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AA BATTERIES for Photographers

I judge Eneloop batteries as the standard that I judge other batteries by.
I need my batteries to be low discharge... so that they don't drain as they sit in a bag for a while.

The typical eneloop battery is 2000mAh (amazon)

My question is:
Is there something better on the market. Perhaps something more than 2000 mAh... and how does a higher mAh help me in what i do?

For 50cents more are these imedion batteries the better option?

On AmazonPrime... what's the best bang for your buck in the low discharge battery world ... Batteries that have been tried and tested-true by photographers. (meaning they won't explode in your speedlight)

I use a lot of AAs
I have 3 speedlights = 12
I have 2 battery packs for speedlights = 16
I have AA adapter for camera battery grip = 8
I have 3 TT5s = 6
I have a led light = 6
I have numerous wireless keyboards, mouses, instruments = 12ish
And I sometimes need to change them and have extras for in case.

The maha/powerex charger is kind of a no-brainer purchase for those using lots of AA In case you were wondering

Battery Holders
I have grown to like these battery holders... they are the easiest fit for my camera bag and best at helping me know what is used vs not used.

A traveling tip
Don't group too many batteries all together when going through x-ray scanners the mass is a little difficult for screeners to pick up on. (Or maybe I just had a noob screener... but I can understand the issue

A test between eneloop2000 and Imedion2100 (not the 2400 featured above) is that the eneloop recycled faster and the imedion lasted longer
Thanks for the link +Kev Isabeth

PowerEx Batteries
I know a lot of people that use these batteries and I've owned them in the past. (They're mostly all dead these many years later)
No knock on their quality.
They just don't work for my system.
You have to stay on top of charging them and be organized to know which ones haven't been charged in a while because they are not low-discharge. They drain over time... and there's nothing suckier than putting in batteries you know haven't been used since their last charge only to find out their dead anyway.
To the organized or those that don't use a lot of batteries and like the higher mAh they provide these are a fair option.
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I used to use powerex... but I can't have non low-discharge

Imedion I think are made by powerex
Imedion are the bomb, but the cost/performance crosspoint of Eneloops make them my pick, personally.
PowerEx cells and chargers are the way to go! Been using for years!
Thanks for the post, I'll have to give these batteries a try. are here. for the rayovac batteries, these are using the same tech and are available locally ( Utah at least ) at the batteries plus stores. What I was told is that rayovac licensed they tech to sanyo, all I know is that they work very well in a hot shoe flash.
Kev, that's a great study to post. Take that 5% performance difference and consider the price difference (usually more like 15-20% from my experience). If you really need that extra little bit of juice for some all-day gigs, it'll be worth the premium.
+Kev Isabeth - Thanks for the link. I do wish they had the present models... they need to do it again. The present imedions are 2400 instead of 2100. I wonder how they'd compare now.
ANSMANN usually die after 2 years continues use (at least mine did...) now using cycleenergy (sony - oem eneloop) and waiting for the eneloop pro's :)
I've been happily using the Power2000 version for a couple years. They are rated at 2300mAH. I've never had the others to do a comparison, and I'm not sure what the price difference is, but I recommend them all the time.
+Christian Bendl, that is true and my digital cameras last only 3 years before wearing out and dying from continuous use, looking for consistent performance and reliability. I keep my batteries marked in sets with the date I started to use them and keep track of which sets seem to go sluggish and replace... will check out the brands you suggested. thanks.
Remember it is not all about the Mah, what makes these batteries special is that the current can get out of them faster with less heat. ie less internal resistance.
+Scott jarvie oh well.. i just checked the price (didn't even know they were already available...) lowest tag is about 25 eur incl. shipping for 10 cells .. that are about 35 bucks.. i'll wait till my first set of cycleenergy go bad :) +Wendy Badman true.. maybe i got a bad set.. the other set is still working..
I use the regular Powerex 2700s and they work great. I've had them for a good part of a year and they still hold their charges well.
I use enloop as well and their great. But if there's something better, I'm game. 
Edit button FTW - it's not lame FB you can correct the comment if you want to :)
A stupid, needless repeat by me... But reading the posts, some seem to miss the fact that Imedion and Eneloop are both different design with the goal of much lower shelf-life loss -- the trade-off is less capacity than cells designed only with capacity as a design goal. All NiMh batteries will handle much higher current than a one-time use battery. Lith's are better yet, but their chemistry makes them come out at 3.7V per cell, so they aren't made in AA's or any other form that would expect 1.2 to 1.5V.
Me? I have lots of Imedion's from ThomasDistributing....
+Scott jarvie Your point about x-ray scanners made me laugh. Security searched my bags at the airport once, because I had a tower of CD's in my carry-on. Apparently it's very suspicious to have a bunch of CD's these days. I'm kind of a music snob, and refuse to purchase MP3's at a compression that loses the frequencies I can get on my CD's.
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