{If you're happy and you know it}
... "Then your face will surely show it."

Chelsea wins the prize for being the most excited about pictures taken by me than any other person ... ever!

She said she was excited all day long and days prior to today.
Then couldn't stop smiling when we drove up to the canyons talking about how it's been one of her dreams to play at being a model.
When we started she was nervous but in an excited sort of way
When I showed her the first few pictures she could barely contain herself.
Looking at pictures (yes I let her) seemed to be like crack for her... she was addicted.

It made me want to take more and more amazing pictures... just so I could see her light up and get giddy with excitement.

How to get amazing pictures
That's my tip to you people wanting amazing pictures... just be really excited about it. Portrait photographers are pleasers... we live to see people be really happy. We want to out do their expectations. If they keep responding to better and better pictures in more happy, or even over the top ways we'll keep on trying to out do ourselves.

Hard to please people with little excitement or who are are tedious and we won't want to shoot them for long. But if the person is bubbling with joy and so excited to be there and think the photographer is amazing and Value the pictures so much... we'll shoot way more than what's expected and do our best work.

I don't know if I can explain how excited Chelsea was to get these pictures tonight. I'm trying really hard to blow away her expectations and make her feel really beautiful.

I'm just trying to say... this is one way for you to learn how to get the best out of people make them feel valued and really special. Sure It's a form of flattery but it'll get you far. It works with me ... specially when they're fun to be around.

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