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UPDATE: Submissions closed
Results Here:

Post a link to your Favorite Photo Album on google+
Also quickly describe the album for us.
-This is your excuse to do what we know you want to do ;)

I want to share a few of my favorite finds (along with the photographers)

If you look through the links and like one +1 it.
If it’s not a G+ album (and the un-shortened/safe link) it will be removed.
Great Pictures on Google+ ... And Awards (Background) I did a post saturday where I had people submit their best album on google+ Lots of people got to…
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This is a great way to get to know some of the people that have been following me that I haven’t gotten to check out.

I will do this with individual pictures and again with albums at some future date again.
dang! now I gotta do some organizing.....
+Mihailo Radičević I'd say your own albums for this one.
But I think it'd be a good option to share other peoples maybe another time.

+Ismail Nathij Ahmed Maybe another time.
The concept is if they're posting stuff on Google+ and we like it then we would follow them to see more of this inspiring stuff.

+Everyone else
I love that people are describing their album... very smart. I should have asked for that in the rules.
Glad I have you all around to help.
Here's my album which whatever I find it interesting and amaze me even for little things. I'm just an amateur photographer who started learning 8 months back.

I'm also interested in the technical aspect of the picture, which G+ is pretty good at display such information. However it is still lack of certain info.
In my website at always display the technical aspect on how the pic was taken. the info is taken automatically from the metadata.
+Patrik Obundu I tried to go to the link but it says I don't have permission. Check your permission settings on the album.
+Mark Weissburg Are you also Mark Zoetrope? Btw, it's NSFW! Might be useful for some to know...
+Fabricio Vai I've added the picasa link (that's what I get via the Photos link). That one works for everyone I think/hope...
Mark W
+Gil Laury I couldn't access that folder. You might need to change the sharing options.
Mark W
+Gil Laury I think I have the sharing correct now. If anyone can't access it let me know.
+Lili Ana, that entire album needs a +1 unfortunately Google+ isn't playing nice on my mobile app today and it won't let me +1 anything... but they are gorgeous shots! 
+Les Doerfler now you can... mine was set to extended circles.
My future portfolio will be set to public... once I make it. haha
+Mark Weissburg thanks man ... good new album.

If anyone else can't see the one I posted let me know. I'll get you in on a circle.
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