236 Ambassadors for Photography

At the beginning of the month +Photography Decathlon asked for suggestions for who should represent each of the 10 styles of photography that will be represented at this years competition in October. (Teach and judge.)

The post was well received getting 400+ shares and many hundred comments on several different shares.
There were 536 suggestions (thankfully many repeated) and in the end these 236 photographers.

I should share
It dawned on me that people out there really believe in these photographers and therefore a shared list/circle of these people would truly be of a great benefit to all.

Add Shared Circle
Perhaps you're already following most of them, perhaps only a few... I suggest you, create a little circle and try them all out, I'll bet you'll find some hidden gems like I have.

Stay tuned for news
And of course our committee is going through the suggestions to find a photographer for each of these fields. Someone that knows their photography and knows how to inspire.

We hope you're looking forward to October whether in person or by our videos... follow us at +Photography Decathlon 
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