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{Epic Night #4 - CORONA ARCH}

Continuing the series I'm presently calling "Epic Night" I present CORONA ARCH by night. 

This is in addition to my other pictures: The Wave, Mono Lake and Bolivian Adobe

30 seconds, ISO 3200, F/4 D800
More importantly about 5-6 people helping to light it up. It's like directing a small orchestra or like a chef trying over and over again to get the recipe just right.

Thanks to them for sitting around a bunch, taking lots of tedious directions all late on a brisk/cool night.

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Scott, a Pocket Wizard and you don't need to share your snacks with all those assistants.  Seriously, give it a try if you have not already, it is what I am using for light painting outings now. Very nice image, too!
Well they also help by making it more enjoyable and they help so I don't get lost finding the place and eaten by wild animals ;)

Plus I only own 5 tt5s 
I forgot to add a smiley face, oops.  I love tt5s... :)
roma g
Damn dude! That is sick!!!!
roma g
I meant to say you have a big rock blocking the Milky Way, you might wanna find a spot with no rock arch next time
Superb shot! 

Also, with assistants, you only need to be faster than the slowest one when attacked by wild animals, right +Scott Jarvie? ;P
WOW! Very nice work there!
Bright exemple of light painting!
what can I say? an epic image from an epic night! +Scott Jarvie -
That is one of the places i want to have a go at myself, if I am ever loose in the US.
Seems magical, that looks like a picture from another planet !
+Scott Jarvie , could you comment on the foreground lighting? Flashlights? Speedlights? What I'm trying to gauge is the "duration" of the foreground light compared to the overall 30-minute exposure.
Great shot Jarvie!  One of your best :)
+Kevin Childress the lighting elements was way long of a story with lots of practicing with people and changing of the recipe til we got this. I will say that the foreground was the last element I added in by doing a flashlight for maybe 40% of the shutter pointed up into a cupped hand so it would have a better color and not be too strong.
This is a fantastic pic! I love it. What a process!
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