I know +Trey Ratcliff doesn't need me to share his post to get his point across to millions of folks but I really appreciated his write up so I'm gonna write my reactions and link his post here anyway - Go read it!

It's a fascinating read... and it doesn't matter that me and most of you won't be switching... but I think we can understand why he did and many in his situation may also switch as well.

{Some Thoughts}

1. I just wanna say I got a chance to play with a top of the line micro 4:3 camera last week and take hundreds of pictures and it was eye opening... I kinda expected it to be kinda lame (or non exciting... like taking pics with a point and shoot) ... and it wasn't... there were some great features. thanks +Dave Veffer 
The pictures are still in the queue for being edited.

2. I think I was most impressed at how fast and sharp the focus was.

3. I didn't rush out to buy one if you're wondering. Though I may prior to my year long road trip.

4. Would I like to have one? Yes

5. Would I still use my NIKON more? Yes. (It fits my type of photoshoots better and fits my style/look better) and I already have tons invested in Nikon... no use spending more money.
6. I'm not the target market of the mirrorless - I do astro-photography, I do heavy bokeh portraiture, and I do action stuff a lot.

7. Years ago i bought a Canon G11 seeing if I'd be inclined to use a point and shoot. Turns out I don't mind taking my big DSLR every where I go already. So while it may be nice to have a smaller camera it's not a big selling point for me. Maybe when I get as old as +Trey Ratcliff I'll care more about weight ;) haha

8. Ok I must admit I do see some uses FOR ME of having a small pocket carried camera for travel stuff

{What do I want to know more about?}

9. How long do these cameras last. My D700 is at 300k+ pictures... does not having a mirror make these last longer. Or does the lower quality non-pro build make them last less?

10. Timelapse. I wanna know more about the options for timelapse pictures. FOR ME, I see this as the easiest most probable usage.

11. I know one of the reasons to keep the full frame dslr's is for the better bokeh... what are these cameras gonna do to attract someone like me... can they do anything?

12. Question... Is there any reason nikon wouldn't do a pro camera like the d800 without a Mirror? 

13. So what is the best thing about the mirrorless cameras, the size, the cool features or simply not having a mirror?

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