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The Perfect Editing Computer
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This machine will do anything you ever want with Lightroom. Take it from a grad student in Computer Science that works with 5 gig bio-medical images in 3-D. It makes everything else I do trivial.

I use Lightroom over a network from a server. I shoot a 5D Mark II in raw. I also do panoramic stitching as well.

I also build machines, servers and desktops.
Jarvie, Invest in a good and large SSD drive to use for a temp load to and edit, then store on your usual backup. I find loading straight from the camera to the computer instead of using a card reader is much faster loading to the comp. Also GOOD triple channel memory is a must don't cheap out on the memory or the motherboard.
Also water cooling, Is the way to go because heat slows the comp down.
Apple Thunderbolt Display (27-inch) The same monitor they use on the iMac runs great on a good PC.
Here's mine. Run this with an Apple Thunderbolt display. Also, add the GeForce GT 690 to it - I know that Photoshop CS5 can only recognize a single card, so I chose the mother of all Kepler solutions. I know IVB is all the rage right now for good reason, but the problem is Intel's Z77 solution only uses 4 RAM slots. By going Sandy Bridge E, you have 8 slots and your processor uses a quad channel configuration, meaning that it'll theoretically pull faster. The G.Skill RAM here is very good stuff and it's got as tight of timings as you can have with DDR3 2400. When Intel comes out with an LGA 2011 Ivy Bridge processor, you can drop it in. The downside is you'll be almost 1 full generation of processor behind, because Intel will move to Haswell shortly after IVB-E. Nevertheless, this uses the most RAM possible, which is huge with 45MB images.
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