love the tight composition of the couple, really keep your eye snapped in there x
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