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Help Deciding

Picking is sometimes the hardest part.

I'm ordering a crazy amount of pictures today and have most of the sizes and paper to use decided. I need a couple more of the largest prints made and I can't decide which one of these to do or maybe to do two of them.

All 3 will get printed at some size I'm just looking to see which one (or two) get the most reaction

I guess I would also move that one to the "Best of Travel" Gallery
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# 3 is my absolute favorite followed closely by # 2
Jim Nix
wow that is a beauty!
I don't think there is much to choose between them, they're both stunning as with all your work
All are great, you have a hard decision! 1 is my favorite.
Ugo Cei
I'm for #3 as well. The warm colors are lovely, the mountains are imposing and the fog is a nice added touch.
For me "Tetons in the morning" had the most impact.I would certainly print that one.They are all excellent images as I would expect from you but in my opinion the above mentioned is the one I would go for ☺
The first of the 3 is my favorite. 3rd is my second favorite... they're all great tho.
It's really hard to know which to suggest without know the rest of the show. Continuity is an important aspect of curation. That said, there are a few landscapes that, while exquisite, could have been shot by someone else. There are others that show your unique style. Those are the ones I would tend to suggest.
my first choice is the first, and the second will be next...
i love the lower part of the third, but not the sky...
for me number 3 is the best. the proportion of the objects in the photo is great, the fog plays very good and the colour are original.
#1 - i could stare at this all day long, love the ripples in the water, the greenness of the trees and the light on the mountains.

#3 - again here my eyes go straight to the light and detail inthe mountains.

great photos, thanks for sharing +Scott jarvie
First and third gets my vote.

I would prefer a slight darker midtones and highlight in the first...
Wow this is crazy helpful... I really didn't expect #3 to get that much response.
Love getting people's responses. I'm much more experienced knowing the reactions on wedding pictures.
#3 has the best range of light...great details in the highlights exquisite midtones and deep but not burnt out shadows. Very attractive to look at for me.
if #3 would have been panoramic one, then I would definitely chose that one.
but in this situation - #2 is worth the first place)
#2 is pretty but a bit dark, and the mountains are like an afterthought, so #3 is better (in my opinion).
#3 is an excellent example of how your unique style translates when you do a landscape, and would tend to suggest to the viewer that it would also translate to other subject matter with the result of refreshingly new imagery. So nix the stunning temple shot, also the beautiful night scene. Thousands of other photographers could have shot those, for the sake of being in the place, having the gear, and knowing how to operate it. What you have, is an "eye". But you know that. :p
I agree with Jay #3 has the most pleasing combination of range and details, it works best for me.
+Scott Jarvie so here's my take, #3 is a tighter shot showing the mountains larger in the scene, I feel this one would still look good smaller. The others #1, #2 are larger scene's and beg to be printed larger to show off the larger scene. does this make sense to you?
The only issue I have with #1 is it seems top heavy as though the mountains are being pushed to the top?
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