A-Z Favorites on GooglePlus

Try this out yourself:
Use search or just put a plus and the letter and go with the first suggestion.

A - +Athena Carey 
B - +Colby Brown 
C - +Colby Brown 
D - +Dave Veffer 
E - +Katherine Cheng 
F - +Ferenc Petho 
G - +Gerard Sanz 
H - +Thomas Hawk 
I - +Ivan Makarov 
J - +Jeremy Hall 
K - +Katherine Cheng 
L - +Lotus Carroll 
M - +Susan Marinello 
N - +Keri Neal 
O - +Plus One Collection 
P - +Ferenc Petho 
Q - +Anton Quiray 
R - +Trey Ratcliff 
S - +Susan Marinello 
T - +Thomas Hawk 
U - +Neal Urban 
V - +Dave Veffer 
W - +Chelsea Hill 
X - +Xan Baker 
Y - +Nicole S. Young 
Z - +Marc Edward Smith 

NOTE: sometimes the search looks at email addresses of frequent contacts and not just names.

Love to see the result... maybe stroke my ego if I end up on anyone's list :) and use hashtag #azfaves  
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