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236 Ambassadors for Photography

At the beginning of the month +Photography Decathlon asked for suggestions for who should represent each of the 10 styles of photography that will be represented at this years competition in October. (Teach and judge.)

The post was well received getting 400+ shares and many hundred comments on several different shares.
There were 536 suggestions (thankfully many repeated) and in the end these 236 photographers.

I should share
It dawned on me that people out there really believe in these photographers and therefore a shared list/circle of these people would truly be of a great benefit to all.

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Perhaps you're already following most of them, perhaps only a few... I suggest you, create a little circle and try them all out, I'll bet you'll find some hidden gems like I have.

Stay tuned for news
And of course our committee is going through the suggestions to find a photographer for each of these fields. Someone that knows their photography and knows how to inspire.

We hope you're looking forward to October whether in person or by our videos... follow us at +Photography Decathlon 
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A great peer reviewed shared circle.

Perhaps some of your followers would really benefit from being shared this list ;) haha
Not one nomination for little old me?? Seriously? :(
I must not be getting this whole photography thing. Time to sell my gear. 
Are you kidding?? Did you see your fairy boogers yesterday?? SOOC?? No mistake. :)
I already have all these folks circled for the most part (great circle); and +Karin Nelson you're already in my circles as well, making your Google+ network complete anyway. like, totally. ;)
Me? really?  *Swoon*  Thanks for nominating me and Thanks for including me +Scott Jarvie *happy tear*
+Brad Sloan Pffft I'm printing this circle and hanging it in my rear view mirror.... :)
anyone who can talk about baconvaginas photoshop like you belongs in this group +Karin Nelson !!  
i demand a recount.  
quite honored to be here thank you!!! 
Hey I had nothing to do with who was listed +Gilmar Smith you have fans! 

+Brad Sloan yes indeed... but if the officer asks... don't use my name... it'll get you no where.
you guys park wherever you want. 
i'm taking the stretch limo.
Fans??? whoa!!! turns around and flashes her fans Thank you!!!
When questioned about the public exposure you can show them your diplomatic immunity +Gilmar Smith 
catches bra and wears it as a hat THANK YOU! love you too!
+Scott Jarvie I think you need to pick up some more sponsors and fly all of us to Utah. Think of the party. 
+Brad Sloan et all... Start creating awesome teams to compete in the decathlon... I'll start working on finding you sponsors to cover your entries
glad to see a bunch of my friends in this circle =)
Man, now I want to go shoot an 'ambassador' selfy to celebrate :P
Whomever nominated me - thank you, this is unexpected, and you are kind and generous to have done this. I like the idea of an 'ambassador' selfy +Kelly-Shane Fuller :) 
+Karin Nelson, no one nominated me either.  don't feel bad!
(then again, you're a way better photog than me!)

hands karin the whiskey
Awesome circle share +Scott Jarvie - I'm truly humbled that I'm included here amongst all these photographers.
Mr. +Ricardo Lagos thanks for the shout out. Mr. +Scott Jarvie thanks for including me. It's an honor to be in this group with a lot of other great photographers! You guys are all awesome and my peeps. Shout out from +Chicago HIP woot woot.
Wow! Very honored and proud to be included in such great company. Thank you! This just made my day. :)
Can't tell from mobile but +Robin Griggs Wood gets my vote. If I get a vote :0),

If this comment is inappropriate, don't fret, it's nothing new.

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. 
This is great, +Scott Jarvie! Thanks. I'm hunting down all your posts right now to share with the circle as well to keep folks informed!
Thank so so much for including me in this fantastic circle +Scott Jarvie, so many well known faces in it, wonderful! 
Whoever will finally be one of the lucky ten teaching in your project, with this pre-selection you have already a great start :o)
Awesome group! I'm glad to know I'm already following a bunch of these folks. Time for me to add those I haven't been! ;-)
I never saw the nomination thread unfortunately (must have been while I was gone a few weeks ago), but I want to thank whoever nominated me and thanks to you Scott, for putting this together! It is a lot of work, I know.
I was already following most of them, but those 35 adds will spice up my stream! Thanks for sharing +Scott Jarvie!
I'm so honored to be in such great company in that circle. Thanks to all of you who nominated me :-)
And kudos to you for the effort put in to get all this together :-)
and me....i´m honored too :-))

tries to compensate the lack of words with a huge smile
I can't yet believe I'm in this circle! Thank you for the inclusion of me & your great effort!! :-) 
Again I just want to stress that I did not pick the people in this circle... this was all peer chosen. I just spent the hours going through the posts and then putting the circle together with the choices. The thanks for the inclusion in this circle do not belong to me but to someone else.
Cor blimey guv'nor! Honoured indeed! 
What a great honour for everyone on this list. Something to aspire to!
nice... all my favs are there. 
you got it christina.  you can have a few actually :(
The coolest circle +Scott Jarvie! A lot of my favorite people in there!! And me too! I like!!!!
Thank you for the the work you put into this and thank you also to those who mentioned me! :)
Ke Zeng
I am so honored to be included in this circle! Thank you +Scott Jarvie ! Appreciate your effort and sharing!
oh my... that's flattering. Thanks for including.
So cool to be in that cercle with all my favorites photographers... thanks for putting me in that circle +Scott Jarvie .... and thanks to the people that mentioned me
By the way, I'm really enjoying the work of the others included in this circle. More excellent shots on my stream!
Scott, thank you so much, you are all constantly an inspiration to me. A big thank you to all those who mentioned me too! Scott your efforts are always appreciated big time! 
Andy Q.
Ha, just saw this post, cool. Ok, so thanks to the person/s who suggested me, and thanks to you, Scott, for putting this circle together! Much appreciated.
Wow, thanks Mr. +Scott Jarvie for the honor. Guess I had better think up a new batch for you when you come back this way!
Thanks, Mom, for nominating me to yet another circle! Love you forever!
Just saw this post.  I'm honored to be included, especially given how many of my photography heroes are here.  Thanks for your hard work on this +Scott Jarvie 
I just saw this, too.

Thank you!
Wohaa !! moonwalks across the floor and right out of his open window !!!
Thanks for the nominations and thank you +Scott Jarvie for putting all this together :)
Wes Lum
Holy crap Scott!  Thank you for the inclusion.  You're one of the first peeps I followed on G+, and it's been an awesome experience--from trying out the Iron Editors to your 10 hour photo editing hangouts to your 26 (?) straight days of sunrises to the very first comment I received from you on my "What's hot" post lol.  Pretty inspiring to say the least.
Thanks +Scott Jarvie for putting this together.  I'm honored to be included.  There are a lot of truly< great photographers in this circle.   I think I already have them all in my circles but it never hurts to look through them again.
+Scott Jarvie Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share it!
I'm curious to see how the circle's stream looks... adding it now.
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