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Don't Fear the Rain

Just a random rainfall amongst friends at the Texas State Capitol building in Austin Texas.
No running to the car... just wait for a few more minutes and get some portraits.

Don't worry about those rain drops on the lens... 

You either run away with nothing... or stay and try something new...

And here is my something new Muriel AND the Rain Drops.

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Now the rain from later that night... that's when you run and hide... DANG i've never seen it rain that hard! Well except when I saw it rain that hard. Right +Lotus Carroll!?
beautiful light! love the flares from the raindrops :D
I see a great picture but all I can hear is the cowbell of Don't Fear The Reaper :)
Those are some trippy raindrops!  Who would have thought that at 1/100th, the drops would be so elongated?
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